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    ASUS confirms GeForce RTX 3080 Ti

    CP2077 is using 7 gigs of VRAM at 1080p. Ultra with raytracing and DLSS at 4k is using 9 GB of VRAM. That level of VRAM usage isn't normal, but I seriously doubt we're going to see games using less VRAM as time goes on.
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    NVIDIA Bans Reviewer for Concentrating on Rasterization Instead of Ray Tracing

    What's new, drama sells. Yes, those channels knew they would get views from those videos, but consider the alternative. If any of the major players decided they weren't going to take a stand for editorial integrity, they would have been accused of being shills. And, in my opinion, rightfully so...
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    Toyota Has a Curious Justification for Not Selling Any EVs

    Just for clarification, did you actually mean 60 mWh? 60mWh is on par with some small power plants. 60 kWh seems a bit low, but 60k kWh is such a large number I'm a bit flabbergasted.
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    Toyota Has a Curious Justification for Not Selling Any EVs

    300 miles of stated range is a minimum for consideration, 400-500 miles would be the point I didn't care anymore. Do I need that range all the time? Nope. But last Tuesday between leaving home that morning and returning that evening, needed to drive around 250 miles. In a situation like that...
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    Iptorrent Invites

    I had an iptorrents account with a large ratio (something like 6:1) but let the account lapse. Any chance someone can reinvite me?
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    Geforce 416.81 Drivers Fix Multi Monitor Power Consumption

    I never really kept up with it because a little extra power usage didn't really bother me, but hasn't this been an issue since Kepler? Maybe Fermi? I seem to remember reading about higher power draw when you used two monitors with dissimilar resolutions.
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    Newer Tesla Vehicles Are Getting Upgraded 'Summon' Auto-Parking Features

    It can keep track of parking lots better than any human, yet still runs itself into a barrier at highway speeds. Right now, we can play the numbers game with self driving cars (automated driving accounts for x accidents, human driving accounts for y accidents), but they make mistakes that no...
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    Picked up an iP XS yesterday...

    My experience is similar, but not exactly the same. My N6 was laggy and slow a year after I got it. Dropping a custom ROM on it made it significantly better, but another 6 months and it was back to being crappy and slow. The fact that the Google phone couldn't manage to stay stutter free for...
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    Picked up an iP XS yesterday...

    Apple's OLED implementation is leagues better than Samsung's or Motorola's though, even discounting color saturation. I'm late to the party, but I had one of the first major Android phones with an OLED screen (Samsung Captivate), and have used several since then. Even in period I thought the...
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    Intel's Fall Desktop Launch Event is Live

    I guess i7s are dropping hyperthreading from now on? Seems a bit ridiculous that you gain two cores, but lose threads with this generation. Especially with the i9 costing as much as it does.
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    So what's the betting RTX cores are actually mining cores?

    So you'd also handicap the card for high performance compute workloads? I doubt universities would appreciate their cards being nerfed. Same goes for Pixar or whoever else is trying to use them to render huge workloads in a centralized fashion.
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    One of the reasons Apple is worth the money...

    The only complaint I have with mine is how easily this screen scratches, but a) my Nexus 6 was much the same, and b) I have absolutely no screen protector. Even still, I feel this glass is way, way softer than it should be. Next refresh cycle, I'm probably going to shell out for the Whitestone...
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    Computers Returned in Walmart Scam

    I don't get my ID swiped when I have the receipt. Buy the computer in cash (can't track a CC#), keep the receipt (no DL tracking), vary the store (no single store has an inordinate number of returns) and times you come in (you don't see the same employee twice). You could probably get away...
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    iPhone Will Give Exact Location to 911 Soon

    Now we just need to make sure everyone standardizes on the same thing so we don't have 7 competing standards, and call centers that only support 2 of them. This is a good thing, but it is only beneficial if the information is actually in a meaningful format. The problem is alluded to in the...
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    Link your Epic Games account to your PSN account? You're now locked out of every other platform.

    I don't get why everyone feels this is difficult to balance. Console shooters usually have some minor auto-aim that PCs don't. Combine that with slight damage increases, and you fairly well negate the aiming advantage PCs have by making consoles stronger. After that throw in a ranking system...
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    Intel's Obfuscation Analyzed

    To be honest, I've not read a whole lot on why this is a big deal. Anyone care to inform me?
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    Damage From Atlanta's Huge Cyberattack Worse Than First Thought

    While your way is very much the best way (SHTF backups need to be airgapped), none of the enterprise backup solutions I've ever used had direct disk/share access from a server or workstation (admittedly, my career is fairly short). The only way to get data on or off was through the agent...
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    Damage From Atlanta's Huge Cyberattack Worse Than First Thought

    I know restoring from backups isn't the fastest/easiest thing to do, but they didn't have backups of all this stuff? Even if it is a week or two back, that's still something.
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    For Sale or Trade - Akron, OH

    I'm not interested, but I find it unlikely someone would want to pay to ship that sucker. Your location, even generalized, would help a lot.
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    Valve Removes Active Shooter

    As written, that is absolutely incorrect. You always reserve the right to refuse service.If someone is rude to staff, management absolutely has the right to kick them out. If I decide I want to kick out every third person, or everyone in a red shirt, that's my prerogative. I may not be in...
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    ASUS Changes Warranty Exclusions in USA

