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    GameStop Explores Selling Used Digital Video Games

    This would have a lot of ramifications...not sure what to think.
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    diablo 3 accounts hacked

    All well and good, but that doesn't make their statement false.
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    Just Cause 3 and 4 planned; 3 expected TBA soon.

    Sweet, Just Cause 2 is one of my favorite games of recent years. Wonder what kind of crazy stuff they will add to it this time...
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    Hard Gaming Diablo 3 BattleTag List

    Gish#1428 Monk!
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    10 Most Hated Movies of 2011

    I was honestly surprised to see Super 8 on that list, a few of the others are debatable as well but that one was about the last movie on my mind when I clicked on the link.
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    Gaming moments you want of the best..

    Single Player: - being freaked out by System Shock 2 - being totally immersed in the worlds of Deus Ex and Morrowind - running around maps in Ultimate Doom blasting demons Multiplayer: - Instagib CTF in UT04 - Tower Defense maps in Warcraft 3 - CTF in Quake 3
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    Steam Winter Sale 2011

    Red Faction Armageddon Fallout: New Vegas Puzzle Agent 2 That's about it, I bought too many games new or on weekend deals that I probably should have waited on, oh well...
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    The Unofficial [H] 2011 Most Disappointing Game Award

    You better believe people got excited about Space Marine, 40k is nuts :D
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    Battlefield 2143 hinted at

    Tenuous proof at best, I hope if they do this though that it's a whole new game and not DLC.
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    Serious Sam 3: BFE - Blood and Gore Trailer

    Some people just can't have fun. If it's not old school then it's stupid modern FPS crap, and if it's old school then it's "boring." I for one, will be playing Serious Sam 3 and having a blast.
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    Stop with this "modern warfare" theme, bring back real FPS games

    I love BC2 and BF3, but UT04 is my favorite FPS of all time. There's nothing like instagib, I used to play just to keep my reflexes up for other games :D
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    You think you take competitive gaming seriously?

    I can't really criticize what they are doing at the moment, I'm just not sure how "Professional Starcraft 2 Player" looks when they will one day have to get a non-gaming job. Though if they somehow manage to make money their whole life playing video games, more power to them.
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    Mandatory reading for all PC Gamers who visit this forum

    That's simply ridiculous. Indie games and PC only games are nice and all, but if you were the head of a large studio you'd have to be a bit mad to not at least try to tap into the console market. This doesn't excuse crappy ports but I too often see people using the term "consolized" as a...
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    Special Deux Ex Announcement Tomorrow?

    I don't think they cheated you out of anything with DX:HR.
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    Hero's of Newerth

    Wow, let me jump right on that!
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    GameStop Eyeballs Steam's Milkshake, Uses Battlefield 3 as the straw.

    EA has clearly stated they are trying to work something out with Steam. All of the rage over a list on a website that has been taken down is ridiculous. We're still a ways off from release.
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    Weird, strange exotic PC Games ?

    Aquaria, The Longest Journey, Planescape: Torment, name a few :)
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    Classic games that could be AWESOME remakes

    Might and Magic VI with a new engine please. The mix of old school gameplay and updated graphics would be amazing.
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    Games with the largest modding community?

    Thief 1/2 have a large number of fan missions, many of very high quality. Not to mention there is a Doom 3 mod (The Dark Mod) with similar gameplay.
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    Hard Reset - PC Exclusive FPS

    Looks interesting. Terrible name though, makes me scared to play it because it might lock up and destroy my computer.
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    Sony's at it again....

    Good to see you're backing up your arguments with indisputable facts.
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    X360 Games On PC With Win8?

    Interesting...can't say I care much for the core Xbox lineup since most of the games I'm personally interested in are available for PC as well. However, there are some neat shmups and other downloadable games on their store that would be fun to play...
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    Officially Confirmed....BF3 will not be available on Steam

    No EA game currently requires Origin to be open to launch the game. That includes games bought off of Origin.
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    Battlefield 3 Coming To Steam? No Real Answer...

    You must have never used Origin because that is how it works currently, how many times do we have to go over this?
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    Battlefield 3 Coming To Steam? No Real Answer...

    It's funny how everyone acts like you have to have Origin open to play games downloaded from it. This is not simply not true (unlike certain other services).
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    Battlefield 3 - Official Thread

    I'm not so sure you know what a "port" is.
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    Interested In An Adult Gaming Group? (PC & Steam Only)

    Sounds great, I can't wait for Serious Sam 3 personally!
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    Plastic Gun Roleplay Leads to Call for Video Game Ban

    Yeah, it's so crazy down here, I fear for my life every day! Have you even been to the South, or do you just regurgitate stupid stereotypes?
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    Black Mesa Source coming 2009

    That is well and good, but they still look like jerks complaining about other jerks. Vicious cycle, really.
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    Alice: Madness Returns

    If you want to get angry about it, that's your prerogative, but considering you could have gotten the game on PC (which also included the original Alice and looks the best by far) at release for $20 less than the console versions you really only have yourself to blame.
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    Star Wars: The Old Republic BETA

    I've always been surprised at how seriously (non-press) people take NDAs. Pretty funny, really.
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    Upcoming 3DS Games[2011-2012] (VIDEO)

    Isn't the 3DS still $250 in the US? Or did it just drop in price in Japan? I might buy one when it goes down in price, I really just want to play all the bit trip games since they only came out with 2 on the PC :D
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    Video Games Help Reduce Violent Crime Rates

    Video games aside, that list of other reasons is a joke.
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    Alice: Madness Returns

    The jacks are the best weapon taking into account power usage...I forget where you get them, it's been a while since I've beat the game.
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    EA/Crytek/Steam/Origins Discussion - Read the first post before commenting

    Can you really blame EA for not wanting to get too cozy with Steam? I mean in a perfect world, everything would be on one service, and both customers and publishers/developers would get everything they wanted, but that's just not how it works. As long as EA doesn't do something stupid, like...
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    Alice: Madness Returns

    Just got a ways into Chapter 2, really enjoying it so far. I've beat the original several times, and this is definitely a worthy sequel. I understand some of the complaints in the reviews, but a few said the graphics were bad, which I don't understand at all. This is one of the best looking...
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    Alice: Madness Returns

    You can run the game without having Origin open at least...I added the .exe as a steam shortcut.
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    How To: Land a Job at Google

    They pride themselves on being innovative and forward-thinking, yet their hiring process is so complicated you need a guide to navigate through it? Sounds fun and all, but I'll steer clear!
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    Duke Nukem Forever review

    Some of your expectations for this game were WAY too high. Of course it wasn't going to be amazing, there is no way it could have been after its development history. You can point the finger at Gearbox all you want, but 3D Realms is mainly responsible for it. But hell, I'm getting it anyways...