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    So I really like Bad Company

    Get the game!!! lol nah but it is very fun and there releasing a conquest mode for free. If you do get it hit me up on XBL (if thats what your playing on) I play all the time. Gamertag: astrojunkie
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    GTA 4 out of missions?

    Yea I think the story line missions end at about 62% or so. They left out a bunch of stuff compared to the other GTA's. This game was way too short for me but still very fun. Maybe they will release new missions and stuff to do in the DLC pack *fingers crossed*
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    diablo 2 quistion

    Yea I installed it last night and patched it through battle net and it worked great. but the rez was horrible, is there a way to make it 1680x1050? if not oh well ( I guess I'm spoiled by newer games :p )
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    diablo 2 quistion

    Sweet thanks guys, I'm going to pick it up now:D
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    diablo 2 quistion

    does anybody now if diablo 2 will play on vista x64 it would be greatly appreciated :D
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    BF: Bad Company

    lol, yea no more bots. but if you ever played modern combat it was similar. BTW theres no lag on 360 in the full game for me, every once and awhile ( twice so far ) the severs go down for a few. *shrug*
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    BF: Bad Company or CoD4 for PS3?

    Plus Call of duty 5 is in the works so when it comes out 4 will drop in players while BC just came out and they don't make new Battlefield's every year. :) But like others said its which ever one you like the best both are great games.
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    Xbox 360 HDMI into pc for sound?

    something like this would work for the headphone jack or not sure if its the 1/8 inch one or 1/4 inch one but thats and idea if you already have RCA cables laying around...
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    my xbox 360 is fine

    My first 360 RROD right before they extended the warranty to three years so I sold it on ebay then sometime after I got a new HDMI one and its been running good so far and it seems a Little cooler running that the older ones too. but overall I love my Xbox but as for likes and dislikes...
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    Bad Company Demo

    lol right the game looks beautiful. I bet he's playing on a standard def TV. that or he's hung up on everything lookin like crysis :rolleyes: The graphics remind me alot of GTA4 except alot better view distance
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    Bad Company Demo

    just remember this is Xbox NOT pc!!:rolleyes: For xbox it looks great (on a hd tv) IMO it looks way better than COD4.
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    Bad Company Demo

    i was playin ranked last night is it down now? if so that sux but hell its EA!!!11!!!1111 :rolleyes:
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Mine, By astrojunkie at 2008-05-28
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    HDTV blurry/grainy on GTA 4

    yes its the same on the 360, I'm not sure if its worse, better, or the same but you get use to it. Its like all the shadows are grainy and blurry. I guess it helps performance somehow
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    Buying a Used PS3, do I need to worried about anything?

    I got my Xbox 360 from gamestop and got there 1 year replacement plan then the system started getting disk drive errors and they replaced it with no questions asked but when I got the new one they stopped doing a replacement plan on xbox 360's Not sure if gamestop does a warranty on PS3's but...
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    GTA Clothing - SPOILER?

    yea they need to do the trick to get the bra!!! lol ( I have not tried this YET but sounds funny)
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    8800GT fit in a DS3R?

    what resolution are you going to be playing at? If its anything lower than 1440 the GTS will do fine, but if your planning on upgrading soon go with the GT because it will have a better resale value.
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    GTA IV Running At 630P On PS3

    Right. lololol
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    Less than 20 hours left...

    Cool, if not im going to make them go to the back and open the box and get me a copy. lol
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    Less than 20 hours left...

    Anyone know if Walmart will put it on sale at midnight or be duchebags and wait till 9 am? EDIT: already got two people on my friends list playing it:mad:
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    GTA IV: PS3 or 360? (poll)

    Xbox because of XBL :D
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    DVD disappearing, need a little help

    Update, I've removed the cables a few times before but while reading your post it dawned on me "what about the power cable running to the PSU" so I removed it and ran it a different way ( I had it ran a funky way behind the mobo tray) plugged it back in and now its working :cool: So hopefully...
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    DVD disappearing, need a little help

    Here we go, my DVD drive started acting weird for awhile, it was randomly reading when my PC was idle then it started disappearing off the computer but when I would restart it there it was and it would work for awhile then do it again. Now it's gone and won't come back. I've tried swapping...
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    What are you playing today? THREAD

    Nothing, my DVD drive keeps disappearing from my PC :mad:
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    Project S-D

    Damn nice work on the front panel. Mad props :cool:
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    Dremeling hole for watercooling

    Your going to love that unibit especially if you have never used one before.
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    Dremeling hole for watercooling

    Michael Daly, you don't need a drill press to use one. I do body work for a living and i use them all the time drilling into cars to put spoilers, emblems, run wires, etc.. all with my handy makita 14.4v cordless drill. they make the cleanest holes with out having to worry about binding the...
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    third level in contest . . .w00t

    You got my vote. BTW nice work
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    Dremeling hole for watercooling

    Or a unibit, kinda pricey but it will make a perfect hole. You can get just the big single one from homeghetto.
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    STALKER rant

    ^^ I was reading somewhere and it said that the cross-hair issue was something to do with AA all the way up or something like that (don't feel like googling it right now) QFT!! I've played the game twice all the way through with no problems, and the second time I Played i used many mods and...
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    help setting up a 32" Sharp Aquos 1080p

    Its great for games, it took me a min. to get use to the size compared to a 22". As for lag I don't notice any but I'm not a picky hardcore gamer (some people won't even play on LCD's)
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    Vegas 2 Improvments?

    ^^ Just play a "Player match" instead of a ranked game. You still gain rank but you have infinite respawns and you don't get kicked after every game just like Vegas 1
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    Rosewill Case Mod...

    WOW........ That is one of the cleanest wire jobs I have seen. Great job I didn't feel like reading though all the posts but where did you get that mesh used for the HDD's I've been thinking about modding mine but i want a good looking mesh like that. Thanks and again WOW :cool:
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    DVD drive acting weird

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    DVD drive acting weird

    yea I think thats what I'm going to do. what would be a good one to get for vista (I've heard that some won't work right with vista)
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    DVD drive acting weird

    yea I did check the cables and they were good, as for drivers I will give that a shot and see
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    DVD drive acting weird

    I have a SATA Lite-on DVD drive and here lately when I try to play games it won't read DVD's and if I go into My computer and try to right click on the drive it locks the computer up and I have to do a hard restart. Also the drive sometimes randomly starts reading the DVD even when I'm not doing...
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    COD4 - Mile High Club on Veteran

    I beat it but wow it took like 100 tries, I about broke my mouse many times :mad: And yes Youtube is your friend
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    Gaming Monitor - XL

    That Sharp is a great monitor/TV. I just got one and I'm loving it. and Newegg has a deal today only for $300 off. And sorry IDK about the resolution question just thought you might like that deal.