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    Favorite VR experiences

    As I'm messing around with Vive, wanted to see what are you guys liking the most on both platforms? So far, my top 3 would be: Fantastic Contraption - great use of roomscale and controllers, and seems like an actual full fun game so far Virtual Desktop - cause you need one, SteamVR desktop...
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    The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizza Boy

    Some interesting looking adventure kickstarter closing soon and abit short of its goal. I guess people are tired of (or burned by) some of the released kickstarted adventures. This one looks fun though, and there is a nice looking demo...
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    Deathadder dead. Replacement?

    Looks like there is some Razer plague going around. After 4 years my DA finally died to double click issue. Was wondering what kind of suggestions you guys may have for replacing it. I was pretty happy with DA, I like the shape/weight. Looking at new DA 2013, Roccat Kone Pure Optical is...
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    The Division

    Few interesting things popping out at E3, Oculus 1080p can't come soon enough :) From games though this thing looks very interesting, hopefully will be on PC A non fantasy MMO RPG? The nerve of those guys!