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    Elon Musk Personally Cancelled Customer's $130K Car Order

    Actually Tesla is hurting. Turns out that with oil at $30 a barrel people aren't clamoring for electric cars anymore. Toyota's recent sales consisted of 58% trucks and SUVs. Tesla stock is way down, GM is entering the cheap electric car business, and they delivered over 4,000 fewer cars in...
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    Microsoft Dropping Unlimited OneDrive Storage

    What was Microsoft's term? Oh yeah, Scroogled. Who knew that would be a term in their own terms and conditions? Oh, and Bing sucks. I only use it when I know Microsoft can't screw up a search result. And they give me points that I can cash in for Amazon gift cards. If I need a real search I...
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    'Steve Jobs' Movie Bombs

    That was hilarious. Thanks for sharing. Not to mention that Jobs wasn't an original. He stole GUI from Xerox and Gates stole it from Jobs.
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    Apple Ordered To Pay $234M For Patent Infringement

    It's okay. Apple will just sue Samsung again and forward the money on.
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    Yelp Reviewer Must Pay Contractor $1,000

    If the proprietor of the business does not have a license then probably is not remitting the sales tax and probably not paying federal or state income taxes on his earnings. If this is all true then suing this lady could be the stupidest thing he's ever done. But that would mean that a...
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    YouTube ‘Dancing Baby’ Copyright Ruling Sets Fair Use Guideline

    And how many sales of Prince songs were generated by her use of the song. Any advertising is free advertising. The music industry should force Google to put a link to the song on the Play store and profit.
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    Office 2016 Rolls Out On September 22

    Will Office 2016 have a keylogger? With the privacy invasion of Windows 10 I'd almost expect the "feature".
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    The CEO of Ashley Madison's Parent Company Is Stepping Down

    Stepping down on stepping out.
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    Comcast Charging $300 For 2Gbps Service

    Imagine the crap you'll get when you call to cancel the service!
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    Pandora Is Now Paying Out $0.0001 More Per Stream

    I've bought plenty of stuff and even went to performances because stuff that came across Pandora. Remember the days bands had to pay MTV to play their videos? Now radio stations have to pay to play music. But if it weren't for the radio stations playing the music, we wouldn't know an artist...
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    Apple's U.S. Facilities: 100% of Their Power from Renewables

    In related news, the nets put up to catch the suicide attempters are made from 100% recycled milk jugs. Reduce, reuse, recycle!
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    Samsung Lied -- Its Smart TV Is Indeed Spying on You

    On the flip side, the data is stored on Evo 840 drives.
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    Google Calls FBI's Plan To Expand Hacking Power A 'Monumental' Constitutional Threat

    There's a reason it is called the Federal Bureau of Investigations instead of the Federal Investigations Bureau.
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    Amazon Workers Want To Be Paid For Waiting In Line

    Supreme Court ruled today that the employees are not entitled to pay for security screening. WSJ link (subscription required)
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    Steve Jobs Has Won 141 Patents Since His Death

    In other news Apple patented a phone bigger than 4.5“. Lawsuits to follow.
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    France Wages War Against US Tech Companies

    Without the USA there would be no Internet. We invented it. The dumbest thing we can do now is give up control of it. Oh, we're doing that as well.
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    SSD Mega Round-Up

    If you want speed try out the Samsung m2 drive on a board with a direct link to the processor instead of through the chipset.
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    Uber Driver Threatens Cancer Patient

    Why would anyone use uber? Too much liability. If the driver gets in a wreck his insurance won't cover anything that happens to you because the driver probably doesn't have commercial insurance. Too many problems.
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    Amazon Deploys Robot Army To Assemble Your Orders

    This was on 60 Minutes a while back. Nothing new. The best part is that [H] linked to a site that had a link to another article on a yet another site that had yet a link to another site with the full article. Internet efficiency at its finest.
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    Sprint to Turn Off WiMAX 4G in Nov. 2015

    Wimax was useless. The Evo 4G was my first smartphone. Wimax had awful coverage and practically no building penetration. And Sprint's 3G is like 1980s dial up using a 9600 baud modem. I left Sprint for Big Red as well. At least I get coverage and 4G LTE practically all the time.
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    Dairy Queen Says Customer Data Hacked in 46 States

    What DQ requires your SSN to buy a dilly bar? Effect is a noun. Affect is a verb. Does Reuters require any kind of an education to write for them?
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    FBI Blasts Apple And Google For Offering Encryption

    The FBI needs a quantum computer.
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    Apple Sold 10M iPhones In First Weekend

    Too bad Steve Jobs had to be dead for 3 years for Apphole to put out a device the consumer really wanted.
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    National Videogame Museum Finds A Home In Texas

    At first I thought the location was going to be Kyle's garage. The Frisco location sounds better.
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    Windows 7 Support Ends January 2015

    I hate Windows 8. Hopefully 9 will be better.
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    The Best Keywords To Have On A Tech Resume

    I thought it was "I want this job so [H]ard!"
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    Combating Piracy By Narrowing Theatrical Release Window

    If they wait too long the hype is gone. Get in people's hands while it's still in their minds. Speaking of which the Lego movie comes out tomorrow.
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    Glassholes Use Google to Destroy a Restaurant's Rating

    The bigger crime here is the article's author incorrect use of the word decimate. Think of the words decimal, December, decade. The restaurant's reputation was not reduced by 10%. Their reputation was devastated. The Glasshole should have looked this up for the uneducated author.
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    Hotel Files $75K Suit Against Anonymous Reviewer

    The hotel should have just had the review removed and moved on. One stupid review won't hurt anyways. Last summer we were looking at reviews for a hotel in NYC. One review said that they were gassed while they slept and half their stuff was stolen. We didn't stay there but not because of that...
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    Cineplex Charging $3 Extra For The Good Seats

    Hmm...Hollywood isn't putting out any decent movies. How can we drive drive more customers away?
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    Apple, Google Settle Smartphone Patent Litigation

    He's dead. New management is more reasonable.
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    America’s Nuclear Arsenal Still Relies on Floppy Disks

    Security through obscurity. After Stuxnet I don't have a problem with them using floppy disks.
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    Pandora Sued By Record Labels For Copyright Infringement

    I wonder if the record labels care about how stupid this type of stuff makes them look in the eyes of the public. Probably not or they wouldn't do it.
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    Movie Studios Demand Millions From Megaupload in New Lawsuit

    In other news a class action lawsuit has been filed by the American public against the movie studios for not putting out decent movies.
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    Watch This Guy Get Stunned By A Flying Drone

    My kids better start making their beds.
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    Windows 8 Not Getting Boost From End Of XP Support

    I bought a touch screen laptop for myself for Christmas. It came with Windows 8. Even on a touch screen Windows 8 sucks.
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    Verizon Seeks Payment For Carrying Netflix Traffic

    Next Verizon will be wanting [H] to pay for the bandwidth I use.
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    Facebook Hits Puberty

    With all the hormones in the food supply now young uns are hitting puberty sooner than before. He didn't found Facebook. He stole the idea. And the number of reasons why I don't have a Facebook account are too numerous to list from my phone on the mobile site.
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    Who Makes The Best Hard Drives?

    I won't buy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from Seagate.