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    Which way should i pump?

    Cry more mate, or get off the internet from time to time.
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    Which way should i pump?

    That was the first plan and i may still go with that depending on how much of a mission it is to route the tubing, will have to play with it later.
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    Which way should i pump?

    Right, lemme see if i understand this: This will make the tubing a bit more complicated and longer but if thats whats gotta be done :). Does make sense that the Res should feed into the pump first.
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    Which way should i pump?

    There's one on every forum ;) .
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    Which way should i pump?

    Its 2v1 now :p , any reason why you would pump towards the res?
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    Which way should i pump?

    Thanks for the advice guys, moving the res higher should be easy enough, it just slides up and down on its mounts. Another question :D, would you have the fans on the bottom of the rad blowing up or on the top blowing down?
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    Which way should i pump?

    So this is my first venture into the wc'ing arena, mainly doing it to shut my pc up, its rather loud. Iv got most things sorted, just wanted a few opinions on which way i should pump the water? Excuse my poo paint skills, did this in about 2 minutes...
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    250mm Rad for an Antec 900?

    With the fans installed i would guess over a KG, probably about 1.3kgs
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    250mm Rad for an Antec 900?

    Well this rad has dimension of 40cmX13cm, maybe you could judge whether its do-able.
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    250mm Rad for an Antec 900?

    No, its a triple 120mm rad, think that makes it a 360mm? :D . I cant see how i would mount it on top, with that big ass fan and the power switches ect. its just to long. Im not sure whether it would fit on the back, would be a bit tricky with cables and all. Im searching the net but i cant find...
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    250mm Rad for an Antec 900?

    Im installing some new watercooling soon and i thought i might get a new case. I really like the look of the Antec 900, but i cant seem to work out where i would put this big ass rad :confused: . Any ideas?
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    NVIDIA 8800GTX "Will It Fit?" Case Thread

    The real question you should be asking yourself is why are you buying these cards . They are first generation dx10 cards, its madness. Also the first few batches of cards are based on the 90nm process, chances are they will move to the 65nm process soon after which will run cooler and probably...
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    Lian Li vs Antec 900?
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    new project: quake 3 box^2 [bad start]

    The over lap looks really small from that veiw, could u not just sand away the edge of the pcb board?
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    2006 Post Your Workstation

    LOL, did you just say that, gotta get out more buddy, stop anaylsing the dust particles in people's pictures :D .
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Could you maybe host these pics somewhere else :) ? When you clickon the images you get some google error, cant veiw any of them. Cheers
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    FS:6800GT,GX280SFF-3.4GHZ, DDR1/2, Misc Items, UPDATED ALOT!

    Crumbs man, having no luck with this, looks like a cool rig :) . Dont suppose you would ship that gfx card to ireland :confused: .
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    Why do you need 3 cd/dvd roms?
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    Safe ATI Temps?

    Ok, that sounds good :). Now i downloaded this atitool. I see on the left it says: Find Max Core/Find Max Mem Would it be wise to let this program do the overclocking for me? Also, should i have the ATI overdrive enabled when im oc'ing? Thanks again for these replys
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    Safe ATI Temps?

    So i should be okay for a little oc'ing? At load, what temps should i start getting worried at?
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    Safe ATI Temps?

    Firstly thanks for baring with a noob :) , im getting there. I recently bought my first ATI card, a X800xt, iv always had nvidia. I fitted a Zalman VF700, the model with the blue light. All went fine and the card is idling at between 29-33 depending on how warm the house is. Problem is iv...
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    My Case

    Iv built a system in one of these for a m8, they are cheap and nasty....
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    Something a Little Different

    Could i ask why you have all those routers/server things in your home :confused: , what do you use it all for?
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    Which Is Better?

    Thanks for all the help man :)
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    Which Is Better?

    Whats the best Driver Version for Radeon Cards at the moment? Iv never used ATI, not to clued up :).
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    Which Is Better?

    OK, now i really need help :(. I put the new ATI card in, got the drivers from the ATi site, all installed ok. I ran the CSS stress test and its much better than the Nvidia. Problem, now when i join a server on CSS my ping just gets higher and higher until i get kicked :( . It was working...
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    Which Is Better?

    No, i have both but i am putting one in my dads pc. He plays a few games - Golf, Fligh Sims so just wanna put the best one in :)
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    Which Is Better?

    Any other opinions ??
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    Which Is Better?

    Just wanted some opinions on which of these 2 cards is better :). ATI R9550GT or Nvidia FX5500 Thanks for any help :)
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    Post your "computer-with-a-lot-of-HDDs" here

    Who the fook watches Tv episodes more than once, maybe twice at a push :rolleyes: .
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    Scan 3xs isotope question...

    Why mod it, it looks great just how it is :) .
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    Worklog: Trashed 28 oct 2005

    Crisis, this is nice and the fact that its being done by a one armed bandit and his mister hat :eek: :p .
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    Custom made arcade machine(P4 machine)

    What Mortal Combat is that :) . I REALLY want mortal combat for my pc, cant find it anywhere in the shops. If someone has any ideas PLEASE drop me a line.
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    Cooler Master Ammo 533 or Antec Super Lanboy?

    Go lanboy, iv got 1 and go to many lans. They are light, come with a very handy carry strap, look great, built VERY well, just a great case :).
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    Do you honestly believe he punched the case and it folded in like that :rolleyes: , i call BS, but thats my opinion.
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    air cooling.. tsunami or.. super lanboy

    Im loving my Lanboy, its small, light and handy to carry around to lans ect. The front fan cools the the hardrives like nothing iv seen, mine dont go above 30C but then my house is cold :). I am watercooling the cpu so no really an issue there. The tsunami is BIG, to big for me and my few...
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    I think i threw up a little in my mouth when that case popped up on my screen :confused: . Its horrible
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    Not A Case Mod But A "1337" Keyboard Mod! :)

    I think you have to much time on your hands :confused: . You spent 2 hours sanding down the keys on your keyboard, good lord.
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    Project :: Silver Shadow

    I have the same Waterchill pump as you. Why did you take that front cover thingy off?? Also mine after a few months of use has started making this annoying buzzing sound :( , any buzzing sound on your side?? NICE setup btw :).
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    Post Your College Setups!!!

    Why do i see pipes for watercooling and yet nothing is being watercooled :confused: EDIT: Sorry :)