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    Two completely different monitors don't like each other

    Make the Asus the primary monitor. I remember trying to game on a secondary monitor and it would have a severe frame rate drop.
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    new vidcard. more problems

    I read the thread. Three times. I know he's not having problems any longer. As I've said, if the PSU replacement does NOT work and gets a random restart, BSOD, or black screen, try the driver rollback. And yeah, I know how old his PSU is. I said it particularly here: Sigh. Maybe you didn't...
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    new vidcard. more problems

    Try the 314.22 drivers. I had the same problem with the GTX 780, as well as my friend with the GTX 670. Problem with mine is that 314.22 is not supported, so I had to mod the inf file to make the drivers recognize the GTX 780. All the drivers past the 314.22 has BSOD or restarted. My friend...
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    Going from Creative to ASUS camp. Any driver issues?

    This is pretty much the main reason that people have problems. Don't enable GX mode, or else you'll have problems. Without GX mode, the sound card and drivers have largely been flawless. Personally, the unified drivers have some dumb quirks that make me prefer the Asus official drivers...
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    New Tiamat 7.1 sounds "tinny"

    I wonder if you tried the Razer Tiamat Microphone, because they are incredibly bad.
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    Audioengine a5+ speakers incompatibilty

    Yeah, I'll have to agree with this. It's also not worth the inconvenience.
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    Amazon To Collect Sales Tax In NJ

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    Samsung SA850 on PLS - the first review has been published (preproduction unit)

    Got my panel replaced on my S24A850DW due to vertical lines. The flawed panel had a dead pixel as well. The fixed panel doesn't. As for the backlight bleeding: Pretty much identical to the old panel, which is probably one of the worst backlight bleed I've seen from an LCD. Still, besides the...
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    Asus Xonar Essence STX Thread

    I used both unified and official Asus Xonar drivers. Sonically, barely heard a difference. As for UI, I prefer the Cmedia one from the Unified drivers. However, when setting the gain for headphones, it's absent from the CMedia UI, though the Unified drivers still has the Asus Xonar UI (however...
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    I just had my S24A850D go defective and it was basically 4 months old. A little more than a week ago, I sent it back for an RMA (don't use the site to file an rma, use the support chat and let the person file it for you, because the site itself is buggy.). I just got it back today, and it so far...
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    EA Wins "Worst Company in America" Award

    "Clearly all of 4chan and reddit who voted do not agree with you", is what you mean. And also, I can retort a similar statement: "Clearly those 300 million people buying EA games don't agree with you" and they technically vote with their wallets. And then there are the "gamers" who buy...
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    Should I step up to an evga GTX 680 - currently have evga 570

    I'd do it. Pretty much an upgrade across the board: Power consumption, temperature, and performance (noise is about the same). As for the price, that's the only problem.
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    Worst Company In America Voting Still Going

    All this is doing is undermining the legitimacy of the Internet voice. Looks like Lamar Smith was right, the SOPA protest was overblown, just like this absurd poll. Seriously? EA over Comcast and AT&T?
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    broken hd280 headband

    Upgrade to something better? That's what I do when something goes broken. Unfortunately, I don't exactly know what's a better upgrade to it since I haven't heard the HD280.
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    Asus headphone amp reviewed

    Wish it did Dolby Headphone for my gaming and movie usages. I'll use it for music though. But otherwise I might as well get an better amplifier for my STX.
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    Nvidia display stopped working but recovered

    There are two things that causes these (at least for me), from what I've found out: Firefox Too low of a voltage. The former is fixed with disabling hardware acceleration The latter is fixed by raising the voltage. I have the Asus GTX 570 DirectCUII, and there was a vbios update that did...
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    Just ordered Xonar STX...

    Yeah, about to experiment with E9+E17 soon enough. We'll see how that pans out.
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    Just ordered Xonar STX...

    Be glad. I love my Xonar Essence STX. I also had the opportunity to compare it between the Fiio E17 and the Essence STX, and the Essence STX blew away the Fiio E17. Then again, I think the E17 was lacking amping. Whatever it was, the soundstage and imaging was next to nill on the E17 compared...
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    fake bnib dre beats detox limited edition headphones for 200 a good deal?

    I'll recommend something else than what most people recommend here: Sennheiser HD25-1 II. Yes, it's better than the ATH-M50. Is it as bassy as the M50? No. But it's way cleaner sounding, and not a muddy mess in comparison. As for the beats? Haven't heard the Solos, but I did hear the...
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    got a set of "nice headphones" now notice noise from front panel audio

    Yeah, I have an Asus Essence STX. Plugging headphones on the front panel is pretty much a no-no. The noise is overly noticeable. The back? None at all. It seems to be a "norm". I highly doubt it's sound card related. For all we know it's the front panel's problem (usually the case).
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    Decently priced 1920x1200 24" IPS monitor?

