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    Pixel 7 / Pixel 7 Pro enhanced trade-in credit and promo gift card @ BestBuy

    Have you seen the video going through smartphone CPUs? they show, in comparison to other chips, the Tensor 1 as being garbage. It was a low-low-end chip, yet they charged mid-tier to high-tier prices. I'd say the pixel 6 should've had a much lower starting price. Now with Pixel 7, with their...
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    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang hints at ‘exciting’ next-generation GPU update on September 20th Tuesday

    Ada architecture position equivalency to previous model >>>>> Ampere architecture 4090 3090/ 3080ti 4080 16GB 3070 4080 12GB 3060
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    EVGA will no longer do business with NVIDIA

    I think this will happen with other AIBs too. As politicians make certain decisions..... and resources become more scarce and expensive, things will become more expensive for consumers and provide lower margins for companies like EVGA. It won't be profitable any longer to produce anything. I...
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    Windows 12

    Windows 11 is all about reducing choice.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Such price falls. I feel like I should wait even more. Seems like a race to the bottom.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    I went and picked up a 5900X from a local MC. That 5800X is coming down in per-core price, interesting... I've got all my parts except: mobo, and a gpu. I'm waiting on the mobo until I get a GPU. I don't have a bot, I just have F5 and ctrl+F5. I hope I can pickup a GPU from AMD at a...
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    Microcenter has dropped price ...AMD 5800x $429

    If the 5800x were $369.99 , I could be moved to get one. Right now, even with the discount ($429), the 5800x is the most expensive on a per-core $ amount. It's the worst deal of the 5000 series. I'm looking out for the 5900x, for my use case.
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    PSA: Windows 7 support ends tomorrow, Jan 14, 2020

    An operating system should act as a platform so you, the user, can do what he or she wants. But with Windows 10 you are forced to have telemetry (it's OS integrated spyware, but since they told you about it you can't call it spyware anymore because it needs to be without your knowledge). I don't...
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    The Worlds Best of Best 16 core gaming CPU.

    Diffused in USA (I/O die - GloFo?) Diffused in Taiwan (chiplets - TSMC) Made in China (assemble)
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    Doom Eternal

    Eternal looks like Quake 3 Arena with modern graphics and a story called 'Doom'.
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    Get Ready for Targeted Ads on Your Smart TV

    I remember reading an article, centuries ago, where someone interviewed a rep from DELL and asked about selling laptops without webcams and the response was like 'our customers all want it'. Fast forward to today... I'm at a cybersecurity conference and like everyone has either taped, bandaided...
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    PC Sales to Decline in 2019 Amid CPU Shortages, Weak GPU Market

    There won't be a 'death' of the PC, it'll just 'evolve' to service based access and and streamed utilization from the cloud. Local installation and storage will be phased out. Recently there was the front page article showing Office 2019 vs Office 365 and how the service based Office 365 was...
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    RX 580 and 590 Could Get Price Cuts Soon

    Does this all matter any more? Who cares when Navi comes out. When you go to Steam and look at the top games... will you need a new GPU? Most of the top games will do just fine on a cpu with integrated graphics. I'm thinking we are in the dark ages of PC gaming at the moment. There needs to be...
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    Left Alive Trailer Features 14 Minutes of Gameplay

    Once I heard "Caution, the enemy is approaching" right at the beginning... immediately I thought "avoid this game". A few minutes later in the video.... ""Caution, the enemy is approaching". Come on. You are in third person. You can't see? The game must tell you? THEN in the video when your...
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    Netflix Cancels The Punisher And Jessica Jones

    They Daredevil-ified the Punisher on Netflix. It seemed like too much fist fighting, like Daredevil. Daredevil on its own was good, but the Punisher is something else. He's all about firearms, weaponry. Those should have been front and center, but they weren't as much. The Netflix show had the...
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    AMD, NVIDIA Have Launched "The Least-Appealing GPU Upgrades in History"

    There can be a fix to this.... RTX 2080 --- $399 RTX 2070 --- $299 RTX 2060 --- $199
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    EA "Respawns": Company Up 16% as Apex Legends Reverses Entire Loss

    Saying that EA didn't have a hand in its development means that there are incompetent folks at EA........ stock rises?
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    NVIDIA Stock Tanks 15% as the Company Cuts Q4 2019 Financial Guidance

    Intel and Nvidia stocks went down... you think AMD is going to go up? AMD are going to get rekt. When the latest 7nm AMD CPUs and GPUs come out, and there are articles on EPYC chips being installed in data centers.... then we can talk about AMD going up. Maybe also when Intel gets a CEO too...
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    Microsoft Wants to Know How It Can Improve Windows 10 PC Gaming

    Wasn't the built in surveillance, 'telemetry', in Windows 10 meant to inform Microsoft? You, as the user, don't even have the power to manage and control your platform. Part of the Win10 DNA is telemetry.
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    AMD Confirms Refreshed Radeon Product Stack for 2019

    The chiplet design will make AMD keep more money and allow them to use it for R&D and other projects to better compete. Same 7nm as the server, now in desktop. So any silicon that isn't up to the server level quality, will get binned down to the consumer. If they do chiplet with the next PS...
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    Watch AMD's CES Keynote Here

    Looking back at Adoredtv's video... consumer 7nm GPU... info of the 16GB HBM was known and the price was estimated from the Red gaming tech piece. So this Radeon 7 was a result of a concern that AMD had nothing to compete with NVIDIA. So they produced 7nm Vega. But after seeing not so...
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    Watch AMD's CES Keynote Here

    Where there is Radeon 7, there is also Radeon 5 and Radeon 3? and maybe Radeon 9?
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    Watch AMD's CES Keynote Here

    Ryzen 5 (mid range) beat Intel i9 9900K (high end) in that benchmark...
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    NVIDIA CES 2019 Press Event: Watch the Livestream Tonight at 8 PM Pacific

    "This is what happens when you don't rehearse".
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    AMD Navi RX 3080 $249. Leaks & Rumors.

