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    Could I, a lifetime FPS fan, possibly like WoW?

    These replies have completely reassured me that I will like this game. But up until now I had no clue that it was $15 a month to play WoW... When I read that my heart sunk.. it sunk deep. I understand why they charge per month to play but unfortunatley I am on a strict budget and paying my...
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    Question about WOW 10 day guest pass

    I'm not sure if there is a download option. But you could always send him the install dvd/cds..
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    MX500 vs. MX510 (red or blue)

    Originally I wanted blue over the red. But to stick up for whats mine I must insist that: RED > BLUE
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    Could I, a lifetime FPS fan, possibly like WoW?

    I've never played an RPG on the PC, let alone an MMORPG. The closest thing to and RPG I've played was the Zelda games, which I did quite like. I've been a fast paced FPS player since I can remember. But I've recently finished HL2 and the multiplayer is getting boring. Only thing I really...
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    Ok, just got the super gravity gun but I cant jump?!

    All your quotes are weak at best...
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    2004 Post Your Workstation

    Yeah that was sort of my goal, glad people are noticing. Thanks for the comments. Lol, you designed that mouse pad? I used to use it but right now I am using this mousepad I got from UPS. It is really smooth and my mouse glides over it quite well. Dont worry though, your mousepad will be...
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    2004 Post Your Workstation

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    Horrible Temps W/ WC

    The NF7-S uses a socket diode. Now that you dont have a cpu fan blowing into the socket area your temps are going to read higher. I recently went from air (SP-97 92mm Panaflo) to H2O (AquaExtreme50Z, Swiftech 6002-A, BIX) and my temps are around the same, a couple degree's higher idle, a...
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    Cable modem next to TV?

    *STUPID QUESTION ALERT* I've always kept my PC components away from any home electronic stuff, dont ask why, just how it worked out. With a new layout I am doing I will be placing my cable modem and my router next to a rather old 32" Sharp TV. Will I get any sort of interference from the...
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    Sex-a-fied air filter...

    At what torque on the valves? I got mine stable at 10 gpm with 50 ft/lb of tourqe. Any higher and i get problems...
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    Sex-a-fied air filter...

    I have the same sink as you in my aparment!
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    How many use WASD?

    Arrow keys and I feel ashamed. I'd much rather migrate to the WASD keys but its so hard. Its almost like trying to quit smoking. I cant just go cold turkey.
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    Post your Lian-Li Watercooled Setup here!

    Very nice, looks awesome when the mobo is mounted upside-down.
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    Nausea while playing HL2?

    It would be so ironic if we reach a point were the human body couldn't handle viewing/playing these graphics yet computer equiptment could run it fine..
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    Nausea while playing HL2?

    I haven't experienced nausea while playing but I have gotten bad headaches. I think it has something to do with the movement. The movement in HL2 is a little different than in counter strike source. I can play CSS for a couple hours with no headaches at all.
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    Post your Lian-Li Watercooled Setup here!

    I was trying to make the same decision about a month ago. I decided to stick with my PC65 and watercool it. It actually wasn't very difficult and required minimal modding.
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    Need some clarification when applying arctic silver ceramic to a AMD 64 3000+

    I too have always been curious if you should spread the thermal compound over the entire 'heat cap'. I've only done socket A, exposed core, applications.
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    Best Socket A water block?

    Swiftech 6002-A I'm not saying its THE BEST, because there are quite a few out there. But I will tell you it is a damn fine waterblock, damn fine.
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    Need a quiet 12v pump

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    Half Life 2-Worth the wait?

    On graphical thing that upsets me is the stupid '2D grass' that rotates so it is always facing you. Now I know it could be a framerate killer if they made it 3D but it looks so retarded and obvious when the grass rotates. I'm a graphics perfectionist, dont mind me.
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    HL2 - I Want my Money Back!

    Once you do connect, just dont close Steam. Unless you have to restart of course.
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    The Coolermaster Gallery

    That sure is a nice case, you gonna put anything in it? I love my Lian Li, but those Cooler Masters are right up there with em.
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    Need a quiet 12v pump

    AquaExtreme 50Z
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    Completed: Sarver Systems Purple Monster (71 pics)

    Watercooling with green dye would look awesome.
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    Updated! DFI UV Project (56k warn)

    What additive are you using in the liquid? Looks exactly like my mixture of distilled water and Dex-Cool antifreeze.
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    FS: Thermalright SP-97 with Neo Backplate.

    Thermalright SP-97: Includes all original parts (heatsink, fan clips, x-plate, mounting hardware) Also included is the Neo-Backplate allowing the heatsink to be mounted to an Abit NF7 series board or other board that the X-Plate (also included) wont mount properly on without modding. SOLD
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    A peice of debris in my loop! Problem for pump?

    First off, I dont know who Murphy is, but you make him out to be some sort of genious. I suppose it could be stuck in my block, but could it really restrict flow very much? It was only a couple centimeters long. I've decided not to worry about it for now as everything seems fine.
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    A peice of debris in my loop! Problem for pump?

    It was all flappy like a peice of plastic wrap. It wasn't rigid.
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    A peice of debris in my loop! Problem for pump?

    I put the system together about 2 days ago. No tape of any kind used.
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    A peice of debris in my loop! Problem for pump?

    I plan on keeping an eye on it for a few weeks. Honestly taking the whole thing apart is a real pain in the ass, and even a 'somewhat lazy' person would have to agree.
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    Post Pics of your chair

    intended - To signify or mean; plan Coupled with the word 'pun'. Would mean that the 'humorous play on words' was 'planned'. The english language can be complicated at times... You'll pull through.
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    A peice of debris in my loop! Problem for pump?

    I was looking at the tubes in my system and noticed a little 'piece' of something near the bottom of my T-Line that had a few bubbles attached to it. It was small and thin, my guess is it is a little peice of plastic wrap or something similar. Could have been stuck in the radiator from...
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    Post Pics of your chair

    The leg broke at the last LAN party...
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    Mixing Distilled and Spring Water

    Rinse it out with distilled water?
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    Lian Li Quality

    I have a Lian Li PC65B. I love it. However some parts did seem a bit flimsy. But the overall functionality and simpleness of the case makes it a winner. There are so many ugly, obnoxious, futuristic looking cases these days. I think my next case may be a CoolerMaster next though, they look...
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    Coolermaster Upgrade Worklog (NO 56k!!)

    I liked the pepto bismol look better.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    Hey are any of you guys using the little 3-position switch included with the Lian Li's to control your fans? If so how much power can the little controller handle?
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    Swifty 6002 from socket A to A64? can it be done?

    As I am going to purchase this block and plan on upgrading to A64 in the future I will be listening to this thread...