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    LG 98-Inch 8K Super UHD TV Ready For Production

    Urg, no thanks. I bought an LG a while back and found their "enhancement features" couldn't be turned off, even though they completely butchered the image. LG's customer service were useless and in the end I threw the thing to the dump. It was completely worthless. I'm hoping somebody else...
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    Played Quake Lately? - [H]ardOCP

    I play Quakeworld dm4 duels almost every day, though it's only against the bots because you can't find people to play against. The game is still unmatched and nothing has come close to the experience it delivers. I've been considering playing the new Doom when it comes out, so recently I've...
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    Firefox 64-bit for Windows Available

    There really is very little point in most applications being 64bit. People think 64bit is better because it's more than 32bit, but the only significant difference is that 64bit applications can address more memory. For most applications that makes no difference since most applications don't...
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    Google Wants To Use Algorithms To Censor The Internet For Hate Speech

    The western world is rapidly becoming like a fascist state, with controls on what we can think and what we can say, with mass surveillance programmes to make sure we're not thinking or saying the wrong things, and with social engineering programmes to manipulate the make-up of society. What's...
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    DOOM MP Closed Alpha Coming Thursday

    Remember with QTest and Q3Test anyone could download it and play it and anyone could run a server. Now you have to pre-order Wolfenstein just for a chance of playing the alpha. Oh well, Doom will probably be crap anyway.
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    EU Clamps Down On Bitcoin To Curb Terrorism Funding

    You should rename yourself to CreepyBigBrother. I suppose you think all houses should have cameras and microphones fitted, which (to take your phrase) "should be globally visible to governments and law enforcement agencies for taxation purposes and for investigation of various criminal acts"...
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    Intel Earns Perfect Score on Human Rights 2016 Corporate Equality Index

    Transgender-inclusive health care benefits? What... No wait, I don't want to know.
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    Why Sweden Is Shifting To A 6-Hour Workday

    I'd take a six hour day even if it meant a 20% pay cut. I've been looking around for jobs that offer shorter hours, but all programming jobs are full-time (8+ hours per day). The only jobs that offer part-time work tend to be the lower paid jobs (admin, shop work, etc), and that would be one...
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    Fan Who Threw Pokémon-Themed Party Hit With Lawsuit

    Important facts: - The "fan" throwing the party is actually a commercial event organiser. - He was charging $2 for entry. - He intended to have a bar in the party selling Pokemon themed shots. This sounds like a for profit venture with his intention being to cover his costs with the entry fee...
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    Microsoft stoops to new low

    Windows Update has become completely untrustworthy. It used to be for security updates, but now they're sending all sorts of spyware and adware. For example, the Windows 10 spyware (keylogging etc) was rolled out to Windows 7 and 8 in the form of these updates: KB3068708 KB3022345...
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    You're comparing 24, 27 and 32inch monitors. You've thrown a third factor into the debate, which is size. To say that a 27inch monitor gives more real estate than a 24inch monitor is a statement of the bleedin' obvious, and entirely misses the point. Firstly, buying a much larger monitor...
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    Intel to End Sponsorship of Science Talent Search

    It seems that Intel would rather spend their money on social engineering than on science. I wouldn't considering buying an Intel product these days. I'm waiting for AMD's Zen and will buy one even if it's inferior to Intel's offerings.
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    Aspect ration is still important regardless of resolution. For example, if you have a 24inch 1080p monitor and you upgrade to a 24inch 4K monitor you're not going to be able to view any extra information on the 4K monitor even though you have double the vertical resolution. If you displayed...
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    Amazon And GoDaddy Sued Over The Ashley Madison Data Leak

    Whether they were looking to cheat on their parter is irrelevant. They should be treated the exact same way as anyone else who has had their information leaked. Putting aside whose data has been leaked, the fact still remains that hosting firms should not be held responsible for the data...
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    The Branding Gods (Mostly) Love Google’s New Logo

    I think the new logo is representative of where computing is headed these days. Everything is being dumbed down for the lowest common denominator, and software is being stripped of power and customisability. Windows, MS Office, iOS, Android, Firefox, Chrome, Sparten and everything else is...
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    ISPs and Rightsholders Extend “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Scheme

    How is a pirate a paying customer? The whole issue with pirates is that they're not paying. The real problem with the piracy issue is that everyone is an arsehole. Pirates are arseholes for not supporting the creators of content that they enjoy watching, and studios are arseholes for...
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    Mozilla’s New WebExtension API Will Kill Thousands Of Firefox Add-Ons

    If you're unhappy about this it might be worth submitting your feedback to Mozilla: I say might because they haven't listened to their users for years and it's unlikely they'll start now.
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    Microsoft Has No Plans To Tell Us What's In Windows Patches

    Meanwhile in Linux Mint you can read a description and change log for updates before installing them: I still use Windows for things like games, but every aspect of it is getting worse. The interface gets worse with each version, Microsoft's policies get worse with each version, the...
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    Video Games Are Afraid Of The Female Body

    The problem with SJWs like yourself is that you only focus only on the depiction of female characters in games, and ignore that male characters in games are very rarely representative of real men. They're always muscular tough guys who slaughter people in droves without remorse or regret. Why...
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    ASUS Announces MG278Q 27" 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor

    Another worthless monitor. Does anyone sell a 16:10 120Hz+ IPS yet? Monoprice showed one at CES but it's still not on their website. The other 120Hz/144Hz IPS monitors I've seen are all 16:9 and I hate 16:9 monitors.
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    MSI Introduces GTX 950 Graphics Cards

    Me too. I'll wait for a passively version before buying one. There are usually at least a few fanless cards in the x50 series.
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    What Device Would You Miss Most?

