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    GIGABYTE's Water Cooled 3-Way SLI GTX 980 4GB For Sale

    Wow! And I've been wanting to have a 3way for so long.
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    Man Fired For Posting Pictures Of DHS Vans To Facebook

    It was stupid but calling a veteran a terrorist is quite a dick move. I don't respect soldiers any more than a doctor the guy who picks up my thrash, a job's a job, but there are things you just shouldnt say.
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    The NoPhone Kickstarter Triples Its Goal

    French Canada called it 3 years ago! Video subbed in English:
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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PS4 Problems

    Most of those are a long outdated mindset. PC has been the practical, easy gaming solution for over half a douzen years now. Nearly all the things console had over PC are but rare occurances, and consoles hybridized to the PC-like problems that existed a decade ago and have yet to solve them.
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    Halo 3 1080p Gameplay Footage

    that's the problem. Yes it will and people somehow still think a good pc is upwards of a thousand bucks. PC has better graphcis at a similar price, is cheaper in the long run, and as a few douzenfolds the number of good games consoles do. And the real kicker is that the comparison is made with...
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    Halo 3 1080p Gameplay Footage

    Halo didn't invent any of those. It just popularized them on console being the first real console FPS to take off.
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    Project Spark Released For The PC

    It is not worth upgrading for 7 to 8 at a full OS price. That's a given, But no one argues that Win 8 isnt better than 7.
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    Watching Video Games Is Stupid And Boring

    it is no worse that watchign otehrs play football, than watching others do things in areality show, or whatching anything whatsoever for that matter. It is entertainement, and people are entertained by different things. I do not like watching sports. To ME, it is boring as fuck. But saying in a...
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    $2 Million iPhone 6

    I don't mind equal tax rates for everyone one bit; it is just fair. Now if so many who actually have the means to pay it didn't find countless ways to get exempted I'd be happier.
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    Are Video Games Sexist?

    That is what I would expect when standing out in a crowd of people used to stand out, especially with a messed up pop culture icon ppl make fun of. As a side note, punk and metal crowds are the best I've been part of. Sure it can get rough, and some ppl are obnoxiously wasted and unaware, but it...
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    Are Video Games Sexist?

    She'll mostly get flak for being a geek just like we do, not as much for liking "guy things".
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    Are Video Games Sexist?

    There are more women playing video games than before, and that's prefectly fine by me. But it is the same way there are more women reading and watching Marvel or more Bronies. It is not something society associates with the gender, and as such less are into it, and those who do are sometimes...
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    Are Video Games Sexist?

    Good vid. I always welcome well thought discussions. I have nothing but praise for the feminist movement and am all for gender equality. What I totally can't stand is pure sexism under the guise of feminism. When you're a feminist because of bad experiences and deep down all men are pigs and...
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    Apple Event Essentials

    I know some people still buy its products, but I can't think of Apple as still being relevant.
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    'Gamers' Are Over

    I think good communication is paramount!
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    'Gamers' Are Over

    On a side note, there have been numerous studies showing that with anonymity, human nature tends to be cruel and self-centered.
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    'Gamers' Are Over

    Yes, yes I did. By writing this inane, condescending and hateful comment you simply showed yourself part of the crowd of anonymous trash-talkers we pointed out was the real source of the problem. Thank you for your contribution.
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    'Gamers' Are Over

    Tl:DR: People who don't agree with me are dumb fucks. Move along now.
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    'Gamers' Are Over

    What she describes is not gaming culture. It is the Internet.
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    'Gamers' Are Over

    I've read the article and am still not sure what it's about or what point it is trying to make o.O
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    LAPD: Stolen Tesla Involved in Police Chase Splits In Half

    Tesla is one of the very, very few American make I wouldn't be afraid to put money on.
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    PC Gaming Is On The Rise

    That are my thoughts too. The real problem with Pc gaming stats is that the vast, vast majority of sales are digital and hard to gauge, so it is nigh impossible to properly illustrate how staggeringly insane the growth of PC gaming gaming has been in the past decade. When I started online pc...
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    Corsair Showcases Trio of New Cutting-Edge PC Cases

    Still looks big. My next build will be as small as I can make it for carrying.
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    A Keyboard For Google Glass

    I want to type on my arm so bad
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    Florida Man Demands Right To Wed Computer

    You can produce a human being from cells. If all men died tomorow, the human race would keep rolling. That said, there are plenty of kids living crappy lives that need adopting. My gay cousin has 2 awesome kids (a boy and a girl, I think her girlfriend was the mother in their case) and they...
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    Activision Blizzard Announces Better-Than-Expected Q1 2014 Financial Results

    Not sure what you mean by that. D3 is leaps and bound better than it was at release. Hearthstone is an addictive game if you're into TCGs, and they are adding PVE, which is not something I have ever seen before in such a card game and migth get me back on a few weeks. Blizz is also releasing...
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    Ten Things Not To Buy In 2014

    Amen brother. I am so tired of those damn slideshows.
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    Everyone Hates Their Internet Service Providers

    I loved my ISP until this past week-end, where I found out that since they upgraded their offerings last year (we got free increses in speed and bandwidth, yay!), they also removed the maximum they could charge for going over the cap. I also learned that the email I had put on my ISP profile was...
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    Kickstarter Success Story Thinks Kickstarter Might Be Unethical

    I don't get it. It seemed to me like he was saying that lying and geting people to invest in your ideas was like putting your reputation on the line. Well duh?
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    The 'Boring' Game That Became A Smash Hit

    I have been thinking for a while that I'll be picking it up in the next great sale. I have a friend or 2 that had a lot of praise for it, but as mentionned in the article, it's pretty hard to make this game sound fun.
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    Titanfall Cheaters Are Being “Rooted Out”

    I can't speak for Overratedfall, but I've been online gaming since 1998, and while I did see some cheaters on official or moderated servers, they have been few and far between. People are usually just whiny biches. I have been kicked and banned from more servers than I dare count just because I...
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    Classic Zelda in First Person 3D in Virtual Reality

    No one forces you to play it. Personnally, options are always fun. This does not replace the original in anyway, and it will still be available as long as technology exists. It is but a tribute to a loved classic and I see no reason whatsoever for any fan of it not to be happy to see it in the...
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    Classic Zelda in First Person 3D in Virtual Reality

    Doesn't look any worse than the mindless aberration that is minecraft. I think it is a great trip for old fans of the original.
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    Titanfall - Don't Fall For The Hype

    The very first PC game I bought with my own money was Tribes, on a total impulsive wim (which is something I never do) at Costco in 1998. I was surprised tthat it had no single player whatsoever. It gave me the best 3 years of my gaming life, and I knew for a fact over 12 years ago that I would...
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    Titanfall - Don't Fall For The Hype

    This game feels like CoD and Tribes had a dumbed down bastard child. 6v6 limit? When was that ever a good idea?
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    Happy 40th Anniversary, Dungeons & Dragons

    haha I remember that game. I was still around 10 then and didn't understand English that well but I spent countless hours on it.
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    Happy 40th Anniversary, Dungeons & Dragons

    The 4th edition is the best, most balanced tactical combat system DnD has yet released. Every class is usefull 1-20, instead of melee kicking ass 1-6 and mages destroying 1 city per round at lvl 20. It is a big magic nerf, but it was an undeniably needed one. And now melee has fun things to do...
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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor

    I was like "This looks interres..." $799 "Nope."
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    Cool WTF Video of the Day

    Not sure what the video was about; just looked at the girl in the top left.