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    List of Dual GPU cards.

    Does the rage fury maxx count? edit: not to mention the obsidian cards :P
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    Upgrade from Athlon X3

    I agree with the 965. Adding the L3 cache will make a nice difference, as will the extra clocks. It's one of my favorite AMD cpus. The extra core won't hurt, but in the end I think the cache and clocks will help more for gaming, although I guess it depends on what game you're playing too.
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    Is this!!!??

    You know, actually I just asked myself why there were so few benchmarks for BF3 on the CPU side. I have found my answer: It doesn't depend on the CPU so much, so so long as you're not hurting on the single threaded side too much...
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    Is this!!!??

    The G850 wasn't available 5 years ago, and the 6600 was a monster processor for its time with a really long lifespan. It'd have been hard to go wrong with it. When it comes to gaming, the 965 and the 2100 are pretty close. You could go with either one and get good performance. If you do more...
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    Is this!!!??

    I would not rely on overclocking. Do you have a PC you can use in the interim? I'd see if you can trade some of your parts, there are plenty of UK gamers around. I think there are even some UK specific PC forums, that might make trading easier. Here's what I'd do: with the way ram prices are...
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    Is this!!!??

    Yeah, for 100 dollars just get an i3 2100. If you're going AMD, even a 965 would be better than an FX-4100. For just a little more, you could probably get a low end sandy bridge quad. Something like an i3 2300 would kick the pants out of both of those CPUs.
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    AMD already has a quad core with similar or better IPC. The 4100 doesn't change much.
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    Prediciton: [H] gonna crash at 11:01pm - Yes, No???

    hot hardware is up.
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    Prediciton: [H] gonna crash at 11:01pm - Yes, No???

    AMD will get... All My Dollars!!!! LOL too bad I have none :(
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    Prediciton: [H] gonna crash at 11:01pm - Yes, No???

    :-O 967 viewing this subforum
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    Bulldozer Possibly Pushed back till October

    $350 for an athlon II x2???
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    AMD previewed its upcoming Interlagos (Bulldozer) processor at GLOBALFOUNDRIES

    All the guy is saying is that you can even make a prescott run cool if you neuter it enough :P Or have aawwwweeessoommeee cooling.
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    Bulldozer ships next month.

    Advantage to MCM 8 core: quad memory channels instead of dual.
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    What happened to hands on with bd today?

    Yeah, but isn't that more dependent on the video card than the CPU? I mean, wouldn't it be more likely to mask CPU performance?
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    should i wait?

    Well, at least wait till the HOCP event. See what happens. If nothing big comes of it, just go ahead and get the 2500k. It's hard to beat that kind of value. The only reason I'd wait is if you are on a really, really tight budget. You might get a bit more features for the $$$ in an AMD...
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    Hotmail Now Has Instant email, 10x Faster Than Before

    people still use lotus 1-2-3!!!
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    Bulldozer delayed til Q3?

    And I would imagine that the price is at least somewhat based on how well the wafers yield.
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    Bulldozer delayed til Q3?

    Might I suggest that, even if bulldozer gets more $ per die for AMD, it might have poorer yields, so in the end $ per wafer might be more for llano. Llano being easier to produce also makes sense because both the GPU and CPU architectures it is made from have been around for a while.
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    Inside AMD Sources Say AMD Withdrew from BapCo Because Bulldozer Can't Compete

    I don't think its so much the ratio of CPU:GPU in the benchmarks rather than maybe AMD and nvidia seem to think that the HD3000/2000 is overrepresented. Someone else already mentioned this once? makes sense to me.
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    I miss the 3dfx gaming days :(

    idea: head everything GPU under the voodoo name and all the arm/chipset(well, they're not doing this anymore are they?)/etc stuff under the nvidia name :P well, its not going to happen but it would be neat!
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    Top ISPs Poised to Adopt Graduated Response to Piracy

    No, but your neighbors might... and the wrath might be worse :P
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    AMD's Llano Fusion - A Series APUs @ [H]

    pretty sure toshiba has some out.
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    Official Llano Benches

    There has been speculation of a 2c llano die, but currently 2c llanos are cut down 4c llanos. IOW, only one llano die is being manufacture at the time. Okay, it's not speculation. It's mentioned on anandtech's review.
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    AMD Demoes Trinity already.

    Yes, the reviews we have seen of llano do show lackluster CPU performance, which was... expected to some extent? It's a little worse than I thought it would be though. the MX variants should help that some(the best one is 1.9 non turbo vs 1.5) but at the cost of TDP. I think we'll still get...
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    First "real" Llano benches

    Well, its a hell of a lot better than what they had. This way they aren't getting trumped everywhere. I hope they can get more memory bandwidth somehow in the next fusion iteration.
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    First "real" Llano benches

    Yes, but this was expected, no?
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    Mobile Llano info up @ AMD's Italian site now

    hmmm.... it's still giving it to me. In any case, got the screenshot now so no worries :P
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    Mobile Llano info up @ AMD's Italian site now

    ooo 240 cores? I thought it was going to be 160 for the lower end. Nice.
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    best $300 card

    Well, if you can get a 570 for a similar price then I would go with that. At this point, most stuff is priced at its performance anyway. You just need to look at what games you play and decide how much performance you want to pay for.
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    best $300 card

    the 6950 is a 300$ card? edit: lol, it's out of stock.
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    First "real" Llano benches

    Yes, that's true... the power consumption for this sort of thing will be awesome. Another reason why I think it's going to be fantabulous for laptops.
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    First "real" Llano benches

    Sometimes I wonder if it would have been worth the extra investment to dump triple channel memory into the equation... hmmm.... but you'd think AMD would have been on that already. I wonder why they didn't do it?
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    AMD FX 8 Core and 4 Core Processor Systems Seen Running at E3

    *sigh* if bulldozer is a good server CPU then that is good enough. I can't see AMD not selling out of their fusion CPUs for laptops so I think they'll be alright, just so long as bulldozer doesn't suck on the server end of things.
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    First "real" Llano benches

    The problem with this is that the CPU performance of a 100$ llano will be less than that of a 170$ llano, so then I should just look at even cheaper non-llano CPUs that are competitive with said 100$ llano on the CPU front. So say a 100$ llano competes with a 70$ non-llano CPU, then I can dump...
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    First "real" Llano benches

    argghhhh... see, the problem with that is that you can buy a 100$ quad athlon or dual sandy bridge CPU and pair it with a 70$ GPU and probably come out better on both sides. I like the chip, but it needs to be priced lower. I think it will be absolutely smashing for laptops though :)
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    First "real" Llano benches

    Any pricing yet?
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    Athlon XP 3100?

    Thank you :) I was just about to do that.
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    6870 Benchmarks Leaked

    I'm replacing my S3 virge DX!
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    THQ: Pre-Owned Games 'Cheats Developers'

    I am more likely to buy a game new if I can sell it later and get some of my money back. QED.