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    WTB: ATI x850 AGP

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    WTB: ATI x850 AGP

    x850 AGP card only. Don't want x800, sorry. Thanks!
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    Poll: Reliability of Various Storage Drives

    1. Have you ever had a hard drive fail on you? Yes 3. Have you ever had an external Hard Drive Fail on you? (if you've used these) Yes 4. Have you ever had a CD-R, DVD-R, or other optical media fail/corrupt on you? Yes 5. Have you ever deleted a file by accident and had it be...
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    Death to the Game Industry

    Why should this author bring up ideas for solving the problem with the industry? I think it's enough that he's writing about it, with some details about the how the industry works and the relationships involved. A lot of people aren't aware of this kind of thing, esp. the newer generation of...
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    New and Improved Watercooling Sticky - Post Your Systems Here

    Note: There's no pink lights! It's RED & UV, damnit. :cool: The graphic's card's angle is NOT from the weight of the water cooling block, but it is from the previous stock heatsink that was on it. Doesn't bother anything but it looks odd. The tubing (esp. from northbridge to video card) is a...
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    Martini HTPC finally gets a TV

    I sure hope that's a Gin martini. Shaken, not stirred. Nice mod anyway!
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    Wintsch Labs - Arctic Web 437W TEC

    I'm a n00b with Peltier systems but am highly interested after reading this review. Can you simply add a GPU & Chipset block to the line as you would a regular water cooling system? Thanks in advance. ;)
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    FS: Rare GBA SP & 512M Cartridge Unit

    Want to make an offer? Email me! phox at optonline dot net
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    FS: Rare GBA SP & 512M Cartridge Unit

    The Daily Bump.
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    FS: Rare GBA SP & 512M Cartridge Unit

    Ba-Dum Bump.
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    FS: Rare GBA SP & 512M Cartridge Unit

    Le' Bump (pardon my french).
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    FS: Rare GBA SP & 512M Cartridge Unit

    Gameboy Advance SP: Gameboy Advance SP Mana-Blue Legend of Seiken Densetsu Edition (Sword of Mana in the US) info) Flash Movie Reader & Cartridge: Flash Xtreme 512M Card (info) Flash Advance Linker (info) Follow the info links next to each item above for more detailed information...
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    6800 owners, please check in

    BFG 6800 GT 48 Degreees Load 410 Core / 1.03 Memory Koolance Watercooling PC2-650B w/ Koolance GPU-180-L06
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    Is the 6800GT just an underclocked 6800Ultra?

    I didn't trust the "Detect Optimal Frequencies" results on my BFG6800 GT. It yielded 650 Mhz for the core! :eek: The Auto-Overclocking option gave me a better result. I narrowed its results to what I discovered on my own, about 418 Mhz overclock. Anything over this and it fails the "Test...