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    FS: Asus M-ITX; Camcorder, Laptop, HTPC Controllers, USB Sound Recording Box, more.

    Emachines E725-4520 : $300 shipped Intel Pentium Processor T4400 (Dual Core) 2.20 GHz, 800 MHz Front Side Bus, 1 MB L2 Cache 3GB DDR2 system memory 250GB 5400 RPM SATA hard drive SuperMulti 8X DVD+ with Double Layer Support 15.6" HD Widescreen High-Brightness LCD Display 1366 x 768...
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    T-Mobile Shadow Copper w/ 2gb MiniSD and Accessories

    This is going up at ebay in a few days, thought I'd throw it on here first. I'll take $45 Shipped. The phone is in fair condition. There are a few scratches on the screen but they don't impede use. The camera is a bit scuffed so it looks kind of blurry, probably fixable with some...
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    WTB: Good OC'ing AM2 Motherboard.

    Looking for a sub 100 dollar good OC'ing motherboard for my am2 proc. Lemme know what you have.
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    FS: LiLi PC-68, 7900gs, Zalman VGA Cooler, P4 Mobo/Cpu, Ram, Hdds, PS, Prices Lowered

    Video card and cooler still available. Everything else sold.
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    FS: LiLi PC-68, 7900gs, Zalman VGA Cooler, P4 Mobo/Cpu, Ram, Hdds, PS, Prices Lowered

    Bumpage, to clear up any confusion I messed up and forgot to mention the Video card and cooler are not part of the package deal. I will accept reasonable offers.
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    FS: LiLi PC-68, 7900gs, Zalman VGA Cooler, P4 Mobo/Cpu, Ram, Hdds, PS, Prices Lowered

    When purchased together cooler and card - $40 shipped. (The cooler alone is 35.99 brand new) EVGA Nvidia 7900gs 256mb - $25 shipped This thing was an OC monster! Had it running stable at 700/900 with aftermarket cooling, performed virtually the same as the 9500gt in my girlfriend's PC. The...
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    FS: Dell Inspiron 700m + Extras!

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    WTB: Laptop under $300.

    Looking for a laptop under $300. Need something to access internet and do troubleshooting so it doesn't have to be great. Prefer something with a 15+" screen but will look at what you have. Send me a PM if you've got something you'd like to get rid of.
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    WTB: Socket 478 P4 mobo.

    Not really...thanks anyway. Bump.
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    WTB: Socket 478 P4 mobo.

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    WTB: Socket 478 P4 mobo.

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    WTB: Socket 478 P4 mobo.

    Looking to buy a socket 478 motherboard with an AGP slot and ddr 400/333 slots. Want to spend between 40-80 bucks shipped depending on the model. Please let me know if you have one available. EDIT* My motherboard took a crap, I have everything I need already except for the motherboard...
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    WTB: AGP Video card with S-Video out.

    I'm looking for an agp video card with s-video out....Not looking for anything fancy just something cheap that works. Looking to spend under 40 dollars.
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    FS: 22" Flat NEC MultiSync FP1355 CRT Monitor

    Why do large CRTs like this always crack in the corners? Mine is the same way... Bump for you.