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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1's - Amp repair

    I'm amazed this post of mine is till going after all this time. Sadly I gave up on my 5.1's during COVID as they became problematic again. I more than got my money's worth out of them, and now I have Logitech Z906's, though I mostly use headphones at this point. Glad there are still folks out...
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    Zen 3 Launch Availability

    I will probably be out at the FFX store tonight, a few mentions on the MC forums as well. So at least a small crowd for sure if not more.. A few are wanting 5950X that may not show due to rumours that they won't be available until December.
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    Zen 3 Launch Availability

    Check the fine print on those, they usually have a lot of exclusions..
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    Free Copy Of Dungeon Keeper

    This is one of those games, where gameplay trumps graphics. I still have my original version of this and DK2, and will replay them both every couple of years.
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1's - Amp repair

    Has anyone had their Klipsch's repaired by Henry recently? My 5.1's are starting to go again (I'm the one that started this thread back in '08 with the infamous Elliot). My wife's 4.1 bit the dust a couple of years ago, but she is not as picky as I am. Looking to hopefully get them both...
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    Amazon Flex Paying $18 - $25 Hour

    In my area for same day delivery they use a company called Lasership, (same concept, people use their own cars). They started out ok, but now they will mark a package as delivered before 9PM, and then it eventually shows up next day so it looks like they delivered it on time. Or they say they...
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    Alleged Renders Of Microsoft Band 2 Leak Ahead Of Launch

    Love mine, I got the Armorsuit Screen and body protector for it which kept it fairly unscathed. I just had to send mine in for replacement. I miss getting notifications on my band, and being able to do quick replies to texts without having to reach for my phone in meetings. Hopefully they...
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    Team [H]ardOCP iRacing 24 Hours of Spa

    Congrats on your win!!! get some sleep!!!
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    Team [H]ardOCP iRacing 24 Hours of Spa

    just got up and tuned in, great job guys!!
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    Team [H]ardOCP iRacing 24 Hours of Spa

    Curious if Team Nathan Silva could just swap drivers locally?
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    Team [H]ardOCP iRacing 24 Hours of Spa

    Damn I must have been working and looked away when that happened. That's rough!
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    Team [H]ardOCP iRacing 24 Hours of Spa

    Been watching since 10:45, fun to watch! Pardon my newness to the race, but how many racers are in your class? GO TEAM [H]!!
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Video Card GPU Review @ [H]

    I have a single DP port that has to be plugged in and out, to get it to detect on every cold boot (other 2 no issues). Others are having issues, come check out the Gigabyte G1 thread at for more info:
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    980 Ti Gigabyte G1 Newegg Preorder.

    Finally had time to test the DP inputs, and determined it is a bad displayport (middle) out of the three. So back to NEWEGG it goes I guess...
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    980 Ti Gigabyte G1 Newegg Preorder.

    I got mine the other day, and only issue so far is that it doesn't recognize my middle monitor without me unplugging and replugging it in twice. Using all 3 DP inputs. Reboot it stays detected, but power off and its back to square one. Haven't tried swapping cables between the 3 to see if its...
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    Opportunity to upgrade - 980ti from dual GTX690

    Thanks everyone, now I just have to wait for them to get back in stock. Newegg had some bundle with EVGA and their 750w Powersupply, but before I could check to see if the PSU was any good it was sold out. Any rumours when these will be back in stock? I went ahead and took a chance on the...
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    Opportunity to upgrade - 980ti from dual GTX690

    For Father's day, I have the opportunity to upgrade my video cards, My setup is the following: MSI Z87-GD65 Intel i7 4770K@3.5Ghz Dual Asus GTX690 Triple Monitor w/Dell 3xU2410 (5760x1200) Would a single 980ti be a noticeable improvement, or would it just relieve me of my SLI driver...
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    'Mario Kart 8' Adds 'Animal Crossing' DLC Earlier Than Expected

    This has made my wife happier than you can imagine.. Loves Animal Crossing
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    Quote of the Day

    From tech to political opinion...
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    Corsair h100i issue

    I'm having the same issue. but just received my RMA unit and it came up 1st time. Asked for firmware update, and I said "yes" and now I wish I hadn't. I am back to where I was with my original unit. Unfortunately the software version (and all others) make little difference.
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    The Average Internet Speed in Every State

    N. VA the land of data centers... Especially if you live in the Dulles/Ashburn/Sterling area. Loving my FIOS (except for the whole Netflix thing). Got the 50/25 plan which is more than enough for my needs.
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    Cooler Master CM Storm QuickFire XT Keyboard Review @ [H]

    How about a noise level check on these things? :) The one thing no one seems to mention is how noisy these mechanical keys are. If you are a lone gamer in a room with no one else and headphones on, no problem. You share the space with someone else, or you prefer speakers, prepare for a whole...
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1's - Amp repair

    I'm amazed this thread is still going after 6 years. Guess we really love our Klipsch! (Sorry that Elliot didn't pan out for repairs for those of you who had to deal with him). My original 4.1's sub has died, and it appears that Henry is now the go to guy for repairs? I can't recall anyone...
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    6970 upgrade to Nvidia for $300 range?

