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    WTB Cheap ATX AM4 Motherboard that supports Ryzen 3900x

    I guess I will try the x470 gaming plus max if the price is right. Let me send you a message. Thank you
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    WTB Cheap ATX AM4 Motherboard that supports Ryzen 3900x

    It sounds like you have couple boards. What are the exact brand and model are those boards?
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    WTB Cheap ATX AM4 Motherboard that supports Ryzen 3900x

    Looking for a cheap ATX AM4 motherboard that supports 3900x. If you want to know the story why I need this motherboard, please read below... Originally I plan to upgrade my rig from 1700x to 3900x that uses the GIGABYTE GA-AX370-Gaming (rev. 1.0) motherboard. I flashed the BIOS to the latest...
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    Free / Open Source Network Device / Asset Tool

    You can try Zabbix. Download an appliance and give it a try from
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    Post Your Workstations 2022

    How many speakers do you need? Haha
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    Candy Computer

    Thanks for sharing. Very cool!!!
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    Password Managers: Bitwarden vs Google Password Manager

    LastPass premium user here. No complain, the yearly fee seems fair to me. But if I ever consider switching then Bitwarden would definitely be high on my list.
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    Hi-Fi headphones and DAC/Soundcard for £200?

    Not sure but Creative G6 met your requirements where it also offer a microphone input.
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    Post Your Workstations 2020

    Almost 2021, here's my setup for 2020. Not a whole lot to talk about my primary PC and work laptop. Mostly just for development and occasional gaming. The servers on the bottom picture consists of two ESXI servers and an Unraid server. The PC sitting on the carpet is just a dead weight...
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    Hi-Fi headphones and DAC/Soundcard for £200?

    I am using Aune X1S as my DAC/AMP for two years, so far so good. I used it to power my Fostex T-X0 and Sennheiser HD6xx headphones. I think the latest version of Aune X1S is currently available on
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    Upgrade Yo Router Day!

    My UDM Pro is coming... but as of right now, my ERX is up-to-date. Cheers!
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    WTB: Ubiquiti USG and/or UAP-AC-Lite/Pro

    What's your budget on your USG? I saw two used one on Amazon, one for ~$85 and the other is ~$90.
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    Team T-FORCE VULCAN Z 64GB (2 x 32GB) DDR4 3200 @ NewEgg $189.99

    Yea, it was from yesterday's NewEgg Thursday ads so maybe it was a 1 day deal. I bought a pair myself to add more RAM into my vSphere ESXI server. $210 is still not that bad consider it's 64GB but I think there might be few other options in that price range.
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    Team T-FORCE VULCAN Z 64GB (2 x 32GB) DDR4 3200 @ NewEgg $189.99

    Team T-FORCE VULCAN Z 64GB (2 x 32GB) DDR4 3200 @ NewEgg $189.99 Gosh.. I remember spending $300 couple years ago for 32GB of DDR4 and now you can get 64GB for less than $200. Incredible!
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    Anyone using Netgear 10gbe switches?

    The cheap 10Gbps SFP+ Mikrotik switches that people are referring to usually are the following two: They are both fanless 10Gbps switches. And what I meant cheap is I am referring to when you purchasing...
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    ergonomics gaming keyboard

    Two issues with Dygma - Missing numpad - Doesn't have tenting capability like the Kinesis freestyle edge although the Dymga team did said they will create a tenting kit for it but that has not yet started to date. I am a backer of the Dymga Raise's kickstarter project, I received the keyboard...
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    Best $100 or under bookshelf speaker in 2019?

    I am using Sony SS-CS5 powered using a very old Yamaha receiver. These speakers run on sales couple times per year. Typical sales price are between $70 and $80 for the pair.
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    wtb aftermarket cooler for ryzen 2600x.

    If you have a Micro Center nearby, they usually have tons of Hyper Evo AM4 bracket in stock. I think it is less than 5 bucks. Another alternative to Evo 212 is Deepcool Gammaxx 400. It is usually cheaper and already included an AMD bracket. I bought one when I was building a 1700x system...
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    ESXi Network Setup Steps

    You will need to add two additional "Virtual Switch". For each "Virtual Switch", assign an "Uplink" to it. Each uplink is pointed to a GB ethernet port. After you created the "Virtual Switch" then you will need to add port group to your virtual switch. Good luck
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    Tabs vs spaces

    I think this post deserves a poll. My opinion toward spaces versus tab is a personal preference. However if it is a coding standard mandated whether it is spaces or tab by the company then I am fine with that as well. I personally prefer spaces over tab but that is just me. Regarding with...
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    What are some of the good transparent anti-virus S/W for windows 10?

    Use the one (McAfee) that our Department of Defense is using. Will that make your client happy? :-) haha...
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    Vpn recommendation?

    Been using PIA for probably 5+ years.
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    Suggestion - Office Chair for 10hr Work Days...

