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    VIdeo Card

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    how to ship a sub?

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    popup problem

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    Did I just fry my Radeon 9700 Pro -- Please help me!

    So wrong. I hate people like you. Thanks to people like you im stuck paying more for my next upgrade. Nice one jerk :mad: .
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    So I fried my 9700 Pro -- Please recommend a replacement for me (9800 Pro vs 6800?)

    I have a 9800 and its not too great anymore. It was a GREAT card when I bought it awhile ago but now the 6800gt is of MUCH better price performance ratio so I recommend that.
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    6800gt temperatures

    That sounds to me to be pretty damn high :eek:
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    how do i find out if a video card is ok for my computer

    In other words your comp sucks get a new one.
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    City of Heros any good?

    I was SAME way quit first months and feel EXACTLY the same about the game.
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    Weird switch on 9800pro after rma.

    Maybe the switxh fixed w.e. the hell was wrong with it? :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    To good to be True??

    I concur
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    To good to be True??

    I dont think you should. He sounds full of shit to me. Dont they use WU ONLY because you cannot get your money back once u send it to them or something like that?
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    To good to be True??

    First of all Go try and play a FPS when you only have 20 CONSTANT FPS. Your aim will be shit and you would have a MUCH better time getting ATLEAST over 30 FPS. Secondly you will NEVER get constant FPS it will ALWAYS dip lower when theres more action on the screen unless your playing something...
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    cpu, not fan, making noise, is yours?

    You need a new processor yours is about to explode. Seriously though its prolly just your hardrive.
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    Broke a CPU pin...

    Stick it in and see if it works. Ive seen processors with 4 pins missing work. So all hope might not be lost.
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    Ooh lala

    Not true. All copper is more effective. Especialy since the thermal properties of where the copper and aluminum are soldered arent too great.
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    how to ship a sub?

    hmm they have em at target or officemax? fed ex ground is the cheapest to ship right?
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    how to ship a sub?

    I have to ship a sub back to klipsch for repairs. Ive never shipped anything before and was wondering where I could get some shipping materials like a box and some bubble wrap for free or cheap? Im going to ship fed ex. SHould bubble wrap and a box be enough to ship a sub? I wasnt sure where...
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    My monitor flickers!!! Is it my 9800 pro?

    100% totaly agree.
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    Need advice - help spending some $$$

    I suggest looking through the fs forum here and try and find something for cheap. Yiou can find some pretty good suff for the price your looking to buy with.
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    what is this was on ur new xt800? O_O?
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    Silly Question

    moooorre powaa =)
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    Do Not, I Repeat, Do Not Buy Alienware Alx!!

    Yeah pretty much everyone here knows that Alienwares dont make a very economic purchase. But thanks for the heads up .. I think =/
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    What is the most important computer part?

    Vacuum tubes? I dont see any vacuum tubes in MY computer asshole. :rolleyes: (yes I understand old computers used vacuum tubes but I dont really care hes still a asshole)
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    What is the most important computer part?

    The whole reason this post came to be is because I was telling J3ff about how my brother almost killed my computer. I was looking at the Hardforums when he takes a temp probe and shoves it into my powersupply(Enermax 430 I think) while the computer is running and a gianst spark comes out...
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    What is the most important computer part?

    play nice kiddies
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    What is the most important computer part?

    With just a mobo nothing will turn on -_-. this is crap. Yes without a mobo the ps would be kind of pointless but not entirely, you could still use it to power things up that use DC. plus without a ps a mobo is kind of pointless also.
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    What is the most important computer part?

    Thats more than you can do without a powersupply. ANd you can light up lights and other sexy thingys.
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    What is the most important computer part?

    fans will be connected you douche.
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    How to use 24V fan

    I heard from somewhere that u can use a line going to your mobo to make 24v but Im not sure. Im surprised they dont start up at 12v they might need a little push. but yeah sorry if im no help. Atleast its a bump =)
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    for those of you with bay reserviors

    Get the duel bay res. Some pople say that the single bay res's dont trap bubbles very well.
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    I think I can get a few more Mhz out

    up the voltage!
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    Building PC, tell me how the Specs are!!

    I suggest using oboard sound unless your using a REALLY nice speaker system and use the extra money to get a 9800 Pro.
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    sunbeam ccfls

    They are PINK!!!!
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    Best way to cut plexi

    Kitchen knife for me.
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    Anodized Aluminum Question about Lian Li

    Another vote for teh powder coat.
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    Is the Lian Li PC-65 really all that?

    They are the nicest and highest quality of case ive ever worked with. I love coolermaster also though.
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    Led Lamp

    nice :D