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    220V 30A Heated Shower Head Will Add a Jolt of Excitement to Showering

    bigclivedotcom posted a YouTube video of this about 2.5 years ago.
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    Hackers Go After Big Banks in Canada

    According to news reports, the hackers sent a letter to various media outlets saying they were going to sell the info if the banks in question did not cough up $1 million. They included the details of 2 customers at the end of the letter including names, dates of birth, SIN and account balances...
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    Steam: how many hours?

    Crusader Kings II - 4822 hrs
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    Tesla Model S Hits 300,000 Miles in Two Years, Saving $60,000 on Fuel Costs

    The linked article is very short on detail, including what IC-powered automobiles they were comparing the Tesla's operating costs to.
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    Company 3D-Prints House in 24 Hours

    The $235/m^2 (~$22/ft^2) was the cost to build a more traditional square house using the same 3d printing machine. A traditional wooden frame house, as built in the US and Canada, would cost far more than that. I built a house some 25 years ago, with average materials, that cost me ~$700/m^2...
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    PC Gaming Remains More Profitable Than Console Gaming, Mobile Gaming Surpasses Everything

    Wow. Talk about being overly sensitive. Did I personally insult you? No I didn't. You were neither the OP nor the author of the article. I suspect it is people like you who demand "safe zones" where nothing is allowed to be said that might hurt your feelings or make you feel uncomfortable...
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    PC Gaming Remains More Profitable Than Console Gaming, Mobile Gaming Surpasses Everything

    One is possibly a typo. The other is copying and pasting without actually paying sufficient attention to what was copied and pasted. The first was done by someone who presumably received some form of compensation. Is that being a dick or merely expecting somewhat higher standards from those who...
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    PC Gaming Remains More Profitable Than Console Gaming, Mobile Gaming Surpasses Everything

    Apparently neither you or the article are very good at proofreading. It is CONSOLE gaming revenue that will grow to $29 billion.
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    Steam Winter Sale: Recap By Valve

    Now if only there was a way to filter out all those god-awful Japanese anime "games" from the suggested games queue since, apparently, selecting not interested has no effect on more appearing. Contrary to what Valve may believe, my taste in gaming isn't going to change to the point I would ever...
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    Stupid Criminal of the Day

    Well that is 1:09 I won't get back. Ignorance and stupidity are not the same thing. Perhaps most Ecuadorians aren't quite so self-absorbed as to walk around with a selfie stick.
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    Google Self-Driving Car Cut Off Rival Self-Driving Car

    Some of you have an odd idea of what constitutes being cut off. That two vehicles wished to move into the same lane at the same time and one yielded to the other does not constitute being cut off any more than if it had happened with human drivers.
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    The Apple Watch Reviews Are Brutal

    Has there ever been a wrist watch that, except for the basic function of checking the time, did not require you to use your other hand to access whatever additional functions it offered or to look at it while doing so? Hell, the first LED watches required you to push a button to see what time...
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    Battlefield: Hardline Trailer Launches Rockets, Cars, Game

    One girl laughing, a couple of lame lines of dialogue, lots of people being shot with plenty of blood, and some explosions . So where was the little humour in this trailer?
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    RadioShack Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

    Of course it was Circuit City that bought Radio Shack Canada, only to discover that they had bought the stores and not the Radio Shack name, forcing them to come up with "The Source" as a name. Since Circuit City went bankrupt in 2009, The Source has been owned by Bell Canada Enterprises...
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    Uber Claiming Credit For Less People Driving Drunk?

    I wish people would learn how to properly use "less" and "fewer". If you can count them, you should be using "fewer".
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    Dead Rising Movie Trailer

    Virginia Madsen received an Academy Award nomination, Golden Globe nomination, and SAG nomination for best supporting actress in "Sideways" but did not win any of the three awards.
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    3D Printed Shelby Cobra

    That and they didn't actually model it with doors, instead choosing to alter the lines to allow easier ingress/egress.
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    3D Printed Shelby Cobra

    Not in any pictures I've seen of Shelby Cobras. If you actually compare the car in this video to a real Cobra, the lines aren't quite the same, especially those in the side view around the doors.
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    Young People Can No Longer Fix Gadgets

    $500 for an oil change in a 3-series BMW? Either the dealer is doing more than just changing the oil or else he is ripping off the owner. The last time, and only time, I took my '05 M3 to a dealer for an oil change the charge was around $260. That was for 1 hour of labour at $120, a filter, and...
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    Bill Gates ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    The City of Medina WA gets its drinking water from the City of Bellevue. The City of Bellevue gets its drinking water from the Cedar River and South Fork Tolt River watersheds. Where do those watersheds drain to? Lake Washington. Where is Bill Gates' house? In the City of Medina on the...
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    Amazon Announcing A 3D Phone Or A Sex Toy

