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    Crysis With EQM (other mods)

    Well i have Crysis now running with CyberAliens EQM. I have to say, it makes Crysis a better game to enjoy. Its nice not to be in the Sandbox anymore an on the big screen.
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    Gaming Vids

    Hey everyone, not sure if i post this here or not. but wanted to show some of my vids of Crysis running. here is a link or two. 1080/720P 480P also and lower
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    Which 1350Watt PSU to choose??

    need a new PSU everyone. The ultra X3 1600 breathed its last breath today. Enermax maxrevo 1350 watt. OR Thermaltake Toughpower TP-1350M Over at newegg the Toughpower is around 350 bucks. The enermax is $260.00 and with a mail in re-bate its even cheaper. What psu would everyone...
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    Quad CrossfireX 5870 w 4 way EVGA board.

    Guys, does this system setup work well or not? i need to know as a freind of mine might want me to put together this system and add a 4th card using a 4way board.....does it work ok in some games..if any...thx
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    Tri-Fire 5870 benchies

    Hello Everyone, I am new to Hardocp Fourms but not new to the site at all. i have been reading everyday on this site since it was created, gotta say its the best! i thought i would show some of the folks in here some benchmarks in some Crysis warhead. Core i7 920 D0 Stepping @ 4.5ghz 1.52v...