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  1. marshac

    "Always on" tweak for Apple Watch?

    Switch from the 3 to 5 - it's a large enough of an upgrade to be worth it. Response is much faster than the 3 and makes using siri to text usable. LTE is the way to go, and with most carriers only charging $10/mo for service, there's not much of a reason to go without it.
  2. marshac

    iPhone 11

    I went from X to Pro - it’s a fine upgrade. Not huge. Camera is a bit nicer, night shots are incredible, and apps load faster. I’ll probably upgrade next year if the rumors of what the 12 will be like pan out.
  3. marshac


    Yes- so previously I’ve just made IP reservations for the devices.
  4. marshac


    question for the [H] about the best way to do something... I would like to route specific device traffic through a VPN while leaving other traffic (for Netflix for example) through the standard gateway. I’ve done this with DHCP reservations and specifying the gateway to use there, but something...
  5. marshac

    For a gaming/general use desktop would a discrete NIC be notably better than onboard?

    Eh, my onboard NIC does TCP offloading... not sure what else you might want. I would rather go without the NIC and perhaps have better airflow without an additional card.
  6. marshac

    Recommend a smartwatch with Google pay for LG V35

    I had an Urbane, now have a LG Sport kicking around not being used that I think supported pay. Shit battery life, but does support LTE.
  7. marshac

    Anyone give up on PC Surround sound and just go stereo? Any regrets?

    It's interesting that the best audio products are either 30 years old (Sony amp above), or perhaps modern, but based on even older tech (tubes) - WTF happened to the audio industry?
  8. marshac

    What to upgrade 2

    I can't imagine running games from a SSD - load times, especially for online competitive games, are important... a HDD would drive me insane. Get whatever you can afford and call it good.
  9. marshac

    Xeon E5-2667 v2 - 4.1ghz all 8 core turbo, 4.5ghz single - 114mhz BCLK

    How is general system responsiveness or boot time with the additional processing threads available? This is a tempting replacement for my 3930k- it’s pretty much 100% gaming and browsing and I’ve yet to have a good reason to upgrade the whole system, but doubling the core count has some appeal...
  10. marshac

    Whats next for HDDs?

    What's next for HDDs? This seems about right....
  11. marshac

    Gaming Laptop Considerations

    I picked up some returned laptops at BB for my kids to play overwatch with me on... generally $500-600 last summer/fall for Dell gaming laptops with a 1050ti. I'll eventually be in the market for a laptop and a requirement will be thunderbolt for an eGPU/dock which should increase the lifespan...
  12. marshac

    Why does the XS Max still require a big down payment T-Mobile?

    30mo repayment plan man on your ATT quote. Not two years like TMo is quoting.
  13. marshac

    Why does the XS Max still require a big down payment T-Mobile?

    I believe that TMo now offers 36mo payment plans, so my guess is that the Samsung phones are pushed into this repayment plan while the iPhones remain in a 24mo cycle therefore requiring a down payment to keep the monthly payment amount reasonable.
  14. marshac

    will more expensive WiFi get me a stronger 5.0 signal?

    There's always powerline adapters - I've got 2000Mb ones around the house for sonos devices since the local wifi was overly saturated by the neighbors. Pretty solid and speedy connections honestly.
  15. marshac

    LG 38GL950G - 37.5" 3840x1600/G-Sync/175Hz

    Looks exciting, likely my next monitor
  16. marshac

    Nothing custom, just a H100, but it gets the heat out of the case and keeps things cool enough...

    Nothing custom, just a H100, but it gets the heat out of the case and keeps things cool enough for an easy/painless overclock. I hit “report” thinking it was “reply” and didn’t read closely. my bad.
  17. marshac

    Processor performance improvements - more than just CPU speeds?

    Make sure it's thunderbolt- USB-C doesn't mean thunderbolt We have the same desktop system - mine is also watercooled as well- 4.6GHz is a cakewalk- no tweaking or voltage changes needed. Give it a shot.
  18. marshac

    Processor performance improvements - more than just CPU speeds?

    I agree with everyone else- it may be "old" but depending on what it's being used for, is still a very capable machine. I'm currently on a i5 yoga chromebook, but prior to that it was a Dell 6220 that was like 9 years old- I only replaced it because the LCD had lines through the display and the...
  19. marshac

    Anyone use MoCA?

    How long was the run? I have a 50’ HDMI run in my house and I had to throw in a signal amp for 4K/HDT/Atmos content to work correctly
  20. marshac

    Anyone use MoCA?

