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    Raptor power connection help

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    Help w/outdated MB

    I have an Asus P4C800 ED that will not post after moving to my new house. I'm having no luck getting my computer back up and running. If I can't solve the problem I need to fix it fast. At the moment a new system is not an option. My question is what MB can I buy that will run my P4, Corsair...
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    Will SFF Compete with this??

    I have a few questions for the veteran SFF users here. I am considering a SFF to replace my mamoth tower. I'd like to know if it can compete with my current tower setup. I curruntly have Lian Li PC70 H20 cooled Asus P4C800 ED P4 3G 2GB Corsair ATI 8500XT Antec 550 true power ps If...
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    FS 10' Brand New Tygon Tubing 1/2"id 5/8"od

    I have 10' of brand new Tygon tubing FS. It's brand new, never been used and uncut. More than I need in my H2O rig. $20 plus $4 to ship usps priority. Email me if you are interested. Paypal or cashiers check.
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    Is my PS too weak?

    I have an Enermax 430w PS. My system as follows. Asus P4C800E Deluxe P4 2.8 800 C 4x 512 Corsair twin mx Ati 9800XT CD-RW DVD-RW 36gb WD Raptor 2x 160 gb Maxtor IDE RAID 0 1x 200 WD IDE 3x 80mm case fans 2x 120mm case fans 2x printers scanner External USB HD with seperate power...
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    *** Official Catalyst 4.2 Thread ***

    After installing 4.2's I am having a problem with MOHAA. The brightness adjustment does'nt work. Things are pretty dark. Has anyone had similar issues? Any ideas why?
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    Dual Monitor and whatnot...

    ultramon. The best.
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    Thanks Brent. Chipset drivers took care of things.
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    I have a 9800XT and have been poking around the driver settings trying to figure them out. The SMARTGART tab has the option of AGP Off, 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X. 1X and 2X are grayed out and it is set to Off. Fastwrite is grayed out and set to Off. When I try to set AGP to 8X I have to reboot but when I...
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    show off your vid card!!

    Here's my 9800XT readt for some H2O.
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    Post your watercooled systems HERE! Pics, etc..

    Here's a pic of my recently finished rig
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    9800XT temps??

    I have a 9800XT that is H2O cooled with a maze4. I just installed the cat4 drivers. With overdrive you can monitor the temp of the gpu. I'm getting 57-59c without overclocking the card. I was just wondering if that is normal for idle gpu temps. What are others getting with the ATI temp readings?
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    New Egg Stopped

    Yeah, the Lian-Li cases are pricey but they are worth every penny. I've had a PC70 for 3 years and I plan on having it for many upgardes to come. Very clean, easy to work with and sleek. The fact that you can buy replacement parts is a modders dream, mod and re-mod.
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    Watercooling for Dummies? Can anyone help me?

    I just ordered an H20 setup from danger den, Cost about $220. I also have 9800XT. Got a block for that and tweakmonster ram sinks too. I did away with the res and opted for a T. Here is a great resource for H20, ...
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    Post your watercooled systems HERE! Pics, etc..

    Raph, Nice work, very clean. Newb, Try here:
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    Help Comp won't power up

    Problem solved. Reset the cmos.
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    Help Comp won't power up

    The hsf is a four pin connected to the PS. It's a 92mm Delta 38mm thick. In my other case I had no problems using the four pin. I'm guessing 350w PS should be fine. I tried disconnecting fans but that did not help.
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    9800XT running very warm

    I've got an ATI 9800XT and this sucker is quite warm even when I'm not gaming. I know this card is a monster but it seems a little too warm. It has the stock hsf but it does'nt appear to be cooling things down much. I also have the power cable running straight to the PS. ATI manual states that...
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    Help Comp won't power up

    Not sure if this is the right forum but here goes. I just finished putting together a computer with some spare parts I had lying around. I tried to boot but when I turn on the power it starts up for about 5 seconds then it shuts off. WTF. Here is the setup. Abit KG7 Raid AMD XP1800+ 1GB...
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    HSF glued to my GF4!!! [H]elp

    Forget the freezer. Take a can of compressed air, turn it upside down and blast the hsf. It should freeze instantly and you can snap it off with pliers. I did this with a crystal orb I needed to remove from a Radeon 8500. Worked like a charm. As for cleaning the gpu I used a pencil eraser if I...
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    Raptor power connection help

    Called ati and the guy said I can go straight from 9800XT to the power supply no need to go through the HD. Thanks for the info all, I appreciate it.
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    Raptor power connection help

    Using the four pin is fine but the 9800XT MUST be hooked up in this fashion: out from vid card to hard drive to power supply. I just don't know if the Raptor would be better off on its own. The ati manual does nopt specify if it needs to be hooked up to OS drive or if it's ok to hook up to...
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    Raptor power connection help

    I just picked up a wd360gd Raptor drive. This is my first SATA drive. I see two options to connect power, the legacy and the serial power connectors. Is there any difference between the two? I can't imagine there would be seeing that they would be connected to the same power source but I just...
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    Good Paint Match for Lian-Li Silver

    I use Testor model spray paint, silver. I bought it at Walmart. $4 a can. I've painted several CD and DVD drives. Good luck.