    NVIDIA got hurt in the market a short time ago due to unsold stock. The 'rumor' of these AMD GPUs may make people wait a bit, possibly hurting NVIDIA further. Why rush in and get a 2070/2080 at such extraordinary prices, when around the corner a better value will appear? Any return on the...
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    NVIDIA Releases Its Financial Results for Third Quarter Fiscal 2019

    I recall seeing a chart that a high percentage of Nvidia's profits come from consumer card sales. They raise the prices of their cards, who will buy? Are people getting salary increases? Are they trying to pull an Apple? Raise prices to compensate for fewer unit sales? You see AMD has not...
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    Netflix Pulls the Plug on Marvel’s "Luke Cage"

    All of the Marvel Netflix shows follow the DareDevil formula of hand to hand fights most of the time. Even the Punisher falls victim to this mindset. These shows need lots of special effects and they think with fist fights they'll save money.
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    NVIDIA’s RTX Speed Claims “Fall Short,” Ray Tracing Merely “Hype”

    Nvidia is a publically traded company. They need to impress share holders. With the latest financial details shared by Nvidia, Nvidia makes a significant portion of their money from the gaming market. Gaming. Negative talk about Nvidia's gaming product could seriously harm their profits, and...
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    NVIDIA’s RTX Speed Claims “Fall Short,” Ray Tracing Merely “Hype”

    AMD has a product. Sony and Microsoft shop. They can see AMD's catalog and order a custom chip to do x, y, z.
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    NVIDIA’s RTX Speed Claims “Fall Short,” Ray Tracing Merely “Hype”

    The Nvidia presentation at Gamescom of their RTX cards with ray tracing processing was just hot air. AMD is defining the narrative of gaming, for now. They are producing the CPU/GPU for the playstation/xbox systems currently and the next gen. Ray tracing will become standard in games when it's...
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    Metal Gear: Kalashnikov Unveils 4.5-Ton, Bulletproof “Walking Army Robot”

    Looks dumb. These type of systems should start off as perimeter defenses to a base, mounted on towers, and then slowly evolve and maybe down the line mount them on legs or other means of movement.
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    Tick Tock - #BeForeTheGame

    So if you have a low end RTX card, the ray tracing calculations will be done slower? So you have like 60fps game and then separately the reflections will be lagging? Or maybe it'll be an option: 'Extreme ray tracing available Only for cards with >75 jillion Jensen God Ray ops' 'Good ray tracing...
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    Tick Tock - #BeForeTheGame

    Geforce RTX... "It just works"
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    These Are the Websites Your Clean-Install Windows PC Connects to by Itself

    Make security based systems use Linux type OS, and for JUST gaming (no email-no work related tasks) use Windows 10. With Windows 10 if your pc is "Bob", and then with VPN your pc becomes "James"... Windows 10 telemetry apps are collectively calling home with info that I bet can reveal "I'm...
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    Intel Reports Second-Quarter 2018 Financial Results

    They charge $10K for the Xeon platinum 28-core cpu. Businesses want to save money, 10K is a lot of money. When AMD releases the 32-core Threadripper at $1500 won't Intel be bleeding? Intel will slash prices? It's a monolith cpu. I bet Jim Keller is going to help Intel design the Intel version of...
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    GTX 1180 Leaked On Vietnamese Store

    GT104 chip? If price tag is true.... 1180 is a ~$1500 midrange part. The 1080 (GP104) msrp at ~$550 .... nearing 200% price increase.
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    You're Sick

    Can you imagine someone hacking into Steam [or other online game service], reveals players identities [or facilitates association to real names] and the hours played per game in their library? If health insurance companies got wind of that information they could then diagnose people as having...
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    AMD FreeSync Coming to Xbox One S and Xbox One X

    Due to high priced Nvidia GPUs, it appears Gsync monitors will continue to stock-pile in stores and become obsolete over time. AMD, on the other hand, now has a way to move freesync monitors.
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    YouTube Cracks Down on Far-Right Videos as Conspiracy Theories Spread

    If it were easy for the masses to go and make their own youtube styled site, they would. But it's not. Youtube created the sandbox, the community, welcomed everyone in and then after they became common place on the Internet they defined what can and can't be said. The only way forward with...
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    Bill Would Make It Illegal to Sell Electronics without Easily Replaceable Batteries

    "...ban the sale of electronics that are designed “in such a way as to prevent reasonable diagnostic or repair functions by an independent repair provider.” This way in the future if you want to repair an electronic device yourself, you would have the choice to. Everything is becoming...