    I bought a 2nd hand Herman Miller Aeron chair and sat on it for a year. It's comfy but it doesn't amaze me. I sold my Aeron and bought the Uplift Pursuit chair and been using it for 1 1/2 year. I personally liked it more than the Aeron. It also been reviewed by Kyle, see the review here...
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    Internal sound cards for PC

    The EVGA Nu Audio was just announced this month. I wasn't even sure if it is available for purchase yet. If OP can get a hand on it, he can be the guinea pig to test it out for us. haha.. I have a Creative Sound Blaster E1, it's not bad. It advertised as a portable DAC/AMP so you can use it...
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    An Official Blizzard Entertainment World of Warcraft blade server

    Agreed, very pricey but it probably wasn't meant for normal middle class to purchase anyway hence the price I have to agree that the blade server with the display looks very cool though. Good find
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    Home Network (Sharing Excel Files on 4 Computers)

    Sure, a NAS going to provide what you need but is it overkill for use case? Maybe just use the Google Drive to share files? or even DropBox
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    Is there a way to monitor CPU (Ryzen) temperature on a consumer graded ESXI server?

    Probably not going to switch to Intel NUCS. This is a Ryzen 1700x server that I just build recently. Thanks for your suggestion though. The remote feature requires HWiNFO64 to be installed on the machine that you wish to monitor. HWiNFO64 is a Windows application and cannot be installed on...
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    WTB: Soltek Hardware

    Why are you interested Soltek only? Are you a collector? I remember Soltek has a pretty cool looking purple themed motherboard. I would of have something for you if you query about this 3 years ago before I recycle my old AMD build.
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    [FT] [USA-MA] Thecus 4-Bays N4100EVO NAS

    Local trade only, I am located in the suburb, about 30 minutes South of Boston, MA. I just retired my old Thecus 4-Bays N4100EVO NAS and replaced it with a home build Unraid server. The NAS is about 7 years old. I know it is old but one person junk might be another treasure. What I need...
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    Is there a way to monitor CPU (Ryzen) temperature on a consumer graded ESXI server?

    That's a bumper! I was hoping there could be some workaround.
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    Is there a way to monitor CPU (Ryzen) temperature on a consumer graded ESXI server?

    I just built a new Ryzen 1700x ESXI server using ASUS GA-AX370-Gaming (rev. 1.x) as the motherboard. On my other ESXI server, Dell R420, under Monitor -> Hardware -> System sensors, I can see the CPU temperature. However on this new Ryzen 1700x ESXI server, when I go to the same page, I see...
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    120mm fan bracket for Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO?

    CM used to sell just the bracket on their website. I can't find it anymore though so they must of took it down. You can try to Email them and ask about it. I was able to find a listing on EBay. The seller seems to be reputable but they are based in Netherlands...
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    Can't get ASUS GT520 to work with Asus GA-AX370-Gaming (AM4) using the 1st PCIEX slot

    I am building an ESXI server using Ryzen 1700x. I don't really need a good video card for the ESXI server so I just bought a cheap used video card (ASUS GT520) from EBay. For some strange reason, I can't get get ASUS GT520 to work with Asus GA-AX370-Gaming (AM4) using the 1st PCIEX slot. It...
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    8TB WD EasyStore $140

    I actually bought one 10TB WD EasyStore and two 8TB WD EasyStore. I will be using it for an Unraid server. The 8TB drives will be used for data and the 10TB drive will be used as parity drive. The two 8TB drives are currently in the pre-clear state right now. Also, I bought the EVGA...
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    How long should a good quality PSU last

    11 years 2 months and still rocking I originally purchased this for a Q6600 build and then moved the PSU to a 2600K build when I was building a new PC. I actually thought about replacing the PSU because I plan to turn that 2600K build into a file server (unraid).
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    10TB WD Easystore + 32GB USB $180

    I bought one last week, 11/11/18 for the advertised $179.99 at a local Best Buy. I am now regret that I only purchased one. I should of buy at least 2 or 3 and setup an Unraid server.
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    Post Your Workstations 2018

    Haven't update my setup for awhile but just want to throw an image up to share. :) This is from 2002 when LCD is still a luxury computer components. The computer above the dresser was a FTP server and a shoutcast server. This is when virtualization still isn't a thing and you actually need a...
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    Portable Monitor

    I can't really speak reliability of that AOC USB monitor because I only owned for a year. I haven't yet encounter any issue with it (touch wood) However, the driver of the monitor can be frustrating sometime but I was able to get it to work the way I wanted. The reason the driver can be...
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    Portable Monitor

    Yes, I have a similar scenario where I want to bring a 2nd monitor on the go when I am on travel. I bought AOC e1659fwu, it is a 16" monitor that is powered by USB so no extra power adapter is needed. Both the display and power is running thru the same cable.
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    Thoughts please on this router?

    I didn't know Motorola is back into the networking business. I thought they sold all their networking business to Arris. Only get the EdgeRouter X if you are willing to spend time to learn and configure it properly. It is not extremely hard but will take a bit time. I don't have much...