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    Mac ONes X

    The only comment right now is that it's a REALLY... REALLY... REALLY,REALLY,REALLY,REALLY,REALLY bad idea to be cutting with a Dremel with your electronics just sitting in the open air. The metal dust is probably all over your PCBs. I recommend stuffing it in anti-static bags until you are...
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    Project :: Silver Shadow

    Honestly, I think you'd be happier if you did. Imagine setting everything up only to find you have a bum chip that dies in a week. :p I'd think it would make upgrades a lot easier, unless you have no frequent plans for this like some of us freaks do :)
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    The 'other' Ultimate NASCAR Case-Mod

    I think NASCAR is a waste of so many things, but I will say that you have created one damn fine case mod, sir. Nice job.
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    Antec 1080 door window

    Damn that's sexy. Would you be willing to do one for me?
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    Do I need a case?

    A case is designed to protect your components from the random crap floating around your room. While a computer can work without one, why the HELL would you pay nearly $2000 for a computer and put a risk on it like that? Get a case. PS: Your post is freaking annoying. We don't need to...
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    computer on a diet?

    yeah, most annoying thread ever, too.
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    How to paint this?!

    Yeah, exactly. Easier than you think, it would just take some time and only a tiny bit of skill.
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    my wc project got shot in the foot

    Wow, that makes you a serious ASS.
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    when i paint a 3.5 bay

    On smaller parts like that you will want to do only a couple thin layers of paint on them... remember that paint adds thickness to objects, so when you are painting buttons and such don't lay so much paint on that it will stick or not be able to got back together after you paint.
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    my wc project got shot in the foot

    Ahhh. They must have sold out or stopped selling them since last week. :-x Might be worthwhile to check back from time to time.
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    my wc project got shot in the foot

    Yeah, it was a bit tricky to find. From the main page instead of going to buy XPC on the left, go to "Buy accessories" in the middle... or just use this link Bottom left is where you wanna look.
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    USB Camera Mate window mod ^_^

    My guess is a card reader.
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    my wc project got shot in the foot

    Depending on what generation it is, shuttle sells the bare cases they have scraped from RMAs on their website for $10 each (mostly to cover shipping) Might wanna check if you can pick one of those up for a quick fix.
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    Desk modding count? Yea, that desk.. Whole re-fit augmentation :P

    yeah, except it's really hard to hide the fact that you don't clean your desk on a regular basis. And that whole "weight limit" thing can be bad, too.
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    Antec Case Silver? Arg.. Help..

    ... Actually, you were supposed to say "but I didn't post pictures of my fan controller". So I could say "exactly."
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    Antec Case Silver? Arg.. Help..

    Just looking between the two pictures of your fan controller and the case, I would say they would match.
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    Trolled by icitrik

    OMG, he tells you he'd not old enough to cash a freaking money order (something that usually requires no ID and no bank account) and you expect him to be old enough to take items to the post office and ship them? Come on people, reality check. I've been getting checks and money orders...
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    How to ship a cpu

    ALWAYS SHIP COMPUTER PARTS IN ANTISTATIC BAGS. There are NO substitutes and NO exceptions. If you don't do this, you deserve a NEGATIVE eval on whatever evaluation system you use. Not only that, but you are liable for any static damage that is done to the item during shipping and until...
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    Any thoughts or experience with this case?

    :confused: Looks fine to me... I don't see how you'd think it's upside down...
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    Any thoughts or experience with this case?

    That was more directed at the size of the PCB, not the power of the card. I have seen some low end cards that are bigger than the latest and greatest. I have a rage128 Pro in my HTPC dealy and the thing is huge because it has built-in cable out... which I have hooked up to a TV in card...
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    What is a vector. Imageready... why?

    The best way to get the feel of vector in Illustrator, outside of using books, is to take pictures of your favorite cartoon characters and re-draw them. Then, when you feel comfortable, take an entire scene and re-draw it... then work with taking a 3-d scene and making it 2-d in a cartoonish...
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    FS/FT: Pioneer GMx-944 amp, "starter" HTPC/backup system

    Well if you really want my school email address it is, but I never check it. AFAIK, the point of the non-free email address is so people can better track you down if you try and screw them over. I'm more than willing to give you my home address, phone...
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    Any thoughts or experience with this case?

    I think it would be perfect. With 3 exhausts that CPU should not get hot. The only thing I would be concerned about is what it says in the newegg reviews. You can't get a big video card in there and you can't get more than one HD... if you can deal with that I guess you are set.
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    FS/FT: Pioneer GMx-944 amp, "starter" HTPC/backup system

    Bump For Price Drop! :) / :(
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    Small PC Case Recomendations

    all shuttles come with mobo. Unless you buy one used, all you really need to add is drives, memory, CPU and AGP/PCI cards. Any system labelled as "barebones" should be the same
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    FS/FT: Pioneer GMx-944 amp, "starter" HTPC/backup system

    Only if I have confirmed buyers for all (or most) of the parts. The RAM is 2 x 128 PC100/133, not sure which, BTW.
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    help plz price check

    uhhh... this is a little odd... maybe you should search binoculars on amazon, they usually have decent or comparable prices.
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    masking tape, where do ya put it

    To prevent scratches and tool marks when cutting blowholes and windows and such.
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    masking tape, where do ya put it

    Both sides are fine, but you really only need it on the side you are cutting.