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    Anyone ever DIY a heatsink for a graphics card?

    I've got a HD 4650 in my HTPC. It's a got a grand total of about 0.1 pounds of anodized aluminum with a pathetic 30mm or so fan. Believe it's this model: It's not super loud, but I'm in the pursuit of getting my machine as quiet...
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    Use ESATA bracket backwards?

    Hi guys, I've got an ESATA PCI bracket - it's got an ESATA port on the outside, and a regular SATA connector on the inside, to add an ESATA port to a machine without one. It's designed to be used the following MB internal SATA > bracket > ESATA cable > ESATA device I'm wondering, can I...
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    Black Friday SSD deals

    Making this thread to compile various SSD deals and hopefully get some inputs. I'll post them as I come across them, starting this afternoon. Feel free to contribute. One other thing I want to do is post review links. I'm a little confused myself on all the different manufacturers and models...
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    Triple mirror & eyefinity question

    Hi folks, I've got a reference HD 5770 in my HTPC, and three monitors hooked up - Displayport to a 1920x1200 Dell 2408WFP, DVI to a 1080p Asus 21.5", and HDMI to a Denon AVR to a 65" 1080p DLP RPTV. This is the correct setup for me to be able to use three displays without an active DP...
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    San Ace fan controller

    Hey guys, I was lucky to get a solid deal on a pair of 120mm sanyo denki "san ace" h101 fans. I have been using them on my hyper 212+. I use a sunbeam rheobus to control them, rated 20w per channnel. However, I am unable to slow them down as much as I would like. I haven't taken detailed...
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    Fractal Design Gallery

    Figured that since there are already galleries for a couple other brands of cases, we might as well start a Fractal Design gallery too. Since the Define R3 and Define XL are now available in the US, I'm starting to see a lot more Fractal Design cases on here. So let's get started!
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    Gigabyte RMA is up too

    They sent out an e-mail today. Offering a normal RMA, or an Advanced RMA. Give CC info, they ship you a new board, you send yours back with a prepaid shipping label. I'm excited, because my retailer, Provantage, hasn't done a damn thing and has ignored all my e-mails about the recall and RMA...
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    NE - 8 gigs of DDR3 for $55 shipped

    Afternoon shellshocker is 8 gigs of GSkill for $65. I believe that there is the 15% off memory promo code still active, so that should knock it down to $55. Hottest price on DDR3 I've seen yet, although it doesn't have the fancy heatspreaders...
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    Which P67 mobos allow x8/x8 SLI/Xfire

    Seems like just about every P67 mobo has two or three PCIE x16 connectors, but as we all know, they are limited to 20 PCIe lanes. I was wondering if we could get a list going of which mobos allow x8/x8 crossfire/sli, and which ones only allow x16/x4. I've been reading reviews, and many of them...
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    My PowerMac G5 Build Log

    I wanted to attempt an interesting project. I always have liked the way PowerMac G5 cases have looked since launch date, but I don't want their lame hardware. I was lucky enough to score a complete dual G5 rig with a dead mobo on ebay, to use as the basis for this project. I'm going to do a...
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    Afternoon ShellShocker = 4gb ddr3 DIM for $40 no rebate free shipping Deal at 1pm EST. It's not flaming hot, but it's a single 4gb stick which means that an 8gb set can be had for $80, which is the lowest I've seen it go. It's also 1.5v, which is nice (rumor is that SB won't support above 1.65v)
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    Newegg - Sony BD-ROM $29.99

    First I've seen one go much below $45-50. Is this a deal? It's 2X, not 4X, and from the reviews it looks like an older model - 2.5 years...
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    Worth it to go water?

    I remember years ago, when I was new here, watercooling was the best choice not only for great cooling for extreme overclocks, but also the best choice for a quiet PC. This was before heatpipes were used in CPU coolers, and even the best coolers were only small copper/alu heatsinks with 80mm...
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    NewEgg OCZ Agility 60gig $86 after $25 MIR - Evening ShellShocker

    The third deal for ShellShocker is an OCZ 60gb ssd with the Indilux controller. Not as good as that $60 deal the other day, but it's only the second 60gb ssd I've seen with a two digit price.