    I was considering this after reading some other postings on the forums here. I actually have two of them, one is in a "guest" pc. thanks for the info everyone!
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    6970 upgrade to Nvidia for $300 range?

    Not finding a real definitive answer on my searches in finding an Nvidia based upgrade for my wife's XFX6970 (originally mine). Looking to see if there is an Nvidia upgrade in the $300 ballpark for her that's worth the money spent? Crossfire is not an option due to MB limitations and would...
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    326.41 Official Beta Download Available

    I loaded these up on my son's machine, and it caused displayport to no longer function in Windows. I had to rollback to 320.18 to get it to work again. This is a Evga GTX680 and an Asus VG248QE. Anyone else experience this or aware of an ongoing issue? Thanks!
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    Sony Announces the PS4 Release Date

    Why? It's not like you have to use it. I'd be more worried about how much that extra/replacement PS4 controller is going to cost you with all the crap they crammed in there. For me, it will come down to which console has an exclusive that is not released on PC, that I really want bad...
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    Thermaltake Knucker Plunger Gaming Keyboard

    Link seems to be broken, fyi
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    How Does The PS4 Differ From A High-End Gaming PC?

    I have the choice to play older PC games if I want (which any gamer that has been around long enough likes to do from time to time). Also I don't have to re-purchase "nostalgia" games to play on a console. I have PC's that do just fine, and at higher resolution that then 360 or PS3. I can...
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    How Does The PS4 Differ From A High-End Gaming PC?

    You mention mostly exceptions, and as far as 3yr old video cards, is a load of crap I am playing games with cards older than that with settings still better than consoles the same age. DRM, that's vendor specific, and with a console it's always DRM, no choice. Also for console MP games, when...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN 3-Way SLI Review @ [H]

    The intent I believe was to push these cards to the limit, that would be kind of half-assing it, at that resolution and a huge waste of time..
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 900D Super Tower Case Review @ [H]

    As a proud owner of a 650D, which has a similar front cover, they are tougher than they look. My knees can attest to that. I prefer the cover, keeps small children and nosy animals out of trouble.
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    There Will Be A New OUYA Every Year

    This will work right up until the point that newer games are written for the faster processors only. Just ask anyone with a 1st Gen iPad, you start seeing "not available" alot more often now (even for games that already worked, but new updates for it you don't get).
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    Valve Officially Launches TV-Friendly Steam Big Picture Mode

    II've encountered some games that don't play well with HDTV resolutions, and mouse control. Mainly X-Com. Hopefully Steam will push developers to be a bit more open minded with where they think people will be playing their games.
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    Microsoft Giving Away Free Xbox Consoles

    Well, I guess I am one of the few who like my Xbox 360, been a Live paying member since beta, and there are just times when I want to sit on my couch and play something with no fuss, or with my kids on the same TV, etc.. Haven't regretted it once. I'm over 10 years now, so will see if I am one...
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    Razer Mouse Requires Always-On Internet Connection?

    They don't require a connection to be used. I don't have to plug in my Harmony 880 everytime I want to watch TV. Only when I change profiles/ devices, and since the number of devices is updated this is a benefit. But to login for my mouse every time my PC boots up, no thanks back to the...
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    Mouse movement causes audio stuttering in Source engine games

    Well I resolved this issue temporarily in Source games, with decreasing my mouse polling rate (Logitech G700). So lo and behold, get Torchlight II today, and BAM right back to square one. Move the mouse and graphics freeze until I stop moving the mouse. I cannot catch a break here...
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    Suitable Nvidia replacement for 2x 6970's 5760x1200 resolution

    Update! Well mixed bag here, got card installed and ran Batman AC with no issues, but major step backward when I load any source games as I now have the mouse/audio/graphics stuttering (which I think is why I switched to AMD from the 260's I used to have). So will try Skyrim and see if...
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    Mouse movement causes audio stuttering in Source engine games

    I am using a Logitech G700 mouse, FYI.