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    15 Year Old Hacks "Unhackable" Cryptocurrency Wallet to Play Doom

    As someone already stated, he left the safe (the secure part) sitting in the corner untouched. He did not "hack" the device in the sense of what the reward was for.
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    How Intel Feels about PC Users

    I think you've misinterpreted the graph into some distorted view. The plot is the reality. PCs have stagnated (the data is there) and or declined. Meanwhile data centric businesses have thrived and continue to grow. Pursuing other markets for growth does not reflect "How Intel Feels about PC Users"
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    Apple Hardware Engineer Charged With Stealing Trade Secrets

    Or start punishing them where it hurts, trade. Their economy relies on exports. If no one accepts their exports due to the stealing, it may deter them (probably not).
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    Medium Says You're Using Your Mouse Wrong

    Or he's using it as an opportunity to teach people about proper ergonomics.
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    Facebook Did Something Smart

    Classic I don't like something so you must be *insert negative attribute* to use it. When will people realize everything is built for everyone and it's OK to not like something? If it's not your cup of tea, be done with it, don't find something wrong with the people who do enjoy it.
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    Free i7-8086 Got You Down - Trade it for a Threadripper 1950X

    How are you "being stupid" for sticking with the 8086k? How are we supposed to take it?
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    Serial Swatter Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter

    In this incident, it was both of their fault. The cops who shot him were jumpy and killed an unarmed civilian. It doesn't matter if that was a real situation, they should have never shot. You make a bunch of excuses, but the fact is an unarmed civilian was killed by an armed cop. This isn't the...
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    Intel Announces New Speculative Execution Side Channel Vulnerability

    I don't get why more people haven't used critical thinking to understand the issue and break it down like you have. Unforunately, when you're on the top an everyone's gunning for you they'll go after whatever they can. I think the worst part are these AMD fanboys just pouring gasoline on the...
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    AT&T to Take Over Time Warner

    I don't think this can be said enough and I really don't understand how people are so worried about this. Then you have Kyle spreading even more FUD, "at the mercy of the big companies that will control internet access, this write-up at TechCrunch outlines our dystopian future on the internet."...
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    AMD's New Graphics Engineer Pledges Yearly GPU Releases to Make PCs Fun Again

    Sell shit popsicles for years and no one bats an eye. Demo an unreleased product at 5GHz using a custom cooler and everyone loses their mind! :) I'm seeing a lot of excuses when it comes to AMD's deception over the years.
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    Intel Limited Edition Core i7-8086K For Sale

    Cheaper/better alternatives from Intel? I've been burned by AMD in the past and won't be going back, so this is a good upgrade. Does it really make you that salty to know people are buying this?
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    PUBG Losing Players at a Furious Pace

    I really don't understand all of the hate for this game. Me and my friends still play plenty of it and it runs very smooth. I guess people will complain about everything.
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    28 - Core Intel Demo Questioned on Cooling

    That's the price point they're going after. This probably isn't being made for you.
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    Intel Set to Fall Further Behind TSMC

    All of these responses about Intel being "complacent" or "lazy" are shortsighted. If you think Intel is falling behind or has, you don't understand the technology or the industry. It's one thing to be a computer enthusiast, it's a completely different thing to understand the manufacturing...
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    Now That's a Crypto Crash

    What are you talking about? My premiums doubled BECAUSE of the individual mandate. BECAUSE of Obamacare. Getting rid of the individual mandate is not the issue..
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    Exploits for Intel CPUs (NOT AMD) Documented

    Yeah I think it's just the perspective you take on it, but I can see this being a bug. They definitely made this choice to increase performance, but will likely roll it back in the future. Hopefully not much performance loss! Sounds like individuals won't see any impact, but yes, servers will...
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    Quick Facts about Meltdown and Spectre

    Thank you for your input on that! I'll change my rhetoric, but like you said, it's very subtle. I just hear people saying Intel needs to recall all of these or should be sued for continuing to sell them when the exploit was known. I work on the manufacturing side, so I laugh when people think...
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    Quick Facts about Meltdown and Spectre

    Thank you for giving your input on this. There's too much misinformation going around about this from people who have no idea what they're talking about. Reading the rest of NoOther's replies, it's clear he's just parroting anything he hears without actually understanding it. Now, the question...
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    Intel's CEO Sold $24 Million In Stock After Learning About Security Flaw

    The stock price is the same as it was when he sold it and everyone is still freaking out. Investigate him of course, but I find it truly hard to believe that someone so smart could be so stupid. Likely nothing will happen because everything was perfectly legal. He didn't sell BECAUSE of the...
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    Exploits for Intel CPUs (NOT AMD) Documented

    Holy crap the fan boys are out in droves! I still find it amazing people think this is a bug, as if speculative execution wasn't a performance feature on many of these processors. Somebody exploits it and suddenly it's a bug and was never supposed to be part of the architecture? Do we recall...
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    2 of the Biggest Cryptocurrency Exchanges are Experiencing Issues

    But you can see that happening. The block is updated every 10min and can catch abnormalities like that. Either way, it doesn't change the utility whether a computer today or tomorrow verify the transactions. Sure the mining aspect dies away, but now you still have the underlying technology that...
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    2 of the Biggest Cryptocurrency Exchanges are Experiencing Issues

    In theory, this could be possible. In practice, it's unlikely to happen. Taking control of the system to capture Bitcoins would effectively destroy their value. I saw a bunch of your other posts and it makes me think you don't fully understand the technology and the utility it provides.