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    To link Archer c8 v4 ft for dd wrt capable

    trying to trade my Archer for something that can use a VPN at the router. will sell for 80$ I guess. lmk if you need picture.
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    Case to fit Arctic cooling 120

    Looking for a mid tower atx case that fits the new liquid cooler I bought. I have 4 hard drives, single gtx 760, gigabyte ud3h. Any suggestions?
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    Asus z87k+ Asus xonar dx pcie

    Z87k+xonar pulled from working gaming build after I upgraded. Will include backplate with the mobo only and no extras for the xonar. 70$/z87k 50$/xonar dx I'm looking to trade for some ddr2 200 pin 2x2gb laptop ram and a small ssd to fix up an old laptop I want to get running. I have heatware...
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    Help me BAIL from this junk~!!

    you generally need to activate the sim card by calling the carrier before itll work. also if its an unlocked phone it should just get the apn settings from the sim card itself but sometimes it doesnt in which case youll need to call the carrier... most of my unlocked phones automatically got the...
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    New mouse to replace logitech g5

    thanks guys im going to stick with logitech and get the g502 proteus core.
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    New mouse to replace logitech g5

    Wow, its been 6+ years I think, and my second hand g5's scroll wheel is acting up. Im looking for something to replace the g5. I play mostly mobas right now, some fps. Wireless, wired, price doesnt really matter Im just looking for something durable. Any suggestions?
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    Pulled "bad" ram and now it won't post

    Glad nothing else is defective. Knock on wood.
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    BF4 gpu question

    Gtx 760 will run ultra with hbao off and it will be very playable. I recommend it.
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    Roaming to Canada from US on VZ

    Its a separate feature then your domestic data so you will still be paying for unlimited domestic and it will stay on when you take the roaming data package off. No worries.
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    Roaming to Canada from US on VZ

    Yup its 25$ for every 100mb and you'll automatically get billed another 25$ if you go over 100mb. There should be a 5$/month plan that'll get the minutes to a lower price though. You will not get unlimited data because that plan is only domestic.
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    FS/FT I5 4570+asus b85m-g+patriot ddr3 2400 $200

    all pm's responded to. looking for a quick sale on some things i dont need anymore (upgraded to a 4770k to overclock) that would otherwise just sit around for a long time thought id give another hardforum member a good deal cause times are tough etc.. pics upon request.
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    FS/FT I5 4570+asus b85m-g+patriot ddr3 2400 $200

    Pending sale. I5 4570 socket 1150 have stock cooler for it asus b85m-g mATX socket 1150 Patriot viper ddr3 2400mhz at 1.65v 2x4gb sticks Would like to sell as a package for 200 open to trade offers though. Heat under mayonaise. we can discuss payment options if serious.
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    Did I luck out?

    nice chip, i have one at 4.2 with 1.15v but anything over 4.2 at 1.15 is unstable. need about 1.25 for 4.3
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    overclocking i5 4670k

    im running 4.2 at 1.15volts on a 4770k.
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    $150 to upgrade my Tmobile HTC Radar 4G

    Vote for moto g or lumia 521. Moto g if you use Google music lumia if you want WiFi calling.
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    Motherboard RAM Help MSI

    try updating the bios if theres a new version out.
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    is my rig under performing a bit?

    probably because you mentioned budget and 1080p in the same post idk.
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    is my rig under performing a bit?

    If i had the money id have gone with the 780... cant max out dayz on the 760.
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    Carrier Shopping - Seattle

    tmo is decent in federal way. always had good reception in downtown area of seattle also. only place i havent had signal was gig harbor.
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    is my rig under performing a bit?

    if this blows your budget for pc parts for awhile id get a 4gb of the gtx 760/770. or 7950 3gb. I think games in the near future will have really big draw distance so youll need alot of vram. i get limited on my 2gb 760 in bf4 with aa on at 1080p.
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    Should I join the 802.11ac bandwagon?

    id say stick with N unless you pull large files from within your lan
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    Is BF4 Terrain Decoration still Broke

    do you mean how it takes a minute or two to load textures when you get in the map? that still happens but i havent tried the latest patch yet.
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    New rig: PSU whining under load

    my seasonic g series did whine while i had my 760 overclocked. i put it at stock clocks because of heat issues and it didnt whine anymore. try to put the clocks for the cpu and gpu at stock if theyre not and see if its still there.
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    California full phone price tax any way to avoid?

    you can change your billing adress to somewhere outside of cali but thats tax evasion...
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    [Hot] Audio-Technica ATH-M50S HeadphonesPrice $97.45 & FREE Shipping

    good deal for good headphones here. i bought mine for 125 no regrets at all.
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    Galaxy GTX560TI overheating

    Thermal grease for Fan / Heat sink / GPU is missing or not original type of grease. out of warranty at this point it looks like.
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    BF4 and High Speed Ram

    i tried it with ddr 2400 ram and i didnt really notice a difference. switched back to crucial sport because the patriot runs at 1.65v i guess its bad for intel ram controllers at that voltage.
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    FS/T ultrabook, 500gbhdd, nexus 7, bluetooth speaker Heat is under mayonaise. 310 for acer ultrabook(aspire s3). 20gb ssd/320gb/i3/4gb ram. 125 for nexus 7(16gb 1st gen) 40 for Bluetooth speaker 70 for 500gb segate momentus 7200.4 rpm drive. I am looking for a 4670k/4770k/3570k/3770k, 1150/5 mobo, gtx770 or better...
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    Today Only Crysis 3 $13 @ Amazon

    Bought it, thanks.
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    Worth it to upgrade?

    already have ssd. i guess ill just hold off for awhile though. not much of an upgrade in gpu for the money yet. i get like 45-50fps average on battlefield 4 ultra 4xaa. but it dips to the 30s with weather affects and 60 people server.
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    Worth it to upgrade?

    1080p for the monitor. i was thinking more of a longetivity point of view though. or just wait for new generations to come out. i do not know what my spending will be in the future though. thats why i would like to now. i have 16gb crucial ram and a u12s noctua cooler to use for oc.
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    Worth it to upgrade?

    I have a i5 4570 asus b85 mobo, gtx 760. would it be worth it to upgrade to the 4670k and msi g65 and oc it for folding, gaming and multitasking for the long term. or would it be better to just upgrade the gpu? i play battlefield 4. my budget is 400$ including tax and shipping.
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    Inexpensive Mechanical keyboard

    browns are very nice for fps. when your holding down on the key you can lift the pressure youre putting onto it and feel when its unclicked.
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    $20 for a SIM Card - Verizon???

    Authorized retailers such as go wireless and cellular sales often sell sim cards while corporate verizon stores give them away.
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    some1 offer me a really cheap iphone (2nd hand) w/ no sim card

    IPhone 4s Sim cards are only for global at least on Verizon.
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    Razor Deathstalker fs/ft

    Poke. Offers? Also accepting PC games