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    Women Who Play Games Shun ‘Gamer’ Label

    Gamers have always been shunned and shamed. It's the one group of people you can always badmouth and demean without repercussions.
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    Should You Buy A Sound Card?

    I replaced my ZxR with a X7 after switching to a Rampage V board and finding none of the PCIe x1 lanes were open in an SLI config. The other reason for the switch being that the ZxR and X7 share the exact same OPAMP configuration, so I was able to port over with relative ease. With all honesty...
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    Question about NVIDIA video card 4K Dell monitor

    Are you talking about for gaming or just 4K output? Also, what interface are you using?
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    SLI users only: Asus realbench, driver crash or self reboot while stopping.

    I ran into the same crash on my system when benching my 4.5GHz OC on a 5960 with SLI Titan X's...full video driver lockup when I stopped the test, but completely stable up till that point (CPU heat notwithstanding...getting close to 90C with a H110i GT puckered me up a bit). I think it has...
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    Nintendo NX Reportedly Has "Industry-Leading" Tech, 2016 Release Date

    Sounds like the Dreamcast all over again.
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    Video Game Voice Actors Authorize Strike

    Soo....the voice cast for Fallout 4 has dropped from 10 to 6?
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    Apple and Adobe Are Creepy, Tone-Deaf, And Icky?

    You didn't watch your re-education video courtesy of our lord and savior!
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    The directX 12 conspiracy

    Beating, yes, but the performance difference between DX11 and DX12 isn't what it should be on Nvidia hardware. A 980Ti sweeps the floor with the 390x and in most cases the Fury X in almost all tests, but if AMD hardware is seeing close to a 2x boost in performance by switching to DX12, while...
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    The directX 12 conspiracy

    I think the big thing people are missing in all of this was the intentions behind the hardware designs. None of the hardware right now fully supports all the functions of DX12, and it'll be a while before even the new parts get to it. AMD has always focused on the raw compute power of their...
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    No games for the PS4

    The really hard part is that I like my PS4, but I hardly ever turn it on these days save for PS Plus free games and Destiny every now and then. Everything else that has come out recently has either been a remaster (which there is nothing wrong with), or has a PC release as well. That's not to...
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    Microsoft Ending Xbox Live Indie Games Program

    With almost every indie game being a less-than-8-bit side-scroller these days, I can see why.
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    Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen coming to PC

    Finally! Been waiting to hear of a PC port since this game came out. The demo was great, and I got a free copy with PS Plus, but the framerate was so atrocious I couldn't bring myself to keep playing for long.
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    Trust OCCT to update DirectX?

    Even if your system has DX11 or DX12, it still needs elements from the DX9 Redist package for certain games and programs. Most monitoring programs, like Precision or Afterburner, will attempt to install it in some fashion. That's more than likely what's attempting to do.
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    Chrome Reportedly Bypassing Adblock, Forces YouTube Video Ads

    uBlock Origin still seems to work as far as I can tell. I switched over a while back because the Adblocker whitelist was letting more and more ads through.
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    ARK: Survival Evolved At about 11:36, Lirik asks about performance, asking if a 670 and a 2700k could get 60FPS at 1080p, and Rapczak responds with "Oh, no. We're targeting a 30 FPS framerate. It's not really a 60 FPS game at this time, and part of the reason is that we're...
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    Don’t Buy A 1TB PlayStation 4

    Hooray for Costco, time to upgrade my system when they get it :D
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    ARK: Survival Evolved

    With the rig in my sig, and settings on Epic, I was lucky to get 25 FPS. Even High had the same results. On Medium, the max it would hit is 48. Something is really out of whack with this game's performance, and the devs stating that they're "targeting 30 FPS for release" doesn't bode well.
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    Skyrim Paid Mods After Fallout 4

    Didn't paid mods split the Skyrim modding community as well? I've been out of the loop for a while, but I remember the creator of SkyUI putting his entire framework behind a paywall, thereby gimping any mod that uses it, and people lost their shit at him. Modders started attacking other modders...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    You mean with the social module? Right now it's only on the PTU because they're doing a limited rollout to test server load. Anyone who has played in the last few days gets an invite (all of my friends I fly with got theirs tonight). Only accounts that haven't logged in for a while get less of a...
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    Batman: Arkham Knight PC Patch in Testing

    Still not a fan of the fact that their idea of removing the FPS lock is to simply add additional locks (30/60/90) when most monitors with higher refresh rates are 120Hz and 144Hz. Limitation of the engine I suppose. I refunded my copy back when GMG allowed it, but it's still sitting in my steam...
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    SLI and Windows 10 So long as you did the upgrade first, you won't need to enter a key when it asks. Just make sure you use whatever Win 10 chipset/MEI drivers are listed on your motherboard manufacturer's site to avoid any issues.
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    SLI and Windows 10

