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    VoIP Phone Service recommendations

    I use ooma, they have been good for me, something like $5 a month give or take. was able to port my old land line number to it as well. i personally have not had any issues yet.
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    Winter home office upgrade all finished!

    Nice Setup, Just wondering did you build that desk yourself? If so may i ask how you built the top or purchased?
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    Oculus Quest

    Yeah I will probably get one just for when i travel so i can have something to do. Wonder how you get it on Hotel wifi generally those have a click x to agree to our terms before they let you on. Not that you would need their for games but never know.
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    Oculus Quest

    So I will confess I have not search as hard as i could but how is setting up the Quest done? I assume requires a phone but then does it just use your wifi for things like streaming netflix or does it go through your phone to do that?
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    WoW Classic 8/27. Beta is May 22–Thurs May 23

    cant wait for launch. I really wish they would show numbers for the players though. I know why they wont/cant but still.
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    April Fools Tech Roundup now you can translate any site into murloc. thanks blizzard.
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    Layoffs hit EA

    Do they have to buy a loot box to see if they still have a paycheck?
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    Rift S

    I personally dont see myself buying the rift s. My current one does all i need it to do. Although passthrough sounds nice. I may get the quest though just to have a portable way to play with while traveling.
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    Classic World of Warcraft Content Progression Revealed

    It probably will fragment the population a little bit, but if you look at the private realms i want to say they had about 500k playing on them give or take. So my estimate is initially blizzard will have over 1mil on them but after the first month will probalby hover around 3-400k people. not...
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    Classic World of Warcraft Content Progression Revealed

    I am looking forward to it personally. I hope it will restore some community to at least some of the player base. Back when you had to know people on your realm, and didnt worry about all this phasing/sharding going on. While I know i will miss some of the quality of life improvements made to...
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    Two-factor authentication

    First thank you for the detailed response. So really using radius versus tacacs, I can see that working. Never used radius for that just dot1x items. I will have to look a little more into it. again thank you for the response. Also i guess i never really answered your question but my...
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    Two-factor authentication

    Just looking at two factor authentication for tacacs in a mixed environment. I have read the cisco items and they seem straight forward enough but cant find much on Juniper. would like to keep as vendor neutral as possible so regardless of gear installed could be used. Youbikey seems to have...
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    Respawn's Star Wars Game Will Be Revealed on April 13

    This, so much this. And ooooh if it could be in VR, i dont think i would move from my PC for a long time.
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    Two-factor authentication

    So i am reading up on these Yubico devices, and I am trying to see if they could be used for TACACS like Cisco, Juniper etc. So far I cant seem to find anything on their site about it or from searching either. Has anyone done this with them yet and can provide a little insight?
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    JP Morgan's "Digital Coin" is Not a Cryptocurrency

    I am having a hard time trying to grasp the why of all of this. I mean if it is only used internally how hard is it to just transfer money from account a to account b already? my first thought and I could be way off is maybe this can be used to hide certain transactions by saying we didnt...
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    Activision Blizzard Begins Cutting 8 Percent of Its Workforce

    I actually started buying some of their stock recently. hopefully int he long run it will go up at least a little. I kinda hope Blizzard buys themselves out of activision and can focus on them selves again.
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    Activision Blizzard Begins Cutting 8 Percent of Its Workforce

    As a WoW player I am seeing a few of the CMs tweet they have been laid off, not sure how those are sales and administrative?. Makes you wonder if Mike Morhaime saw all this coming and it factored into his decision to retire and leave.
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    Which generation of gamer are you?

    right in the middle of core gen x.
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    Farming Simulator Gets an Esports League

    I want to listen to the casters. "OMG he just planted cotten!!! It's a bold move cotten, let's see if it works out for them." " F@rm3r J0e just released the cows into the wrong pasture, i hope they get back in time for milking!!!!!" "Look at those 1337 crop rotations"
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    ANYMal Is Learning to Walk By Itself

    I for one welcome our new robot overlords.
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    Curved Monitors Surpass 50% of Gaming Monitor Marketshare as Sales Climb