    Actually, this IS the problem. The way the law is written, I can fix my own objects WITHOUT voiding the warranty. With a car, if I change out a wheel bearing and the engine throws a rod, you can't full stop void a warranty because someone fixed something. Now, if in fixing it, I further break...
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    Senate Vote Passes to Save Net Neutrality

    Frankly, as someone that's a staunch supporter of net neutrality, and as a user that will pull down 20+ GB of data a month on my cell phone, I disagree with that. Unlike DSL/Cable/Fiber/etc., mobile services have an actual limit to the amount of traffic that can be delivered at a particular...
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    Chili's Credit Card Data Breach

    Its hard to buy things remotely with cash though.
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    Is the Mining Craze Over for Now

    In which case, when people start dumping their 10-series mining cards, I'll buy those. Profitability will likely be less favorable to them since they will be less powerful while consuming more energy. And that's ignoring the fact that with crypto specific hardware in the pipeline, the really...
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    Is the Mining Craze Over for Now

    Still waiting for a) a new card release b) prices that are BELOW MSRP c) the glut of mining cards on eBay. I'm not paying MSRP for 2 year old nV tech/year old Vega, especially when new stuff is likely coming and will further tank the used market. I'm fine with the performance of the current...
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    Racing with the Ryzen 5 2400G APU at 1080p

    Rocket League != Project Cars 2. I can play Rocket League on my 4 year old laptop. My desktop will have Rocket League pegged at 120 with full settings. My 970 isn't steadily over 60 at 1080 with settings that aren't even maxed in Assetto Corsa. This may not be like trying to play the latest...
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    Home network closet

    That sounds like a much better idea. When we run cabling at work, we have dropped ceilings, so getting cable down to racks is a matter of either conduit, running through walls down under the floor, or if the install is temporary, just letting the cables hang. a pass through like that isn't...
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    Home network closet

    tl;dr: I'm in the early planning stages of putting a network closet in my parent's old house. How are most sealing the conduit that runs into the closet in a non-permanent way? My parents live in an older home (1950s IIRC). Obviously, the house wasn't designed with networking in mind. My old...
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    Corsair Product Marketer Fired with Extreme Prejudice

    I hold the unpopular opinion that RGB is nice. I don't think I'd spend more than an extra $50 across an entire build to do it though. It's nice to have a build that's fairly mundane (black/white components) and add color with RGB lighting. If you decide you want a blue themed build, switch...
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    Computer 2.1 vs studio monitors vs bookshelf speakers?

    If you don't mind my completely off-topic question, where are you from originally? I guess, to a certain extent? I didn't have especially difficult to drive speakers. Originally I had a pair of cheap Sony bookshelves, and playing music at a loud enough volume to be heard through my small-ish...
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    What to do with torched Titan Xp?

    Most companies now will warranty cards under water, but they have to have the OEM cooler. I doubt they'll cover water damage, but the use of a water block doesn't exempt you from other coverages. I think you kind of screwed yourself by getting rid of both OEM coolers.
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    Computer 2.1 vs studio monitors vs bookshelf speakers?

    Unless something changed, also figure in the cost of a good 12v power supply. The one that came with these in the past doesn't have the amperage to properly supply the amplifier. As someone that's not really big on the whole you need amplifier "head room" for good sound quality, I noticed a...
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    AMD - NVIDIA and GPU Development Deceleration

    Eh. Not sure I agree with that. Cryptocurrencies aren't going to go away, but I believe they will reach a point that GPUs are useless see: Bitcoin. Nevermind the fact that nVidia would rather sell Tesla cards to miners. I absolutely would not be surprised if they nerfed the next gen gaming...
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    AMD - NVIDIA and GPU Development Deceleration

    I'm not arguing that. What I'm saying is if nV is moving to a 1.5-2 year schedule, making their 1.5-2 year schedule coincide with nV's off year would be beneficial to them. Enthusiasts are already accustomed to running a 1 year upgrade cycle, but instead of nV -> nV -> nV like it has been the...
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    AMD - NVIDIA and GPU Development Deceleration

    I want to upgrade (especially since I got a Rift for my birthday), but I refuse to upgrade until they release something new. I bought my 970 toward the end of that life cycle and almost regret it (my 670 died, not much choice there), I'm not making that mistake again. That said, if AMD had...
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    How about a pay option to change usernames?

    Do we really want the GP in GenMay? I mean, I think they barely tolerate me there!
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    Taking a Look Back at the GTX 680

    Or you have triple screens. Or you want 120+ FPS at 1080. Or you want to maintain 60+ FPS at 1440. Sure, if all you're comparing is 60hz 1080p then a 1070 or even a 1060 would suffice, but there are several reasons why you'd have a flagship without touching 4k.
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    Decent wireless keyboard/mouse

    The magic mouse is terrible anyway. Thing gives me cramps within 10 minutes. I'm a fan of the Logitech wireless sets, specifically, this one. If one part craps out , you can grab another Logitech KB/M and use the same dongle for it or if you want to add in something like the G700 for when you...
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    What the heck is going on????

    Same thing that happened with the 7970s a while back. Mining has taken the supply of cards creating a shortage and higher prices.
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    Anyone happy with their UPS?

    From what I've read, that's non-ideal. In a situation where the surge protector/ups is protecting against higher voltage, having everything plugged into a separate sources can mean a voltage differential and cause problems in and of itself. So if lighting strikes the line that feeds cable, it...