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    Asus ROG Swift PG43UQ with 43.4″ VA Panel, 4K Resolution and 144Hz Using DSC

    I've noticed that it has gone out of stock/backordered just about everywhere over the weekend. Either this segment is just that damned starved, or they are re-evaluating their inconsistent panels.
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    AMD Can't Shake Off US Class-Action Lawsuit over Bulldozer "8-Core" Advertising

    Further expanding on that logic, ARM becomes a clusterfuck real quick. Yet everybody agrees we get whatever they say the core count is.
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    X399 MB ECC Confirmation/Clarification Thread

    Wow, that is far more voltage than any 2400MHz Micron needs for 2666. I don't know what to say for your RAM, or mine for that matter. This thread would be my suggestion for main inspiration since he was using a single rank version equivalent effectively of my D9TBH RAM, and he was also pairing...
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    X399 MB ECC Confirmation/Clarification Thread

    Don't know about those, but my VLP ct16g4xfd824a sticks hit the following @ 1.27V. I could go with more aggressive timings, but then that would be more voltage on a 24/7 system.
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    Tick Tock - #BeForeTheGame

    HDMI 2.0b in listed in the official GTX 2080ti page. 1 more generation of peddling Gsync for $1,200 cards.
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    ASUS, EVGA, PNY, Et Al. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Leaks

    The PNY leak showed HDMI 2.0b. This better be a sick joke.
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    New Ryzen Embedded Systems Coming

    These are going to be the greatest asset for cord cutters to date. A small embedded SOC that can run madVR at acceptable settings if they so wish to do so. Then there is the console emulation factor. Dolphin users are going to lose their shit.
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    Large Hadron Collider Upgrade “Could Upend Particle Physics”

    Nah, these upgrades are just to create quantum entanglement heatsinks to be mounted on Intel's new 28core CPU. Through quantum entanglement the heat load will transfer into their liquid helium cooling systems, so that the consumer can reasonably expect a guaranteed 4.5GHz overclock. Maybe even...
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    Yahoo Messenger Is Shutting Down on July 17

    Some words of encouragement from Discord:
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    AMD Ryzen 2nd Gen Threadripper 32 Cores Confirmed

    The important question to ask is if AMD is going to make an updated 28core i9 survival kit?
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    Google to Scrub US Military Deal Protested by Employees

    Proper identification to eliminate civilian casualties is just fucking immoral right? Less time spent trying to identify the target gives a larger time window to carry out the attack also. With early proper identification there would be the chance in some situations that they have the...
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    X399 MB ECC Confirmation/Clarification Thread

    For a good explanation on Multi-bit error correction see this article, plus this one for a ridiculous amount of depth. Basically it is the highest form of HW data correction available, and it is the most desirable function to run at no real cost to speeds at all. The level of accuracy it...
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    X399 MB ECC Confirmation/Clarification Thread

    Reporting in with my findings. I had been through hell getting my setup to even boot with the MSI x399 Pro Carbon since there was only one bios that would load any boot manager (7B09v14) and one BIOS (7B09v13) forced me to use the BIOS flashback function. Non of them worked with the SATA...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Trailer #2

    Their business model is to get people to buy it on consoles since they won't announce any plans to release a PC version, and hope the enhancement/modding prospects that come with a PC release gets a fair amount of users to double dip. R☆ isn't going to announce anything PC related for quite...
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    X399 MB ECC Confirmation/Clarification Thread

    Here is another VLP EUDIMM for those wanting capacity. I originally tried to order these, but they ended up being backordered until late September, and now it seems the price increased by $100. I already have 4 of the ct16g4xfd824a in my MSI board, I'm just waiting on a waterblock for now, then...
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    Razer Atheris Boasts 350 Hours of Battery Life

    Now if only their buttons could last that long.
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and 1920X CPU Review @ [H]

    Yeah it is the Asus Prime that doesn't support it. I keep this list up to date, and hope people post their experiences.
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    So who is pre-purchasing the X399 motherboards and Threadripper CPU's tomorrow?

    Prepare to be pissed. I called Newegg's "support" they aren't getting the MSI boards till next week. Then, they charge at the price you preordered at. Now you may ask why mention the price? Because it dropped to $350 while they've been holding your time ransom. You have to call support and ask...
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    So who is pre-purchasing the X399 motherboards and Threadripper CPU's tomorrow?