    Curved monitors are not real, they are surrounded by the ice wall and are actually flat. Oh wait that's the Earth not my monitor.
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    17% of Americans Use Smart Speakers

    I use mine for alarms, timers, playing a few podcasts, music, weather, and so on. I could do all these with other device before but this makes it a little convenient. It helps me multi task a few mundane items so i can keep doing other stuff while having information provided to me. I will...
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    Sci-Fi Series From George R.R. Martin Coming to SyFy This Fall

    I mostly agree, he needs to finish song of ice and fire first, then he can go do whatever else he wants.
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    Cisco NAM replacement

    Sorry I guess I should have been a little clearer. Basically I use it for packet captures when troubleshooting issues. 99% of the time to show customers yes your traffic is passing through all these devices just fine it is your server that is causing the issue. The CISCO NAMs also do other...
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    Cisco NAM replacement

    I am losing my Cisco gear and it is being replaced with another manufacture (long stories not really relevant) so I am looking for something that can replace my NAM. So far i have found a few companies that make these types of stand alone appliances for packet captures, Niksun (NetOmni)...
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    AT&T Launching New Streaming Version of DirecTV

    I would cut the cord and do something like this if my ISP, who is not ATT but a local small town company, didn't have caps and overage charges. My question is for those that have cut the cord and use these types of streaming services how much data are you using with your ISP? Do you have...
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    Certification suggestions for intrusion detection/Snort

    I agree, to me CISSP is more of a management type thing because it is so broad. If you want to go more red team type I would say maybe consider the OSCP cert. It would be a tough test from what I have been told.
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    Anybody out There Still Listening to Music on AM or FM Radio?

    I personally listen still in the car. I have a few local sports stations and NPR on the drive into work. Also I generally enjoy the commentators for one broadcast for a local college team way more than national broadcasters, so when i watch their games I just put the tv on mute and listen to...
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    password storage

    thank you all for the suggestions i will do a little research into them and tell him about each. again thank you very much.
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    password storage

    Hi all, so i had a friend come to me and ask about something to store passwords. It has been a few years since I needed anything like that so was looking for a few suggestions and pros cons if know for the products. I use sticky notes taped to my monitor then post a picture of them to facebook...
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    Incredible Far Cry 5 Custom PC

    I thought it was a great video watching them build it. I am no where near as creative. i get happy when i can draw a straight line.
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    Ready Player One Sneak Peek at SXSW 2018

    I love the book and now based on the above need to get the audio version as well. I just went through and read it again last week preparing for the movie. I am sure the movie will take many liberties and make changes but that's any movie really.
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    Senate Banking Bill Would Make Credit Freezes Free

    but not be enforceable until 2035
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    High-end Smartphones Killing Off High-end Smartphones

    They used to be subsidized by the carrier as well, now they realize we can charge full price and either it is paid upfront or over installments so they have a constant revenue stream. I personally have been debating on if i want a new phone but the prices are just so damn high it is keeping me...
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    Looking to build a lab mini server

    I have been looking at some of the stuff on ebay as well. I may end up going that route so far all I have found in my first search have 16gb ram at most. but that may do for starters. Been also looking at components to build and looking to be a bit more than these refurbs so while I would...
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    Looking to build a lab mini server

    Hopefully I have answered all the questions appropriately, if not let me know and I can try to clarify 1. What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming, Photoshop (or other intensive programs), Web browsing, strictly HTPC/Playback, etc. This will be running a LAB virtual enviroment. 2. Will you...
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    Blizzard is Making Changes to Hearthstone's Ranked Play

    Mine as well. Also I noticed that the time of day I play has a highger win rate. if I play around 2-3pm central I win about 80% of my matches. anytime outside of that more like 40%.
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    Fake pr0n with AI is Easy Peasy

    just think if we had this years ago we could have faked a moon landing.....
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    40% of Americans Predicted to Cut the Cord by 2030

    I personally believe as more people do slowly switch from paying for cable to streaming services those prices will begin to go up slowly, along with ISPs deciding to either not raise data caps so they can bill you for the "overage" you use each month or sell an addon for your ISP pacakge of...