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    Berkeley Vanadium Dioxide Discovery

    umm, NO. if the material was perfect and all combustion/exhaust surfaces covered, NO COOLING REQUIRED. Engines DO NOT "need" the heat moved through metal if it can be contained. A "perfect" engine would have zero heat loss and the gases allowed to expand to ambient temp. Any heat loss...
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    Razer Launches BlackWidow Keyboard With 16.8 Million Colors

    How long until we need video cards in our keyboards? "Your Chroma only has a gtx1080 embedded? Peasant!"
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    Hideo Kojima Says Games And Films Will Merge Together

    After the latest MGS game, Hideo is short for Hideous.
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    You're Doing it Wrong

    Making cooling great again
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    Gas Mask Lets You Smell Virtual Reality Porn

    Hey Sextron, what's the going rate of Japanese panty vending machines? Competitive to this?
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    Levels Of E-Waste Soar In Asia As Gadgets Become Affordable

    Check your city/county recycling center. They probably will accept it for free.
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    Will Mark Zuckerberg Be Our Next President?

    Howard Stern for president! I would have voted for him over Chump
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    Chinese Tech Giant Tencent’s Office Party Featured Simulated Blowjobs

    DISGUSTING!! I mean really, only simulated? I am disappoint.
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    Microsoft Sued By Employees Who Developed PTSD After Reviewing Disturbing Content

    What about the PTSD caused from using Windows itself?
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    SSD or HDD for laptop? Decisions decisions

    By unstable, I mean COMPLETELY fucking unstable. Would freeze almost instantly upon boot and getting into windows. I believe the mouse would still move around but do nothing and everything was frozen. Took a hard boot, pulling the battery, to get out and try again. Finally gave up and put...
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    SSD or HDD for laptop? Decisions decisions

    I could not get an SSD to work in my laptop. Totally unstable. Went back to my HDD and all is well. Read some stuff about using IDE vs AHCI but didn't try it. This was trying both Win 10 and Win 7. Is there some trick I'm missing?
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    Honda's Self-Balancing Motorcycle Is Amazing

    Just put spinners on motorcycle wheels. Automatic gyroscopic stability at lower speeds. Plus look cool in the hood.
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    FTC Announces $25,000 Internet of Things Security Challenge

    I predict the winner will be Boaty McBoatface
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    2016 Sees Internet Explorer Usage Collapse, Chrome Surge

    I only use IE because I have to at work.
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    Medium Laying Off 50 Employees, Closing NY and DC Offices

    Should have named themselves Large.
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    Copyright Trolls Hit With Class Action Lawsuit For Theft by Deception

    They should all be charged under RICO. Organized crime.
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    Japanese White-Collar Workers Are Already Being Replaced By Robots

    Until we make the quantum leap and become a utopia where everything is free. Then the machines turn against us.
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    The Biggest Video Game Disappointments Of 2016

    Gears of War. Looked forward to this coming back to the PC for years. Turned out to be repetitive and short. Dishonored 2 ran flawlessly for me even on a lowly 970.
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    Stop Calling Everything A "Hack"

    My cat can hack furballs
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    Facing Layoff, IT Employee Makes Bold Counteroffer

    Who do you think make the offshoring decisions? The businessmen.
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    Police Seek Amazon Echo Data In Murder Case

    "Alexa, how do you dissolve a body?" /calls cops
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    US Now Asks Foreign Travelers For Social Media Info

    I hate all religions equally. Muslims are just first in line.
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    Recycler Charged With Fraudulent Disposal Of Electronics

    Ummm, you were the one making completely ignorant statements. If you don't want corrected, don't make them.
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    Recycler Charged With Fraudulent Disposal Of Electronics

    They are not self supporting. Impose UK/EU level taxes and we can build shit like that. They are importing because many times they are PAID to take the waste. I'm assuming you mean RDF plants since you said "power plants". There are typically only a few types of waste streams that can truly...
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    Recycler Charged With Fraudulent Disposal Of Electronics

    This is pretty much true. But you can minimize it. However, landfills do have to monitor groundwater as is leaves the boundary and if crap is found, monitored and treated as need be. Most modern landfills are decently sited, and the groundwater typically moves really slowly and can be...
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    Recycler Charged With Fraudulent Disposal Of Electronics

    You obviously don't have a clue. The POINT of single stream is that it CAN be collected by the same truck and it CAN be compacted due to the cushion effect of the paper/cardboard. Even glass. Plus newer screen tech allows better cleaning of the paper fraction. 30 yrs in the industry. As for...
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    Germany Threatens to Fine Facebook Over Hate Speech

    Because "political correctness" bullshit.
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    Amazon Accused Of “Intolerable Conditions” At Scottish Warehouse

    Isn't Scotland's weather/terrain itself an intolerable condition?
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    “Star In A Jar” Fusion Reactor Works And Promises Infinite Energy

    Umm, they found a new pocket of helium to be mined. No longer that scarce.
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    HBO Slaps Takedown Demand On 13-Year-Old’s Painting That Used “Winter Is Coming”

    What about fair use? I only see this as infringing is if she tried to commercialize and sell the image all over the place. One painting? no.
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    German Politician Threatens Facebook Over Online Hate Speech

    Hate kicking is OK. Why do you think Hitler wore jack boots?
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    Dude Buys PS4 Dev Kit With Data From Closed Sleeping Dogs Studio

    Fuck Sony /Mymandatoryfucksonypostineverysonythread
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    Amazon Testing Grocery Store With No Checkout

    The damn self checkout scanners don't work half the time. They will just be moving the checkout lines outside after the alarms ring on everyone exiting
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    Apple Shows Ambition To Get Into Self-Driving Car Race

    Good luck getting an appt at the genius mechanic bar.
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    almost gone $250 34" 2560x1080 75hz free sync LG monitor

    34" @ 1080? Fuck no. I hate, HATE ultra wide. Ninja eye slit viewport.