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    Anonymous Takes Out and Universal Music

    This is what always kills me with this shit. The hypothetically "lost revenue" that they are unable to prove exists as many individuals as a result of downloading, actually buy hard copy media. LOL.
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    Megaupload Shut Down, Employees Indicted

    Well that explains why I just did a file search for Megaupload and everyone of them "cannot be found." Damn if file hosting sites go I'll have to start torrenting again :( I'm too impatient, lol.
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    Latest Metro: Last Light gameplay footage

    The first one had great atmosphere. It was also depressing as fuck :( Will be buying :D
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    Official Crysis 2 Thread

    ^I think this is an argument for explaining the real differences here. Model detail is better in C2 (so far, only an hour in), but having replayed the original recently, the foliage and jungle details on max settings are truely brilliant I think. Would like to see some of those jungle levels...
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    What was the last game you got lost (engrossed) in?

    Metro 2033 and Starcraft 2
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    Starcraft II

    ^This. Micro-ing Zerg in outmatched fights will also keep you alive. Micro Mutalisks against BC's and win the day. This is early in the game of course.. late game Terran/Protoss upgrades pretty much mean you're screwed if you let it get that far. This is my biggest problem right now.
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    The "Forge" Lian-Li A77F Custom Watercooled PC

    holy crap thats beautiful man
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    Starcraft II

    [In Bronze] I'm seeing constant void ray rushes, if the attempted proxy cannons in my main fail to cause the Protoss player to be impressed with himself. Its nothing but belly laughs from me when a handful of upgraded Mutalisks take down an entire fleet of VR's and the Toss player rage quits...
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    Airflow: Truth Of Best Set-Up?

    Hahahahhahaa... *yawn*
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    Airflow: Truth Of Best Set-Up?

    Wow thats great.. what case/company is that?
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    Airflow: Truth Of Best Set-Up?

    I agree with this totally. If you're running hot as hell graphics... an intake is worthless. Turning it into an exhaust is another story. Try it (even more so with SLI/X-fire) and feel the heat pouring out. Using the Antec 902 I have 1 side, 1 rear, and the big ass top fan as a exhaust fans...
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    [H]ot ? 300G velociraptor $140

    Just picked a 2tb Caviar Black @ MC for $189 and its pretty speedy for a 7200rpm drive vs. a Raptor (if you're going the non-SSD route).
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    This is what Crysis 2 looks like

    Personally i'm just glad Crytek is still gracing the pc market with their games (Despite the piracy vs. lost sales comments from them). This is whether or not Crysis 2 looks better than Cry1 or Warhead. Consider yourselves lucky they haven't jumped ship.. I'm not bitching one way or the other...
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    4.5ghz+ STABLE OC People, Post your stable with proof Overclocks!

    @ med1kl - Nice OC, and thats the best NIN song hands down.
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    Anyone use the newer WD Green 1tb/2tb drives as a primary?

    I reformatted out of curiosity, and so far from a perception standpoint its no different than my 640gb Blue (yes i've seen the benches, including HDtune). Is there an obvious activity that could show me the "slowness" in comparison to a Caviar Black/Blue equivalent? Am i missing something...
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    Major NVIDIA announcement monday @ 9am PST

    lol @ Stoly.....
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    AVP Full game and Single Player Impressions

    Despite Gamespot's bias take on it, I think the game does an excellent job with music, ambiance, sound efx, and atmosphere... to do a damn fine job of representing the movies. I think the graphics (especially lighting in the darker maps/areas) are great. I guess my own personal bias from liking...
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    How Bad is Your Backlog?

    My current queue: Timeshift (Played like 10% initially) Far Cry 2 (20% or so) Jericho (Yeah i know it sucks, but I almost made it to the end last time) Dead Space Prototype CODMW2 (ongoing) CODWaW Crysis & Crysis Warhead (again for like 5th or 6th time apiece) Wolfenstein
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    $152 GTX 260 and $204 GTX 275 @ Microcenter

    Pulled the trigger on the GTX275 to replace my feeble 9800gtx. MC deals you killz my walletz.
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    CoD: MW2 Lets Player Kill Civilians

    *ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....* On with another excellent installment of CoD.
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    E5300 vs E6850

    Up to 3.8 w/ no voltage added. Won't post @ 3.9 w/o bump. Wolfdale WTF.
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    E5300 vs E6850

    Grabbed one of these today (e5300) for $70... @ 3.6g on the first try. Not bad. Beats my Conroe e6300 @ 2.8 (slightly.. lol).
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    Marilyn Manson’s Maniacal MySpace Memo

    His new album blows and hes struggling to keep people's attention IMO. His last two records were the worst pieces of shit. The last decent thing he did was "Golden Age.." which was fairly aggressive w/ great lyrics.
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    Starcraft 2 - no LAN, no consoles

    Not that I care about LAN so much, but come the fuck on. I get that they only have 3 franchises going, but three seperate games (claiming content and storytelling integrity) and now NO lan support is indicating $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
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    Being A Hacker Sucks

    He looks like Kid Rock. What a jack off.
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    Visual tearing when scrolling in IE8 (Windows 7 RC1)

    It was tearing before and after installing the driver suite. Rolling the drivers forward and back (including beta) didn't solve it either. There is no tearing in Firefox 3 or 3.5 RC1. Games are fine. Does that make it obvious? ;)
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    Visual tearing when scrolling in IE8 (Windows 7 RC1)

    I was hoping this was the case. Cool.
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    Visual tearing when scrolling in IE8 (Windows 7 RC1)

    I just switched back to Firefox due to extreme visual tearing when using IE8. Has this happened to anybody else? I have the latest Forceware drivers and BIOS for my machine as well. Firefox 3 isn't showing any tearing so far.
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    Wolfdale E6300 now available @ Newegg

    Still using mine :D
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    Silent 120mm Case Fans

    I use S-Flex 800rpm's or the Antec double-bearing tri-cools. Not sure if Yate Loons are still "cool" to use. Stay away from Silenx... *shudder*
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    Celeron 900 @ 2.2GHz

    I posted this the other day. As long as you aren't gaming.. the newer Celerons ain't no slouch.
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    OCing Celeron E1200: CPU scaling in Crysis

    Yeah these things eat the voltage too. I'm curious about the E1600 now. Might try the E5200 next.
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    OCing Celeron E1200: CPU scaling in Crysis

    Did an OC project for fun. Thought I would share. I know Crysis AND the chip are old news, so don't bitch :) Test system: Celeron E1200 @ 1.6ghz (8x200fsb ) & 3.3ghz (8x413 fsb & 1.51 vcore) 2 x 2gb PCZ Gold DDR2 800mhz MSI P43 Neo3 Rev. 1 w/ Zalman CPNS 9900 for cooling EVGA 9800gtx+...
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    Q8200 - $119 @ Microcenter

    Microcenter FTW Quad on the cheap. Im goin today.
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    Your CPU progression

    Past: P4 1.3ghz P4 3.0ghz P4 3.6ghz Current: Core 2 e6300 (Main) Celeron e1200 (for fun)
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    1964 Antique Modem Live Demo

    ^^ Hahaha.. No but seriously that is damn cool. I'm sending this to the parents (titled "The Internet Before You Were Born...").
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    [H] Wallpaper

    @ mullet - thanks!
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    B&M MC i7 Deal (thru 5/21)

    Too bad I can't afford an entire new build right now. If this store ever goes under, I will cry.
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    4gb Ram, boot.ini, & Win XP question

    Alright, makes sense. Thanks for the heads up.