    Looking at my MSI x399 preorder on newegg, it looks like it got delayed to the 16th. All of my other stuff has charged already but the MB. Anybody else having this?
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    X399 MB ECC Confirmation/Clarification Thread

    I am creating this thread to welcome sources of confirmation to clarify or confirm the degree to which each X399 MB has support for ECC. I imagine this is a subject of great importance in this community, since Threadrippers are bound to end up in a plenty of workstations. I've been trying to...
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    MSI Shows Us How To Install an AMD Threadripper CPU

    Finally a plumber that found my leaky... I mean um; wait, what?
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    MPC-HC Is Officially Dead

    That has been my experience with the BE fork also. I am going to miss the ever loving hell out of HC. It just worked with madVR and xysubfilter too damn well. I wish other programs just fucking worked like those three did together. Truly starting this week off with some very bad news with this...
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    Denuvo Accused of Pirating Anti-Cracking Software to Protect its Floundering Solution

    That is quite literally the textbook definition of piracy. The terms and conditions were not for such widespread use, but was used and abused and it was for profit. The 2 primary conditions were met.
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    Man Finds StarCraft Source Code, Decides to Return It to Blizzard

    Class act from both parties. Just think if he had a prototype Apple phone in his possession instead, and tried his best to return it...
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    Youtube's Shifting Algorithms Hurt Independent Media

    Seriously, fuck genocide deniers.
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    Gearbox Software Partnership with G2A for Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition in Jeopardy

    Yet another brainless marketing team calling magazines clips. No wonder they fucked up by partnering with G2A.
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    No Man's Sky Gets Big Update Including Survival Mode, Base-Building

    Shouldn't be. That was in a space station. What was going on planet side was... I'm not doing that again. Clearing the shader cache and switching to TAA(Low) eliminates a lot of it, but anything procedural generated like asteroids, ships, etc. continue to light up like a Pink Floyd concert.
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    No Man's Sky Gets Big Update Including Survival Mode, Base-Building

    That really helps performance, but it does not fix SLI. To those that have seizure/excessive motion related health problems, do not start the game with SLI enabled. The shader and texture flickering is so damn bad you will instantly experience hell. I'm not even joking. I wasn't able to snap...
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    Supreme Court To Hear Apple-Samsung Feud Over iPhone Designs

    How much in damages is this for soap makers?
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    Drone Pilot Arrested For Flying Over Wildfire In California

    Yay excessive multiqouting to try to pick apart selected sentences to build authority! not it isn't Your only supporting citation specifically states "Modern jet aircraft structures must be able to withstand one 1.8 kg (4 lb) collision; the empennage (tail) must withstand one 3.6 kg (8 lb) bird...
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    Amazon Wants To Use Lampposts, Churches As Drone “Perches”

    Yeah, the logistics involved to prevent soggy packages from arriving is a bit much for now. Let's actually get some working weather prediction then look at it again. I pretty much mean just look at it. I can't say I like the prospect of these things clouding the sky if I'm gliding.
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    Drone Pilot Arrested For Flying Over Wildfire In California

    Yes they do. When they are not pulled from your ass. Ignoring the FAA's facts that bird strikes going near max velocities only happens in 3% of all bird strikes. Sure let us look at energy. @ what velocity is your Bombardier 415 traveling when dumping water? Typically 110Knots (185.659Ft/s...
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    Drone Pilot Arrested For Flying Over Wildfire In California

    I got news for you... The funny thing is, ground vehicles always have to comply with tire punctures, long periods of people neglecting them, and the ability to keep the occupants intact in crashes because of nice agencies like the DOT. A plane is only designed to fly for long periods of time...
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    PCI-e GEN3... no boot issue

    Disclaimer: Sandy Bridge-E doesn't officially support PCI-e 3.0. I had the same issue with my MSI X79 board when I first got my GTX-980. It worked perfectly with my GTX-670 , but using it with the 980 was out of the question. I got it to work by simply flashing the latest MB bios at the time...
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    New Rig for $3000

    These have some promocodes on them that expire real SOON. That case has plenty of soundproofing, so 6 HDs won't be an issue to your ear drums.
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    Which GTX 670 to get?

    Here's the frequently complained about noise. The shear amount of results from a google search of the issue is downright scary. I would opt to wait and see what price the new 4GB FTW will go for, and see if it makes the Zotac 4GB go for any cheaper. For SLI I just wouldn't want to use...
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    GTX 670- ASUS DC2 or Gigabyte WF3?

    Since they're the same price, I'd say go with Asus. Gigabyte's greatness was when it was a non-reference card at reference prices, was available at launch and it was quiet too. The heatsink on the Asus is the most amazing thing amongst the 670s.
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    Which GTX 670 to get?

    Then consider this card. It has the gtx 680 PCB with the 680 reference cooler. Plus it's cheap as hell (at least in the US it is) The EVGA would be the way to go if it didn't have the loud gtx 670 cooler. The bearing noise from those things is unacceptable.