    The original Infiniti ads showed neither the cars or drivers' reactions. Confused a lot of people. LOL
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    Internet Freedom's Expiration Date

    The article reads like a rehash of the old Bill 602P hoax that that was floating around starting in 1999 or thereabouts.
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    New Wolfenstein: The New Order Trailer

    I'm pretty sure the developers haven't either. :D
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    New Wolfenstein: The New Order Trailer

    That was the first thing I noticed when the video started playing. Makes me wonder if the developers have ever been on a train in their lives.
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    Cool Video of the Day

    Ken Block is impressive. This, no so much.
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    Tech Columnist Finally Ditches WinXP

    Looking at her blogs, it's pretty easy to see how she could write about technology and not bother to update her OS.
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    Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 Demo

    Some of the work orders are oddly worded in this "game". One task read "replace the timing". Turned out it was missing the word "belt".
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    Another Restaurant Bans Google Glass

    Isn't that an oxymoron?
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    The 20 Scariest Google Street View Sightings

    The only truly disturbing images would be the crawling cow and maybe the idiot pointing a weapon at the Google vehicle, before it was blurred. The rest were at most odd. But then what would you expect from the people who brought you "36 Embarrassing Google Street View Sightings", most of...
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    WoWP - World Of War Planes

    War Thunder has three modes of play: Arcade Battles in which the flight models are modified to provide a more level playing field, though there are still notable differences between planes. People with joysticks actually have complained that mouse/kb users have an unfair advantage in this...
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    YouTube Tries To Fix Its Comments

    I just wish Youtube would fix their bloody "reply" button. To me, making basic functionality of the site actually work is more important than policing some unpleasant comments. In the last couple of months I found that some of my comments were not showing up as replies to others' comments...
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    Only Clear Skies On Google Maps and Earth

    How can anyone find the lack of clouds on Google map creepy? Having a portion of Google map that interests you, say your hometown, obscured by clouds would make the thing as useful as having a paper city map that had big blank patches on it. It is bad enough with all the conspiracy theorists...
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    Xbox One FAQ

    I'm still trying to figure out the point of enabling "live" TV via the XBox . If you want to watch OTA broadcasts, your tv's tuner should be able to do that. If you are using a satellite or cable STB, why would you want to stick an XBox in the signal path? Chances are, if you have...
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    Accident Would Shut Down Google's Driverless Car Experiment

    It is hard to take an article seriously when it states My car, which has somewhat better braking than the average car on the road (2005 BMW M3), takes approx. 50 ft to brake from 40 - 0 mph not including reaction time. I certainly question whether or not someone who says the following...
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    Has The Internet Killed The Loch Ness Monster?

    You only have to peruse some of the conspiracy websites to realize that there are plenty of gullible people out there, demonstrating an incredible lack of basic science knowledge and critical thinking as they take in every loony idea that someone claims is true. Some examples include...
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    Guys Like This Could Kill Google Glass

    While the pocket protector is associated with dorkiness, it did serve a perfectly good purpose for certain professions, namely engineers and draftsmen. Pens may not leak much nowadays but they certainly did in the past. Back in the day, before CAD, people used drafting tables and pens to...
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    An Android Phone Can Hijack An Airplane?

    Aircraft don't rely on external sources for information such as current altitude and speed. For altitude they have radar altimeters (<5000') and barometric altimeters, both of which can feed the autopilot. There is no lying to the aircraft about what altitude it is at, merely lying to the...
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    An Android Phone Can Hijack An Airplane?

    Given that virtual planes have virtual pilots, I'm not surprised that he could make the virtual planes "dance to his tune". To say that you could hijack an airplane is pure hyperbole. You may be able to send spoof messages to change headings and altitudes, but real pilots have radios and...
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    driving test simulator.

    That works as long as you don't have Sunday shopping. ;) The sports car club in a town where I once lived ran slalom races at the local mall's parking lot on Sundays. Sure can't do that now. :(
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    Microsoft's Future Vision: Live, Work, Play

    The fact that the man wasn't wearing a wedding ring isn't that significant. At one time, only the woman wore a wedding ring. My parents have been married for over 53 years and my Dad has never worn a wedding ring. It wasn't that unusual in 1959 Manchester, where they got married. He does...