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    Kodak C330 issue

    Got this camera for my birthday on the 28th of december. I've been using the supplied 'kodak' batteries that came with it. Today the camera keeps shutting off, appears the batteries are dead. So I have some brand new duracell batteries, I put them in, the ready light blinks red about 6-7 times...
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    Visio Flow Chart etc help.

    This is what I need to do.. it's for my intro to programming class.. Now the professor said that since she explained the instructions wrong, that we can actually do "hot dogs sold" rather than "hot dogs left" of each business day. Now we have a 'model' or 'example' that is supossed to...
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    How do i plant the remote detonation bomb? I click the mouse button and he just clicks the button on the detonator without placing anything ..?
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    Asus P5P800 SATA problem

    The problem happens when I install the SATA HDD. The computer will freeze right before it selects the boot devices. If i unplug the SATA HDD, it goes right on past, but when it's plugged in, it freezed everytime. Now this SATA drive has the standard 4pin molex connector on it so I'm just using...
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    Windows Server 2003 various questions

    Please be gentle, I am learning and by no means do I expect to be spoon fed, but I do need a few questions answered. FIrst off, I have Windows server 2003 installed on my PC, dual booting Xp pro for the moment, mostly this is for learning purposes. Now there are two other computers on the...
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    client/server setup

    I installed server 2003 enterprise on a local system here on my network and installed two NICs. One onboard other PCI. what I was originally planning on doing was running a cable from the modem into on NIC, then on the other NIC, have a cable run to the uplink on the hub. Then have the computers...