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    Remote Control(ssh) of computers

    thanks czar and poopy, but alas my windows is so stripped down that I don't have remote desktop, so I'll be looking at yours czar, and I'll revise my next install to include remote desktop, which seems simple to use, I can use my crappy win 95 laptop to do that I think. Thanks guys!
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    Remote Control(ssh) of computers

    So I'm a kid in school who likes to compute, and I run 2 computers at home, one Win XP(The one below) and a weaker linux machine running debian. Our school has lots of linux terminals so I regular ssh into my linux box at home and keep stuff downloading, download new stuff, etc. I'm...
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    Best System under $800 ?

    For cheap overclocking, here are my two setups, Intel and AMD A note though, I haven't been much of a computer maker for a while and I don't know much about the new 64bit stuff, but it is my opinion that not enough stuff supports it to make it worthwhile. AMD: Barton 2500+(Easy overclock...
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    Recommend me a Mobo

    Well thats one from my day and age. Thats also a pretty hard thing to find, I think at this point in time it would be easier to get a new processor and mobo, you're being limited not only by your motherboard but also your processor.
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    Computer problems after LAN

    Problem solved, stopped running dual channel mode and it booted fine, but why?
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    Computer problems after LAN

    So I couldn't find the appropriate forum for this, I have had no sleep in 36 hours, but I just got back from a LAN party, my computer was woking fine there, and when I got back home set it up turned it on it booted up fans started spinning then it just turned off but the power LED stayed on...
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    Im looking for a really really small motherboard

    The Via EPIA series boards are very small and have I think 3 PCI slots.
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    Intel Desktop Board BA810E Bios

    I've got a small, looks to be mini-itx "Intel Desktop Board BA810E" motherboard and I'm trying to find a newer bios with the ability to change the FSB. Anyone know where I can find it?
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    Just a quick clarification and a question from a oldtimer

    First I want to know, is this true or false: A Hub/switch is to a wired network as a access point is to a wireless network, correct? Also, Here is my story: I've got a SMC Barricade DSL Modem/Router and a Linksys WRT54G wireless modem. A month ago they were working fine now the router has...