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    Study Says Girls Game Less Than Boys

    Ya, and I suppose if I come in here and start giving some sarcastic racist hate that's all fine and dandy too, just because I say it is sarcasm? :rolleyes:
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    Study Says Girls Game Less Than Boys

    Honestly Steve, the crap that comes out of your mouth sometimes really kills the image of this website. Joke or not, that is terribly over the line. Not sure when this site when from primarily tech news with a tech enthusiasts opinion on the front page to someone saying whatever they want to...
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    DRM is Dead, RIAA Says

    Loopback audio recording.
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    Microsoft Responds to Obama’s Xbox Criticism

    Typical idiot who does not RTFA. Had you RTFA you'd have realized he said parents need to take responsibility. People need to start taking responsibility for what they say, and clearly one who gives an opinion on something when they don't have a single clue what they were giving an opinion on...
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    DRM is Dead, RIAA Says

    Now they are finally starting to realize that more people buy it without DRM. The only thing they've said is that they don't care about DRM enough to enforce it over the higher number of sales non-DRM music gets.
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    Spy Pics: Intel Sandy Bridge Die Shot?

    You ever pop the lid on a CPU?
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    Spy Pics: Intel Sandy Bridge Die Shot?

    What is the problem with the GPU being on the CPU die? Even if you wouldn't use it for displaying graphics it still can be used for running calculations it is better at than a CPU.
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    Mythbusters’ Adam Savage Hammered by Roaming Fees

    Mythbusters started to suck when they brought in those 3 morons. So many of the tests those 3 did were absolutely flawed that I just couldn't watch anymore. Kinda takes away the whole reason for the show when they can't test their myths properly. I hope Adam goes after AT&T, that company...
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    How Microsoft Stole the Show At E3

    Most people I know play Halo 3, but that's just because they suck at FPS games and Halo 3 is easier (although, I can't wait to see what happens to the PC version, if that has a custom game list for multiplayer like Halo 1 did for PC I'll definitely get it, if it's just matchmaking I probably...
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    Rescue Shuttle on Pad for Hubble Mission

    What's their Plan C? Maybe I am just weird, but I see all these articles about the "dramatic" rescue they have planned if the first craft gets damaged...but absolutely zero has been said about what happens if the second craft does as well. Not that I think either getting damaged is likely...
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    Some Intel Chips Don't Support 'XP Mode'

    This is just plain stupid. From day 1 of MSFT mentioning this new Virtual XP option they have said it requires hardware virtualization support. Why the hell do people keep on saying this over and over and over again when we've know it from day 1? VMWare player is nice and all, but where...
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    Electric Cars Will Kill The Planet

    Oh my, you guys are not serious about the self charging car thing are you? :eek:
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    Revealing Windows XP Mode for Windows 7

    You should be able to install that VPN software just fine on the virtual machine. But it'll only affect the virtual machine and not Windows 7.
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    Revealing Windows XP Mode for Windows 7

    Since when has virtual pc costed anything? I have a feeling you've never even looked at VPC.
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    Revealing Windows XP Mode for Windows 7

    Themes have been kinda a mess to deal with in Vista (not sure how they are on Win7). In Vista there is another mode that is kinda like the luna theme, just without those big ugly buttons min/max/exit buttons and with the vista version instead.
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    Revealing Windows XP Mode for Windows 7

    You know, I really hate not having an edit button here... I should rephrase that. I am not sure if I'll ever be required to use the XP compatibility mode since Vista/7 support is usually extremely good, but with this I can just run other applications like web browsers in a virtual system to...
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    Revealing Windows XP Mode for Windows 7

    What is with some of you people? If you are not going to use it then just friggin ignore it! :roll: Personally, I am not sure if I'll ever need it, but running a virtual application is extremely appealing. I will certainly get Windows 7 Pro just for this. There is a lot more information if...
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    Wikipedia Threatens Artists for Fair Use

    How is this not a trademark issue? I suppose I could just go and grab something like then and you guys would be just fine and dandy with it?
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    UK Teachers Want Wi-Fi Removed from Schools

    Oh no, radio waves cause cancer? Better get ready to destroy all AM/FM radio stations, over-the-air TV, GPS, TV, and phone satellites, cell phones, microwaves, and on and on and on. Instead of finding things that do cause cancer, how about we try and find some things that don't cause cancer...
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    Red Hat CEO Questions Desktop's Relevance in Linux Debate