    I'll agree with this. I also have the comparison of a S24A850DW (24" PLS, semi-gloss) vs the Dell U2412M (24" IPS, so-called "aggressive AG coating"). The AG coating issue is quite overblown. But each to their own.
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    Samsung SA850 on PLS - the first review has been published (preproduction unit)

    Yeah, having both the S24A850 and the Dell U2412M, I would stick to the Dell U2412M. The S24A850 is not worth $500 to me. Should be $400 at the most. The extra crap such as the light and motion sensor for the eco modes, Auto-rotation, and the USB 3.0 is probably what is making it more expensive...
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    Samsung SA850 on PLS 24" - Test and Review (what you have been waiting for)

    So I have the Samsung S24A850DW and the Dell U2412M side by side. AG Coating on the Dell... a non-issue. Yes, it's worse than the more common S-PVA AG coating, but as for how bad it is... eh, meh. Each to their own. But yes, it's pretty much the most aggressive AG Coating I've seen on a display...
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    Samsung SA850 on PLS 24" - Test and Review (what you have been waiting for)

    Got my S24A850DW from Amazon as well. Yeah, backlight bleeding, nearly identical to all the pictures you all see about the S24A850 and backlight bleeding. At least it's consistent to a point. Is the blacklight bleeding bothersome? Well, I'm not that sensitive to backlight bleeding, so it's fine...
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    3D Printing Community to Save a Species

    Apparently, it's not plastic.
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    NZXT Phantom, overclocked i5 2500k, and SLi 560 Ti: Noctua DH-14 or C12P w/ side fan

    I'm pretty sure the 200mm Coolermaster fan won't work... because the NZXT 200mm isn't exactly 200mm. The NZXT ones are 192mm, but will fit the case. Here's the thread where the 200mm Coolermaster fan will not work...
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    Asus Xonar DG /// Endles Problems

    Turn off GX mode. That's usually the majority of problems. If it still does it with GX mode off, wouldn't know then. But yes, GX mode is incredibly buggy. For games that do NOT use EAX, you don't need it whatsoever.
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    Modern Warfare 3 Trailer

    I think the trial for Activision and the former heads of Infinity Ward started yesterday.
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    apply thermal paste

    Eh, pretty much more or less accurate. I just wouldn't fully spread it out.
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    Question about Arcticlean

    I've used 70% rubbing alcohol as well as 91% and Arctic clean. Not all at the same time of course, but arctic clean does get rid of it more... thoroughly. 70% is good enough. As for expiration date... really, alcohol really doesn't expire until the bottle is empty due to evaporation. Here's...
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    best sound card with built in headphone amp for $100-$150

    Had the E9 and the STX, though I've never used both at the same time. Anyways, Yes, the STX *can* drive the DT880s (personally have a DT990) 600 ohm, but you'll need to up the volume quite a bit. The E9? Yeah, it drives the Beyerdynamics well... maybe too well.
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    Headphone Suggestions $500 budget

    Or he could opt for the 600 Ohm version and get an Amp with it. Personally have the DT990 600 Ohms. Fantastic.
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    best sound card with built in headphone amp for $100-$150

    Too bad your upper limit isn't $200, otherwise I'd recommend the Asus Xonar Essence ST or STX (the ST is PCI, STX is PCI-E).
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    Gaming - Sound Card

    Dolby headphone is pretty nice. I can't compare it directly with CMSS-3d, but many users have said CMSS-3d is superior to positioning and positioning alone, but I don't think it's miles ahead. And yes, it sucks for music. One thing I did notice, though, is that CMSS-3d is way better at...
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    Coolest looking (affordable) cases?

    Personally, I would have opted for the white Corsair 600T than the NZXT Phantom. Before I bought the NZXT Phantom, my choices for cases were the NZXT Phantom White, or Red... and the Black Corsair 600T. Too bad the white one didn't come out, otherwise I would have chose that instead.
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    How Come Bose Never Comes Up?

    Depends what you compared it to.
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    Gaming - Sound Card

    I'll recommend any of the Asus ones. Kinda tired of Creative's BS for years now. As for me, I switched from an XtremeMusic to the Asus Xonar Essence STX... difference was phenomenal. I mean granted the latter is a $200 sound card with much difference specs from the lower end Asus Xonar.
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    Speaker Break In

    Yeah, I believe it. Same goes with headphones. Had broken in a headphone without listening to it for a good few days of break in (with rest periods, of course). Magnificent difference afterwards.
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    upgraded ram, lost 15% 3dmark06 in CPU score

    Yeah, I pretty much convinced myself that RAM speed no longer matters for most of my uses.