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    Asus X99 mobos and nothing but grief on POST with waterblocks.

    I never had any luck with any memory OC on my Asus RVE. In fact I never got the memory to run at its rated speed, much less XMP. I finally settled on running 3000 rated RAM at 2666 and have been stable ever since. X299 was much, much kinder to me in regards to memory than X99 was.
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    Tweaking i9 7980xe Oc

    I wouldn't worry about liquid metal on the CPU lid to cooler, thermal paste is fine there. The liquid metal is for the bare die to the underside of the IHS (metal cap of the CPU), you'd only need that if doing a re-lid.
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    Tweaking i9 7980xe Oc

    That's why I think you probably don't need a re-lid, you are doing pretty good for the cooling you have. Noctua has a CPU compatibility chart on their site, they don't really address the 7980XE, but list the U12 as limited OD capability on the 10980XE. So it's not like it won't work, just no...
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    Tweaking i9 7980xe Oc

    I don't know anything about AIOs, see if they have any ratings on them and try to get one that'll dissipate at least 500 watts and go for a mild 4.4GHz or so OC. I'm not sure any single 240 anything will cool a 7980XE, but the Corsair 1000 should have some decent cooling options. You won't...
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    i9 7980xe to i9 10980xe

    I don't think a single 480 rad loop will run $1K, but you have a 7980XE that costs quite a bit, an Apex board that ain't cheap, 64GB of RAM that's not inexpensive, etc. In contrast, my 7980XE rig has HW Labs GTX 480, GTX 420, GTX 240 x 2, all in P/P, 2 pumps, a single reservoir, hard lines, etc...
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    i9 7980xe to i9 10980xe

    Your rig or Shadowarez?
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    i9 7980xe to i9 10980xe

    Under full custom loop, I never crack 90C under synthetic benchmarks @4.6Ghz - and that's just one rogue core that I can't tame. I never crack half that day to day or gaming, and gaming is what was driving him over 100C. I'd never run the Blender benches or HWBot X265 with air.
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    i9 7980xe to i9 10980xe

    The thing that jumped out at me is that he's running an OCd 7980XE on a Noctua air cooler. That 10980XE load figure you posted - 617 watts - isn't that much different than the load of a similarly OCd 7980XE. I draw 600 watts under load, no way an air cooler is going to keep up with these things...
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    Doubling D5 for flow?

    Martin's Liquid Lab did a bit of testing - you have to look for the 1,2.3 page marker just above the Comments section to get to the series results
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    Tweaking i9 7980xe Oc

    You really need better cooling, an OC'd 7980XE can draw 600 watts, no way that air cooler can touch that. You probably won't even need to mess with the de-lid, I think your cooling is just WAY undersized. But if you decide to.. I wouldn't try direct die, it's extremely unforgiving from the...
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    Doubling D5 for flow?

    I don't have a flow meter. All my fans and pumps are set on temp curves in the BIOS, during normal operation everything just idles along, but if the CPU reaches 75C then the whole thing ramps up a lot. About the only thing I use that'll make it do that is benchmarks and I haven't ran any of...
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    Doubling D5 for flow?

    I ran mine in series, 2 separate pumps, but it's 4 radiators and I just wanted to try 2 pumps. It also let me run a bit slower speed, but pump speed had a pretty big effect on temps - like a 10 degree instant drop on loaded CPU temp by going from a low speed to wide open. I settled somewhere...
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    New Forum Software Feedback

    I just came here to mention that the text looks a little softer and thick - not the text in the posts like I'm typing here, the thread titles on the main pages. Almost like they are bold font or something. Definitely not a huge issue, just the first thing I noticed. Everything seems to be...
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    Former or current 1080 ti/Titan (Pascal) owners

    I built a rig for my nephews and put my Titan Xp in that, so I bought a 2080Ti for myself. I wasn't going to upgrade my video card, I built a new X299 rig and planned on using the Xp. I hadn't planned to build them another rig so I already had my loop with the Xp/EK block built, then pulled it...
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    I ran Cinebench on all CPUs I could

    I think I actually got slightly better scores later, that 4.6 run was like the first day the bench was released, but never cracked 11K so I just lived with what I had - I run it at 4.6, the 4.7 run was the only time I ever ran it at that OC. It's a sweet rig, so much better than the X99 (5960X)...
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    I ran Cinebench on all CPUs I could

    No screenshots, I can post them if interested. I think - I may not have the really low score shots saved. All clocks stock, I don't think any of these are even OC-able. Intel Atom Z8350 - 121 Intel M3-7Y30 - 536 Intel I5-5300U (NUC) - 581 Intel I5-8500 - 2369 This was one of those...
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    No....THIS is a robot

    Meh, I don't see it doing somersaults while mounted on tracks.
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    Using Ethanol To Remove Thermal Paste?

    I've used ethanol to put thermal paste ON a few times.
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    CTV News: 'Mysterious' gravitational mass found buried on dark side of moon

    "There is no dark side in the moon, really. Matter of fact, it's all dark. The only thing that makes it look light is the sun." Gerry O'Driscoll
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    9980XE won't boot on several motherboards?