    I've seen a lot of posts in the Win 10 Geforce Driver threads about BF4 and DA:I having memory errors since Win 10's release (BF4 having the worst of it). Nvidia seems to be aware of it, but it looks like a possible flaw with the Frostbite engine itself. Overall, on my system, I haven't had...
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    Starbreeze Developing Virtual Reality John Wick FPS

    So if they're going to integrate more John Wick into Payday, since they already did cross-promotion for the first film (integrating the "Wick" lore into Payday 2 and even making a short film for it), I really hope they get Keanu to re-record the lines for his digital counterpart.
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    Write And Draw On Web Pages With Microsoft Edge

    For me, the HTML5 YouTube player keeps crashing when I try going to fullscreen, and the browser can lag my entire system when an ad tries to play a video in the background or uses an animation. Scrolling and closing tabs becomes a nightmare the more banner ads a site has. Granted, this could...
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    Write And Draw On Web Pages With Microsoft Edge

    I'll agree with that. I've been trying to use Edge instead of Chrome for the time being because of the audio stack bug with Chrome and Win 10, but the lack of extensions or adblockers ([H]ard is always on my whitelist tho ;) ), on top of mediocre performance and constant HTML5 errors is really...
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    Suggestions for a sound card that will do DDL/DTS over TOSLINK in Win10

    Yep! The HDMI support on that card does LPCM 7.1 and Dolby+/DTS-HD.
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    GeForce Windows 10 Driver

    Most games seem to be working fine for me, but it's the desktop applications that don't like this driver. Netflix keeps resetting the driver while in fullscreen, and Edge lags like hell when videos play.
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    Suggestions for a sound card that will do DDL/DTS over TOSLINK in Win10

    Win 10 just came out, and companies that make sound cards tend to drag their feet when it comes to driver updates for new operating systems. Creative's Win 8 drivers didn't appear for months, and it took just as long for Asus to figure out their own drivers. On top of that, Dolby is now an...
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    Need to upgrade to Windows 10 first to convert product key?

    A few posts back I ran into a similar problem with the same error code. I wound up reformatting the drive and reinstalling 8.1 Pro using the media creator to make the drive. At the very end of the post-install setup dialogue, I was immediately presented with a screen asking to update to 10 (it...
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    Need to upgrade to Windows 10 first to convert product key?

    Well, hopefully it's just the servers being bogged down, but my clean install isn't activating. I used the media creation tool from Microsoft's product page, but I'm wondering if there's a step somewhere that I missed. I did go through the process of doing an in-place upgrade first from Win 8.1...
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    My friends and I tested it one night. Thsee are what can kill it: 22 guided rockets from a buzzard 7 rpg hits 5 bricks of C4 Being stuck in the middle of a 8 car pile up 3 tank shells 15 seconds of continuous fire from the attack chopper
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    Anyone able to run GTA5 with SLI enabled?

    Runs fine on my system. Do any other games exhibit similar problems? Also, what version number (for both game and GPU driver) are you running?
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    Twitter Jokes Can Be Deleted On Copyright Grounds

    My apologies. I tend to be passionate about these issues. If my comments are upsetting and in violation of the rules, then please submit a PM to the admins requesting my post to be deleted and a accout ban issued.
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    Twitter Jokes Can Be Deleted On Copyright Grounds

    I'll just assume that you tend to read general publications from the media at face value without actually questioning anything, so let me give you a quick explanation: SJW or Social Justice Warrior is not a term of endearment, but rather a play on words in the same fashion as White Knight or...
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    Making Female Video Game Characters With Average Body Types

    It's an American thing. We have a nationwide obesity crisis, but hurt feelings from being mocked for poor life choices is a far more important topic to address.
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    Twitter Jokes Can Be Deleted On Copyright Grounds

    There's also a new twitter policy that says any information posted about a person is okay if it can be found through sources like google; home addresses, financial information, other documentation... ...unless of course, this information pertains to a SJW or member of the Protected Class...
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    Look at the Big Box on Corsair 3600MHz DDR4

    Hey Kyle, which board are you gonna test with? I'm curious because I want to see if other boards have issues with the airflow fan mount blocking the first PCIe port on other boards. The Rampage V gets some overlap, and a lot of others seem to have the same issue at first glance.
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    Japan's First Robot-Staffed Hotel Has Dinosaurs

    So Japan decided to make Dr. Dinosaur into a hotel clerk?