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    IT Resume Thread

    Three paragraphs is what I shoot for. Tell them who you are, how you found the position, why you're interested and what sparked your attention/what made you think the position was good for you in the first paragraph. In the second paragraph, pick 2-3 requirements/expectations/qualifications...
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    IT Resume Thread

    Edit: disregard
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    Home hosted forums

    Do yourself a favor and don't use PHP4, it's been EOLed for almost a year and won't be receiving any more updates (for real this time, I'm told).
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    Can't connect to localhost

    Also make sure that the site in IIS is enabled and listening on localhost.
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    Mini (home) Network Rack???
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    SSH Brute Forcing and Reporting It

    To add to the above list, also change your SSH port.
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    Anyone good with Linux web servers, dns entries, email, etc?

    I know you're not intentionally trying to stiff anyone, but that's quite a laundry list of things to do. It's worth significantly more than $75-150. That could easily take 8+ hours. If I were you, I would really look into getting cPanel or something like that. That will do everything...
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    how to gain CCNA certification? step-by-step

    The tests are usually given at community colleges, things like that. You can register for them at If you want physical equipment, eBay is probably the place to go.
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    Bandwidth monitoring for network

    It's not quite what you're looking for out of the box (but close), but Cacti will do most of those things and is pretty easy to set up. You don't even need two NICs.
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    cygwin and ssh troubleshooting

    My first guess would be that your ISP is blocking 222. I would try moving to another port and seeing if that works. If that doesn't, check to make sure that you don't have any software firewalls or anything blocking the connection.
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    Ftp Server

    If you want security, don't use regular FTP. FTP sends data in plain text. You'll probably want either SFTP or FTP over TLS/SSL.
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    Urgently need your review/advice/critique of a new network setup plan

    That should work fine; that's a pretty basic network. You don't even necessarily need to buy the same switch; most any switch should do the job.
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    DDNS question for home server

    Unless the receiving server does an rDNS checkup. The majority of them do, and when a server named '' is trying to send mail, and the reverse DNS points to something like, it's not going to accept the mail as the PTR record doesn't match.
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    Ubuntu Web Server ?

    I've been running Debian on a box for almost three years now. I've never had one single problem that wasn't a direct result of my own mistakes.
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    Custom NAS Needed?

    I would say definitely go with Linux unless you have a concrete reason not to. If you're familiar with Linux (and you say you are), then why even consider Windows without a need for something like Exchange/some other MS only product? Set yourself up a nice Linux box, you can use Samba and...
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    1 site on multiple web servers?

    We use WebMUXs for our dedicated server clients that need such a thing here at work.
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    Class Project Final: Need some Info, Suggestions

    I concur. This isn't a first level networking final, and if it is, that instructor should be beaten. That was the final I had in my 2 year CCNA course(s) when I took it back in high school. It still kicked our ass after 2 years studying the stuff.
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    Coax length question...

    Length shouldn't, at least not at that length. I would put my money on a bad end or something of that nature. That would very easily cause problems. See if you can get the ends reterminated.
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    What can I do with one cisco router?

    If you don't have another router, you're probably not going to get a ton of use out of it. The 2501 only has one Ethernet port (as I'm sure you're no doubt well aware), and thus, can't be used in modern day networks without a bit of ... caressing? Like the previous poster said, I would...
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    Home E-Mail Server

    For a Windows environment, I've had good experience with both SmarterMail (as someone mentioned previously) and MailEnable. Both have free versions.
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    Home Network Problem

    Power down the cable modem, wait 30 seconds, power it back up, then do the same with the router. This may take care of it.
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    netsend at school : suspension

    My obligatory net send fun was along the lines of Needless to say, it caused quite a panic with our 'media specialist' (read: librarian who has a Mac at home and thinks they 'know computers'). I don't think they ever figured out what was going on with that one.
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    Monitoring Internet Usage

    I would report it to your IT department instead of snooping on them. They'll be able to figure out pretty quick if they're breaking the rules.
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    Gigabit Networking and Cat 5

    I would stick with Cat5e if you can.
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    Hiding wireless from college?

    Cloning the MAC address will hide it on the network side, but if they're looking for rogue APs, then no, there isn't any way to hide it.
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    Incredibly slow wireless with Vista

    Are you playing MP3s? I haven't really kept up on it, but a few weeks ago, some people noted the fact that while playing MP3s (in fact, I think it's any time there is sound going to the sound card) that network performance will drop by about 90% on Vista. Pausing doesn't work either, it must...
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    cs server connection problem : (

    I suppose it's possible that the server disallows concurrent connections from the same IP address to prevent ghosting/etc. You may be able to get away with hooking a switch up before your router, and having one PC come off of that, assuming your ISP allows for multiple DHCP addresses.
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    Help, Please Help!!!

    Wait, what? 'Locked your IP address?' I think you're mistaken. This doesn't sound like someone decided to maliciously deny you internet access. Are you simply unable to get an IP address from your provider? What is the output of ipconfig? Do you get an error message when you try to...
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    I had a nice long reply typed up, until I saw this: derian@nb:~$ dig -x +short Well played.
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    You'll need to contact them again, as they're likely the only ones that can do it. It wouldn't be Network Solutions; it would be the company who owns the IP block you're using. If they don't understand PTR, maybe say rDNS, reverse DNS, pointer record, etc. If they still don't know, you...
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    "Safe" to configure/manage server via VNC?

    RDP for Windows, SSH for Linux. Really, if you're running a headless Linux box, there isn't much reason to have a GUI running at all.
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    Quick Easy Router Question

    It should.
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    Hardware Firewall/Router: Suggestions Needed

    All a firewall is is a stripped down computer (in a sense) with applications that run on it to direct traffic based on rules. This is what all of these suggestions do. It's really quite simple, in fact - you'll need an old computer, and two Ethernet cards. One of them will plug into your...
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    Got my Barracuda in

    I believe it's something as simple as selecting "To address contains:" or whatever your criteria are in the drop down on the message log page.
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    Raid Card

    A RAID card allows you to use multiple hard drives in different RAID configurations.
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    Creating a server - What OS to use?

    Really? NB:~# ssh storage root@storage's password: Last login: Tue Aug 21 13:35:26 2007 from nb Linux storage 2.6.18-4-686 #1 SMP Wed May 9 23:03:12 UTC 2007 i686 The programs included with the Debian GNU/Linux system are free software; the exact distribution terms for each program are...
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    Creating a server - What OS to use?

    Yeah, sorry for the confusion. Fedora is fine, if that's your bag, but at least go with 6. I personally prefer CentOS (if we're talking RH based flavors), but quite a few people like Fedora. The newest version of Fedora is 7, but 6 is still supported. I believe 8 is coming out soon, isn't it?
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    This freaked me out. Can anyone help

    It sounds like it's simply some sort of malware that pops up a browser window that has one of those flash ads in it. Try running anti-spyware software.
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    static ip and router

    Did you put your DNS servers in correctly in Windows when you set your static IP? That's probably your best bet. With your computer set to 'obtain an IP address automatically', open up a command prompt and type: ipconfig /all There will be an entry for your DNS servers. Note their...
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    Creating a server - What OS to use?

    Add another vote for Linux, however, please don't use Fedora Core 5. It's been end of lifed. Get yourself a copy of CentOS 5 or 4.5; it's basically Red Hat Enterprise, but free. It's also designed to be a server, while Fedora is also used as a desktop.