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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    I'll paypal or Amazon giftcard/payments anyone wishing to get rid of bitcoins mined
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    Do I really need a dedicated firewall for home use

    Get rid of the kids, that'll free up lots of time
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    T1 vs Cable

    Add a peplink multiwan router and combine as many as possible
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    RAM Monitoring Program

    What's it mean to "stream"
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    SIP Trunks for home use

    another +1 for flowroute using as a backup
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    Reliable Hard drives?

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    are the rts like rise of nations gone?

    zero k
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    Monitor another computer's GUI

    Which VNC you use? there are many kinds
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    Conference Room Upgrades

    Maybe this can help?
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    steam and 720x480

    Some crap I got from the previous Star Wars Pack, Just Cause 1, and a few others
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    WinRar vs 7zip

    This is very true That's why you write a cron script :D
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    Bandwidth Shaping

    Not sure, first thing I did was put dd-wrt stdkong on it Defaults are not [H]
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    steam and 720x480

    Maybe he is confusing Steam with Valve I have at least... more than three games bought through Steam. Team Fortress 2 - adjust resolution after starting the game and going to the options WITHIN THE GAME. So that means I have set it to windowed mode at some stupid resolution like 800x480...
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    Bandwidth Shaping

    I just noticed when I updated today to Toastmans lated Tomato USB build for my Asus RT N16 that it can do b/w limiting and shaping as per mac address As usual, if you had a Mikrotik this would be really easy, just use queues, or linux iptables and I'm sure pfsense has someweird ass way to do it
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    Facebook screw up?

    You don't want to move to 5 cuz it's outdated 6.0.2 is out HAR HAR HAR :)
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    This is awesome! Any plans for Houston :)
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    Server room temp monitoring system?

    lm-sensors arduino cobra?
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    On modular PSUs, why isn't the main motherboard power cable modular?

    I bought a Corsair and everything is modular Viva la free market
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    Razer Blackwidow Ultimate quick review

    I am having my VERY first problem with this keyboard, I am updating firmwrae from 1.07 to 1.08 to see if it gets fixed Very recently keyboard is starting to be a litle random, licking caps vs non caps, random shift pressing, etc
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    WinRar vs 7zip

    Because using par2 yourself is very hard
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    Long Term Storage Solutions

    /dev/null Unlimited storage, unlimited compression, deduplication, replication, redundancy, extremely fast, you can set it up as a nfs share too
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    hardforum not ssl?

    ssl is not expensive
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    CableCARD Experience Improves With FCC Rules

    No fucking thanks I tried CableCards and it was a random, disappointing experience, would never ever try it again May the old guard (telecom and media) fall very very hard
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    why do you overclock?

    I do it for the chicks
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    Blew my third 1100T

    Insanity is TRUE! Good news EVERYBODY Turns out the third processor wasn't blown, it was a bad Asus M4A89GTD Pro Now I have an extra 1100T CPU :( I replaced the old motherboard with a Asus Crosshair Formula V For my old 1100T I will have to find a Mini ATX motherboard, I will turn it into...
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    Blew my third 1100T

    I also have a 2600k To a point, the fanboyism doesn't matter, it's about having fun and blowing up cores But clearly I am doing it wrong, so I'll shut up now
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    Blew my third 1100T

    Wow so much angry posts Funny how i'm not [H] for blowing up processors through overclocks
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    migrate to new server

    how is it coming along
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    Blew my third 1100T

    And yet I bought another one AMD forever!
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    Next step above "gamer" routers

    Because I'm dumb as a rock. The Peplink hardware interfaced well with Pepwave, and pfSense gives you an incredible amount of flexibility and scalability Open source is a solid ingredient to the foundations of a fundamentally solid platform in computing, storage and networking. pfsense IMO is...
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    migrate to new server

    cpanel backup is done, now time to rsync the fuck outta there
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    migrate to new server

    Do you have shell access? Run top or iostat and find out what's going on Do you have any monitoring? Munin? collectd? serverstats or phpsysinfo?
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    migrate to new server

    No it definitely shouldn't, but things will be very slow when doing the cpanel backup since it's a very server intensive process To be honest though, you definitely need to make sure you are getting your moneys worth and comparing prices, these are some of the hosts I am a fan of, I'm sure...
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    migrate to new server

    cpanel backup takes a while Depends on the box you have as well You're going to cry when you find out how long rsync takes :) One of my old clients had a host where their upload was on 10mbit, took a fucking long time to transfer 40gb cpanel backup
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    migrate to new server

    yes, once you rsync the .tar you cpanel restore it into the new one 300$/mo should've been a really fucking nice server..... what's your old host so we all know to avoid them
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    Next step above "gamer" routers

    I used to use Mikrotiks, I hate them all now haha We've switched to pfsense and peplink
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    migrate to new server

    apt-get is typically on debian style boxes You can definitely install it on other machines though, it's all software in the end You can use cpanel to export --> create a full backup If you are paying for a dedicated server, or even a vps you should get a root password lol, only shared...
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    Headphone Hunt!

    I stopped buying Sennheiser after their 555 595 bullshit I personally have Steelseries Siveria V2 and Sony V700s and some Rosswill 15$ headset cans At the end of the day Pandora sounds the same on all of them, and on most flac it just sounds better with the MAudio bx8a's
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    Random System Lockup

    Run mem test over night