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    [H] Flashback

    Thanks for posting this up Kyle. Puts a time frame on my oc-ing adventures! I remember trying to explain to the guys at the computer store why I wanted ddr-133 for my PIII 600... of course that became an 800/133. :) And paying well north of $300 for 2 x 128MB sticks.
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    This Microwave Can Tweet and Play YouTube Videos

    Sweet water heater! Yeah good to decouple that dependency on RIM lol.
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    Cyber Café of Tomorrow

    I could see having it in an airport or something, tied in with a coffee shop. Maybe some kinda polarization on the screens to make then difficult to see by strangers.
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    Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

    Corsair has time and experience behind them, along with an excellent track record. If you're looking for high performance RAM for your OCing needs, they definitely will have a product in their lineup for you. I recently found an old stick of Corsair RAM and it brought back fond memories of...
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    Microrobotic Ballet

    Their comparison of the robots to the size of a human hair reminds me of the time I got crabs...
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    AMD Phenom & Spider & Intel QX9770 Comparo @ [H]

    Hey I simply overlooked the other CPU. Sorry about that. :( I've created a new graph and eliminated the others, which shows the Q6600 in there as well. I'm trying to figure out for myself what I should be focusing on w/ a new system. Questions I'm asking myself are, is it OK for me to spend a...
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    AMD Phenom & Spider & Intel QX9770 Comparo @ [H]

    I'd be interested to see an approach thinking about the incremental costs of getting more FPS out of a Phenom. Phenom starts with such a low Frames Per Dollar (I made some graphs here : ), would an enthusiast be able to increase their FPS with a...