    I think you guys are thinking too hard and ignoring the real problems with Linux for a desktop system. Linux desktops have a time and place. Unfortunately when you do real work and are currently using Windows and Windows only applications there is really no way to use Linux on the desktop...
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    Mozilla, Graphics Group Seek To Build 3D Web

    Ugh, Silverlight 3 anyone? Hell of a lot better than some crappy javascript hacks if you want 3D. Javascript sucks, I can't imagine what kind of crap programming you'd have to do to get that to do real 3D stuff running on hardware. Javascript is the last thing I want accessing my hardware...
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    CryEngine 3 GDC 2009 Demo

    +1 I see a bunch of people saying it looks terrible but I think they've got horrible eyes for quality and can't get past the crappy youtube video to see it. You obviously can't tell the complete level of detail in the bitmaps because of the crappy youtube quality, but you could see the...
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    Sony Charging Publishers Bandwidth Fee for DLC

    Developers have been complaining about how difficult it was to develop something for the PS3 since it was released. ;)
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    Sony Charging Publishers Bandwidth Fee for DLC

    Sounds like Sony is intentionally trying to kill the PSN. I'd laugh if this causes PS3 games to have an even higher price tag. Then people will literally be paying for an online service on each game and it'll still suck worse than XBL which costs about $3/m. :p
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    Amazon Is The New Scrooge?

    If companies only try to break even, where will they get money for research and development when they need it later? Also, this is bull. If I want to donate I'll do it myself. I don't need a donation tax at amazon so they can look better.
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    iPods Banned In Gates’ House?

    That's the definition of a liberal, some people along the line just decided to start calling democrats liberals (which, at one point, they may have been). Conservative hardly fits the republican party either, as all the republicans seem to be doing lately is in taking a stance against...
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    iPods Banned In Gates’ House?

    Liberal: 1. favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs. 2. favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, esp. as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties. 3. favoring or permitting freedom of...
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    iPods Banned In Gates’ House?

    Why not? Can you only buy one brand of anything when you go to a grocery store? Just look at the cereal isle, would it make any sense if a grocer only sold the cheap generic cereals that taste like crap? Now dealerships only selling from one company probably has more to do with car...
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    iPods Banned In Gates’ House?

    This is such sensationalistic bull. Everyone jump on the bash MS bandwagon because Mrs Gates said they don't buy iPods or iPhones for their kids. :rolleyes: Wasn't there a recent news article about how the iPhone was selling terribly in Japan both because it lacked a lot of features and was...
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    Computers Now Control NY Trains

    Ya, it's called not connecting that system to an external network.
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    Computers Now Control NY Trains

    Yes there is. If any single required system stops responding then shut the entire system down until it is fixed or someone can drive it manually. Of course that should never happen because of double and triple redundant systems.
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    Computers Now Control NY Trains

    You obviously suck at guessing. I've been programming for 5 years.
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    Computers Now Control NY Trains

    Comparing running a simple train system to a nuclear power plant? :rolleyes: Putting the entire train system under computer control is much safer than having a person running each. As long as the programmers have any clue as to what they are doing they can easily build a completely failsafe...
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    NVIDIA Stock Plummets

    I found some interesting info over at It mentions a GTX 299, which does look to be a good new product per the specs listed. If that information is accurate, why in the...
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    NVIDIA Stock Plummets

    That's not really rebranding. Binning would be correct as they take the products that can not meet the requirements for the 4850, but do meet the requirements for the 4830 (from what you mentioned in specs, up to 2 SIMD units are faulty), and selling those for less. Binning is an entirely...
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    NVIDIA Stock Plummets

    What are you talking about? Intel has done absolutely no rebranding like nVidia, at least as long as I've paid attention to the hardware markets. Their tick-tock cycle is pretty much spot on with a new architecture every 2 years and then a shrink in between to prepare themselves for the next...
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    Breaking Down the Cost to Print and Deliver the NYT

    Even if the numbers were correct, those people who get the newspaper do it for a reason. If the NYT were to stop sending out papers, just send out a free Kindle and have an online subscription I doubt many people would be happy.
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    Phoenix Technologies HyperSpace Instant-On OS Review

    What a load of FAIL. Instant on is a second or less.
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    Windows 7 Beta Goes Public

    Aww, Steve, you ruined those two working download links from MSFT by putting it on the front page. I was getting 1.7MBps and it was nearly complete, now it has slowed considerably.