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  1. K

    Your Top 3 VR Games you recommend?

    1.H3VR 2.Beat Saber 3. ... Those are the only 2 I have; there was a D-Day wave survival sim that I liked the prospect of, but can't remember the name.
  2. K

    Looking for a new rogue-lite

    If you can get through the (generally) confusing menus, ASCII artstyle, and learning cliff of Dwarf Fortress, the Adventurer mode is extremely detailed through it's simulations. Randomly generate world, pick a race, starting stat level, stats, and starting position, and off you go. Usually...
  3. K

    Slowest loading games of all time

    Someone already said Sonic `06, so I'll say Dwarf Fortress; even with an SSD, saving a huge world with a long history is painfully slow.
  4. K

    So now that E3 is over, what is your most anticipated game?

    In no particular order (any anticipated games, right? Not just E3 announcements?): Octopath: Traveler Smash Ultimate (Def a day 1 buy) Elder Scrolls 6 Fallout 76 Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (Also a D1 buy) Bayonetta 3 My Friend Pedro: Bananas