    I'm surprised the PC is so low for all age groups. You can have my phone (they're pretty useless) but the only way you'll take my computer is out of my cold dead fingers!
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    Latest Apple Diversity Report

    He's not saying that at all. Are you so dense that you can't grasp a simple proposition? What he said is, "Hiring in order to promote Diversity is" by which he hiring people based on their race/gender in order to meet a set quota is discriminatory. He said nothing at all about hiring only...
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    Intel Sets New Bar for Diversity Reporting

    This isn't equality. In an equal system people are hired based purely on their ability and the best person gets the job. Intel are instead hiring people to meet their self-set gender and race quotas. Hiring people based on their sex is sexist and hiring people based on their race is racist...
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    ZeniMax Lawsuit Against Oculus Moves Forward

    ZeniMax have a very valid case here. John Carmack was constantly talking about all the work he was doing on the Rift while still at Id, and clearly he did substantial work for Oculus while still employed by ZeniMax. Carmack's defence is that he didn't take any of the code with him when he left...
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    Seasonic Snow Silent 750W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    So if a person buys a power supply that claims to be silent, and is aggrieved when they find it's not silent, they're irrational? This is nothing more than false advertising. The definition of silent is "not making or accompanied by any sound" and this product does not meet that definition...
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    Microsoft CEO Email To Employees On Sharpening Business Focus

    That's simply not true. Nokia's smartphone division had just had its most profitable quarter ever. Sure, Apple were taking all the press, but Nokia wasn't doing badly. Furthermore, it had a good plan to replace Symbian with MeeGo, which looked great on the N9. Then along comes Microsoft's...
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    Japan Is Building Solar Farms On Abandoned Golf Courses

    I don't see why it's a troll. It seems like a legitimate question. Nuclear has the lowest deaths per TWh of any energy production method. Nuclear is is amongst the cheapest energy production methods. Nuclear is carbon neutral. Nuclear delivers consistent levels of power without the need...
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    AMD CEO Talks Of Long-Term Turnaround

    Does the CEO even matter in a company like AMD? AMDs sales and profits are determined by how fast its CPUs and GPUs. If they offer decent performance they'll sell and if they don't they won't. It seems to me what matters is the engineers rather than the CEO and in AMDs case they're not doing...
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    Warner Bros. Demands $20 From Pirates

    The whole point of a fine is that it's supposed to be a deterrent, not just a fee for watching the episode. If you only got fined $4 then it would be an open invitation to pirate everything. You'd probably only get fined for one in every thousand episodes you downloaded so would be paying...
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    Industrial Robot vs Sword Master

    How sharp is that sword?!
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    Windows 10 Notification on Windows 7

    I had a quick search and it seems the best solution is to uninstall update KB3035583. This not only gets rid of the system tray icon but also the GWX process that is permanently running.
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    Windows 10 Notification on Windows 7

    I just got this notification on Windows 8.1. I definitely don't want Windows 10 so I was clicking around trying to see how to get rid of the icon from the system tray. I couldn't find any option to disable it and having tried everything else I tried the "Reserve your update" option. I...
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    GOG Refusing To Distribute Hatred?

    Steam got this right. Rather than dictate to the customers what they should buy, Gaben put the game on Steam and allowed the customer to decide if they want to buy it. I'm not interested in Hatred, but I'll be avoiding GOG because of this poor decision.
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    Hot Swappable SATA Card For Win8.1?

    Oh, I'd just been running the installer and it wasn't working at all (Windows wouldn't even start up). I'll give it a try by installing the driver from the device manager. A newer board I bought has that option, but unfortunately this one is quite old (Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H) and there's no...
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    Hot Swappable SATA Card For Win8.1?

    If found that setting while searching around for a solution, but unfortunately it isn't in Windows 8. Windows 7 used the MSAHCI driver which Microsoft replaced with the StorAHCI driver in Windows 8, and it doesn't seem to have a corresponding setting. StorAHCI does have an ignorHotPlug, but...
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    Hot Swappable SATA Card For Win8.1?

    I have a front facing 3.5inch drive bay, which is connected to a PCIe SATA card based on a ASMedia ASM1061 chip. Under Windows 7, when I insert a drive into the bay it is automatically detected and shows up in My Computer. The Safely Remove Hardware icon also appears in the system tray so the...
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    SSDs Lose Data If Left Without Power For Just 7 Days

    Would apply to SD Cards as well? I know somebody who leaves their holiday photos on the SD Cards and buys new cards for each holiday. Presumably this would mean he'll start losing data after two years (or less in higher temperatures)?
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    Microsoft Confirms There Will Be No Windows 11

    Oops, I got carried away typing and forgot to sort out the quote tags. Here's that last post how I intended to format it: Mint does not automatically update to new releases. In fact Mint doesn't even have a mechanism to update to new releases - to update you have to do a clean install. No...
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    Microsoft Confirms There Will Be No Windows 11

    Once again, you're wrong. As I have stated, Mint does not automatically update to new versions and has no mechanism to do so. The reality is, Microsoft will be forcing unwanted updates down users throats while Linux Mint users will be able to choose whether to switch to newer versions or...