    FWIW I use netgear powerline adapters around the house for sonos speakers and for some TVs- never had a problem with streaming 4K content or uncompressed audio.
  21. marshac

    Augmented eyes Haha would you?

    Yes - the number of ways it could improve my life/day are insane.
  22. marshac

    Nokia 9

    I was generally happy with their cameras, but then again I only bought models with a newer exmor sensor- I haven’t used a Sony as my daily driver in a few years, so I can’t state how things are currently.
  23. marshac

    Nokia 9

    I've had a few xperia phones and they're really solid. In this era of "OMG, there's a bezel! 0 star review!!!1!" the design is perhaps getting a bit dated, but they're really nice phones and have always felt quite premium in the hand. Personally, I don't mind bezels.
  24. marshac


    With the first reviews of Verizon’s initial 5G rollout emerging, an I the only one that is like “meh”? The epeen of course loves seeing 500Mb on a Speedtest screen, but I’m not quite sure what the benefit is of this speed vs a solid 20Mb/sec LTE connection on a mobile phone. An argument could be...
  25. marshac

    Razerblade 2018 base model.. no way around 32gb limit?

    Aaannnnddd.... any updates?
  26. marshac

    Need some Cell Phone ADVICE!! AT&T is not taking care of business!

    It doesn’t need to be carrier centric, just fairly new and check for the LTE bands noted above, especially 71. I haven’t felt the need to unlock and use different ROMs, but things always worked fine in the past. I don’t think TMo cares.
  27. marshac

    Need some Cell Phone ADVICE!! AT&T is not taking care of business!

    One thing to keep in mind with TMo is they have excellent coverage, but if you’re using an old phone like a S5, the hardware radios simply can’t use it and you won’t see it. Only the very newest phones can use the 600MHz bands.
  28. marshac

    144Hz Monitors pointless/useless?

    I tried out a friends 144Hz monitor playing Overwatch- made me a bit nauseated.... my urge to upgrade faded after that.
  29. marshac

    Razerblade 2018 base model.. no way around 32gb limit?

    It takes people trying it out and reporting if it works for those sheets.
  30. marshac

    Razerblade 2018 base model.. no way around 32gb limit?

    Buy the memory from a place with a good return policy and try it.
  31. marshac

    LG V40 ThinQ - OMG this thing is crazy cool

    I loved my v10 and v20, two of the best phones I've owned, although I'll always have a soft spot for the HTC One which had a fantastic camera for the time, stereo speakers, etc. The v10 was built like a tank, although mine finally died with a green screen of death. I was disappointed when LG got...
  32. marshac

    Samsung Galaxy S10

    The Nokia 9 at the current discounted price of $599 looks pretty tempting...
  33. marshac

    Samsung Galaxy S10

    All this talk about slowdowns... this past week my podcast app suddenly takes about 30 seconds to load up. It's like my S9+ just got the memo that the S10 is available.
  34. marshac

    wearable device suggestion

    Fitbit or Gear as others mentioned is one of the few options. WearOS is fine, it's just that the underlying hardware sucks- Qualcomm doesn't care, and the chipsets that most use- 2100 or 3100- are just out of date. Battery life is terrible and as a consequence you might get a single good day out...
  35. marshac

    Two-factor authentication

    Get another regular one as a backup.
  36. marshac

    Nokia 9

    Glowing review of the 9. $700 isn't totally insane, and it's Android one. Might be my next phone.
  37. marshac

    Nokia 9

    100% agreed. I love the photos my iPhone has taken of my kids in portrait mode, so something that works as well would sell me. The 10x optical zoom of the Oppo is interesting as well.... I just can't get over that Oppo is "poop" spelled inside out. Edit: Also... 845 though? For a flagship? :(
  38. marshac

    Do you like Android or iPhone better, and why?

    Prices are getting insane. When a flagship was $500-600, it was an easy purchase to make 1-2 times per year... now that we're north of $1k for a flagship phone, that's now price competitive with decent laptops, LTE tablets, etc. It's no longer an essentially impulse buy because "oohh, shiny!"...
  39. marshac

    Back up apps

    I've used Carbon before
  40. marshac

    Samsung Galaxy S10

    I don't care about Knox, and although the 10 looks nice, I'm skipping it... having had a 7,8,9+ I'm sick of TPU screen protectors. Next phone will have a flat screen so I can once again have a decent glass screen protector.