    All the fakes seem to have come from Amazon, not from Intel. I doubt yours was fake, but if an unscrupulous person ended up with one and wanted to trade it for a good one straight from Intel, the easiest way would be buy one off ebay, claim it was no good, and ask for a refund when he sends the...
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    9980XE won't boot on several motherboards?

    My money is on the buyer trying to scam you. There is a rash of very good appearing 9980XE fakes out there. If the buyer has one, he might be trying to convince you that he's done everything reasonable and you need to take your chip back and give him his money back. Then send you the worthless...
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    $749 for a motherboard ?!!??!

    Sorry, only give AMD to stepchildren. j/k Hope the next gen AMD chips hit it out of the park.
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    $749 for a motherboard ?!!??!

    Yeah, maybe. Wasn't really trying to single him out, the last bit was aimed towards others in the thread. I get that a lot. I never asked anybody for money to pay for any of my rigs, but some still act like they have some skin in the game. And the Gigabyte X299/7920X rig I mentioned? Gave it to...
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    $749 for a motherboard ?!!??!

    I have the RGB on all my boards turned off. The case this mobo is in does have a window on the side, but it's a 900D and that's just the way it came, none of my other cases have windows. I run no color in my plain jane hard tube. This case sits under a desk where it's pretty difficult to see...
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    Anthem sold bellow expectations, EA blames industry trends...

    I got Anthem, Metro Exodus, and Battlefield V in a bundle deal with a video card. I like Anthem best of all three, nephews played it for a couple of evenings while they were down and bought it when they got back home - didn't buy either of the others.
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    eBay luck ran out - fraudulent return

    I opened it in a new tab and it's nice sized there.
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    $749 for a motherboard ?!!??!

    I run mine with a 7980XE all cores @ 4.6GHz - fans have never come on. The heatsink on the VRM is quite a bit larger than the original Rampage VI, plus I have 140mm fans on the bottom of a 420 rad in p/p that blows across the face of the VRM heatsink. Highest VRM temp I have ever recorded was 55C.
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    $749 for a motherboard ?!!??!

    I bought one. I couldn't find a regular Rampage VI so I bought this one. I'm done with SLI so PCIE spacing wasn't a concern. I don't run RAID so vROC wasn't a concern. It was expensive, but then I look at the other things in the build that cost more - the RAM kit cost more, the processor cost...
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    Star Citizen Selling A $900 Ship

    It was worth the necro to see the toilet ejection bug. The game has been in development for years - they have a zero G toilet that doesn't work and ejects you into space. Cause or effect?
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    2TB Intel QLC NAND PCIe M.2 drive for $189.99 with Promo code EMCTYUC22

    I don't know about the speeds when the 660P approaches full (have read that it slows down quite a bit when it gets full - haven't filled one up to test), but I just put one in a rig to serve the same purpose I use an 850 Pro SATA SSD in another. Don't really see too many head-to-head...
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    TIM Testing Going Forward

    Here's something for The Director of Enthusiast Engagement to ponder: Seems like every time Intel releases a new CPU gen, there are howls of derision from the enthusiast crowd that the TIM under the IHS ain't up to par. While some gens of the X series Enthusiast-grade processors are (were)...
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    Inconsistent fan speed at idle

    I set the "curve" to be flat vs temp with the fan speed just high enough to do the job. So say 40% @ 20 deg, 40% @ 30 deg, 40% @ 50 deg, 40% @ 70 deg, then let it go on up to 100% at 85 deg. This keeps the fan speed constant when little temp spike come and go, but if it starts running legit...
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    Shocking: Amazon Workers Are Listening to What You Tell Alexa

    So how does a voice activated device work with the mic muted? **Slaps Alexa around a bit until she replies** No smart phone, no cell phone. Still have a landline, but it has a blocker on it that works like a charm. That's what my luck would be. Talking about some politician/public figure and...
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    9900K + Noctua NH-U14S 80+ temps normal?

    I think auto voltage on an OC still contributes to the excess heat. Mobo mfgs have to pump enough voltage in on auto to run even the worst examples of the CPU. Yours may indeed need that much, but it might be able to get by with quite a bit less with quite a bit less heat.
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    Shocking: Amazon Workers Are Listening to What You Tell Alexa

    Who knew - having a hot mic in your house connected to a far away server might not be a good idea.
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    Battlefield V geforce experience code

    If nothing else, the thread prompted my to redeem mine before they expired. And I would have much rather have put these games on a different machine, but not happening.
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    Samsung 970 Pro vs 970 Evo Plus

    Houseplant on top of an RGB pulsating computer? We'd have to address those issues before I'd agree to marry her ;)
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    HOT: Intel 660p 1TB NVMe SSD PCI-Express 3.0 x4 $109 Newegg

    I bought a 2TB for a kids rig storage drive. They DL games right and left, filled up the 1TB on their other rig seemingly overnight. Now they have a 1TB 970 Pro system drive and 2TB 660p storage. Parents can buy something if they want more storage (or heaven forbid deleting some of those...
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    Mixing pump types?