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    New Alienware Area 51 PC - refreshing new look

    It looks unique and I like that. When I was a young man, I use to build my own machines. If anything went wrong, I'd troubleshoot the hardware and send it back for RMA. Meanwhile buying another to get me by or upgrading and later selling the RMA'd piece of hardware. Now that I'm older, I...
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    Movies Have Worst Summer Since 1997

    Cinemas here have it all. 3D, ATMOS, 2D, and the normal ones. It's pretty much empty early in the day during the weekdays and pretty packed at nights. During the weekends and public holidays, you'll have a hard time getting tickets because they'll mostly be sold out. At night,most of the viewers...
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    How much storage space are you currently using?

    OS and apps: 512GB SSD Secondary drive for torrents and what not: WD 750GB Movies/Music/Porno : WD 3TB + WD 3TB (external) Seedbox: 8TB I hardly keep much on the SSD other than the OS and assorted applications. Secondary drive I use for torrents and movies/music and whatever else I might...
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    34" 21:9 UltraWide Displays (3440x1440) - LG UM95/UM65 & Dell U3415W

    No Dell U3415W in Malaysia yet. Bummer!
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    Anand from AnandTech Retiring from Tech Publishing

    That's sad. Been reading articles from there since 99, although I hardly go there these days.
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    Why do cards still have DVI ports?

    I use to DVI with my old Dell 24 monitor years ago to the desktop. VGA was there for emergencies when something didn't work right. Hadn't used the old Dell 24 monitor for a long time since moving over to laptops and I decided to one day. The old Dell 24 monitors had all the ports, DVI, VGA and...
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    External HDD works on USB 2.0 port but not on 3.0

    It's probably the driver. Had issues with USB 3.0 when I had the AW17. External WD drives worked fine in USB 2.0 mode but didn't work in USB 3.0 mode. I really can't remember which driver fixed it (happened early last year)The next few AW17s worked without issues though, so I'm guessing they got...
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    Do you use your phone as a remote control?

    I use it to search titles on Netflix/Youtube and then play it on the Roku 3. It's a little tedious typing using any kind of remote (phone lets me do it fast with the keyboard)
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    Windows Live Messenger Signing Out After 15 Years

    Stopped using MSN since March last year! Never really replaced it.
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    My wallpaper thread.

    Gorgeous stuff! Thank you.
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    Your Laptop Picture [H]ere (read first post for rules please)

    Here's mine, got it a few months ago as a replacement to an older machine that had a faulty graphics card. They couldn't fix it and I went through 8 graphics cards. i7-4800MQ@2.70GHz 16GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770M Crucial M4 512GB SSD WD 750GB Intel SSD 530 Series 80GB Blu-ray
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Got a few as well, you gotta seed back or else you'll just get banned. PM for those interested. Anyone with invites to the HDbits trackers?
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    FINALLY made up my darn mind!!

    I have a 24" right now, thought it was huge at first but now it's not enough. Makes you wonder how I survived with a 19" before this (non wc even). But I don't have a huge tv in the living room, etc. I don't use tvs much. Anyway, good job making your mind up eventually. If you don't mind TN...
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    Need Help Picking a 30" Monitor

    True but I've got a bad habit of spilling stuff all over my monitor :( Also, I don't think the Gateway is available here.
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    Need Help Picking a 30" Monitor

    With Dell's 5 year warranty and added 5 year complete cover protection, it's a great idea for me. I intend on keeping the 30" for at least 5 years.
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    Dell 2408WFP Now Available

    Just wondering. Bought a 2407WFP-HC (revision A00) from a friend and there was a problem so I called Dell and the next day they replaced it with a 2408WFP (revision A01). Thing is, the monitor goes black after 30 or so minutes but the green light stays. It gets really bright a second before it...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    gaming mousepads, you'll find em all over the place. get a nice black everglide.
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    BenQ V2400W In Depth Review

    Will be getting one in a few hours, was trying to decide which 24" to get but the reviews on the forum have been pretty amazing (helped me decide). Can't wait to test the monitor out for myself.
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    My 3007-HC is on order

    thanks man, I'll check those out, any idea when dell malaysia will have the hc versions?
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    My 3007-HC is on order

    Well guys, looks like I've found a good deal with a reseller friend of mine here. I can get the 3007WFP for about $1194. I think the price would be the same for the 3007 HC as well but so far Dell Malaysia only has the non-HC version. Should I wait for the HC version to arrive first (probably...
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    why spend $400+ on a video card?

    I don't game, so I don't really need a high end graphics card but unfortunately all the big lcd monitors out there (especially the 30") require a decent card to run the highest resolution possible. But you know what, if I had the cash to spare. I'd get 2 of the high end ones on Sli just for...
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    Official Dell 2707WFP Thread !!! Info, Pictures, Reviews Another review, but pretty vague as well. The 2407WFP has dropped in price a little, so I'll get that first. Waiting to see how long before the 2707WFP drops in price. Currently alot more than the 30" even.
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    my New Year's Resolution is...

    Not much of a gamer, but I'm getting the 2407wfp soon. So 1920x1200 for me!!!! Wooooo