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    Cisco Security Manager to deploy IOS images?

    Hey guys, I'm having a problem with a customer of mine that wants to run CSM 3.3 SP1 for a couple of major reasons - 1. To deploy IOS upgrade to over 900 routers 2. Change PSK on the DMVPN tunnels every 6/12 months. I've been banging my head against a wall looking for any books on the...
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    Happy Holidays from Cisco

    One of my co workers sent this to me today, check it out. It involves some Logos and some singing.
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    Opps- Cisco ASA5505 vpn help

    I thought he stated he was still having a problem getting out to the internet? The configuration I am talking about would be the ASA's configuration, not the layout of the network. If help is still needed, post up !
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    Opps- Cisco ASA5505 vpn help

    Do you have a global address pool? It would look something like: global (1) interface nat (1) If you don't have those, you wouldn't have any NAT going on for outgoing connections. Post up your config, with the personal info removed of course, that will help.
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    "Backordering" a Domain - legalities?

    Thanks for all of the input. After having a cooldown from everything, I was considering keeping the backorder on to transfer to them for the cost, if I do get it. I think it is definitely better to have the "I save your domain, morons" on my side. It isn't a downturn in the economy causing...
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    "Backordering" a Domain - legalities?

    Yeah it's a touchy subject, not sure what direction to go in. The backorder thing does seem sketchy. I was never responsible for the domain names, but after the DNS service renewal was never paid, I did some investigating into the domains to see when they expired, and I warned them about it...
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    "Backordering" a Domain - legalities?

    I have a weird situation that I am wondering the legalities of. Basically the place I used to work for part time - they laid me off due to not wanting any part timers working at the facility in any department. They laid off the network guy that actually does work, Me! Long story short, I...
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    Dell Manged Switches

    Does anyone have any experience with Dell Managed switches? I took an IT position PT that has a bunch of 3448 switches and Adtran routers (yuck). There is no documentation to speak of, and I have been charged with setting up VLANs... is there a way to find where the switches are plugged into...
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    Post your Smoothie/ipcop/etc. specs

    vage- I have my AP hanging off a VLAN on my switch for just the blue network (wireless). You can also connect the AP using a crossover cable on the switch portion (or plug a straight through into the uplink port on the router), if that is the only device you need on the blue network. I have...
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    Post your Smoothie/ipcop/etc. specs

    If anyone else is as security aware (notice I didnt say paranoid :D) as I am, then I prefer to have the 4 colored networks on my IPCop. Servers have their own subnet Wireless has their own subnet Wired has their own subnet I like the fact that there is so much control, for basically a...
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    Post your Smoothie/ipcop/etc. specs

    :eek: I expect you to turn in your geek card by the end of today. Anyone can plug in a crappy crash-ridden product and have it work. Those of us that want a more powerful firewall/router solution would rather have these devices that can do so much more than just gateway routing.
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    How do I tighten my laptop screen?

    Next time you tighten your screws, remove them and put red threadlocker on them. You can get the threadlocker from your favorite local auto parts store or even at walmart. Only need a dab of it, but it should keep them from backing out on you as quickly (if at all). As for your stripped...
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    Cisco MARS Certifications

    Is anyone familiar with Cisco MARS and any training courses/certifications? I've been charged with getting to know the MARS box to support it. Another thing, anyone taken the CCSP bootcamps? Do they go over MARS in the IDS portion of the boot camp? How hard was it? I've been supporting...
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    WTB/WTTF: Cisco PIX and/or Router(s)

    I am currently looking for some 2600 series routers, I need a 26x1 router specifically (requires 2 ethernet ports). I would prefer the memory to be sufficient to run 12.4 IOS with FW set (128/32), but will entertain other offers. Stuff I have to trade for above mentioned router(s)...
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    Cisco 2800's CSU DSU?

    You could also go with the Multiflex T1 card - they have 1 and 2 port models. These can be used for PRIs as well as data T1. Part numbers: VWIC-1MFT-T1= (~$1,300 MSRP) VWIC-2MFT-T1= (~$2,000 MSRP)
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    Trixbox and IPCop - Phones from remote locations

    I've got a problem, I have a Trixbox setup on my orange subnet of my IPCop. (See network "diagram" below). It works great from inside the firewall, and over site to site VPNs. I can call out to a SIP provider and can call in from them as well. The only issue I am having is with phones...
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    VNC Remotly,(not on the same network)

    That is true.... but hey, its always better to tunnel then do stuff :p
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    VNC Remotly,(not on the same network)

    VNC over the internet!? :eek: I wouldn't do that, as VNC is not encrypted. Anyone sniffing can see the password in clear text. I would recommend setting up an SSH server behind your firewall and setting ONLY the port you need forwarded to the SSH server (22 by default). From there you can...
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    IPv6 and Vista

    Geek bragging rights. You will still be using a NAT device to go out to the internet (I assume). This will keep you mostly secure on the big bad intarweb, due to the nature of the devices. On a home network, you usually don't have to worry about a person coming into your network with a...
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    Rackmount Chasis

    That's the wording I was searching for! Flight case!
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    Rackmount Chasis

    Something I would suggest if you are just going to be putting these devices in, would be to get one of those portable 4 or 6 Rack Unit cases made for equipment. Just remember to remove the front and back while you are running it. That way you can put the ends back on it, and store it when you...
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    Any advantage to Rack Server?

    If you are going to be putting doors and sides on the server rack (baically a cabinet) then remember the heat load in the cabinet. You will have problems with more than one server in there, as the heat has no where to go. As far as your backup DVDs in a fireproof safe... not the best...
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    How to Physically LOCK Down your computer?

    Then you have to worry about them splashing water on the server! :D But seriously, don't forget to lock the front of the case, especially if you have removable trays! Put the keys somewhere else, locked away. Physical security of the room of the server - put it in a non ground floor room...
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    Direcway/Huhges DW7000 sat modem

    If I remember correctly from my dealings with a Hughes sat connection, they give you a private IP address on their network. So that would mean that you could port forward if you wanted, but no one is going to get in anyways, since you aren't directly on the public internet. Even if you did...
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    DST Fallout

    Just wondering if any other SysAdmins had any problems with the DST change after they "supposedly" patched everything. I keep running into problems with CallManager (we handle multiple customers). Mainly phone loads on Java based (7941/7961/7970) phones. That being said, anyone else wanna...
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    Worst ISP luck ever, need suggestions

    Get on the phone with the cable company, and escalate it to the highest person you can at that call center. Demand that you want the service you are paying for, and you want it fixed. Mention that you'd like to request some reimbursement for your unusable connection. If they are anything like...
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    Need a PDU UPS

    That 250V on the plug means that the plug is rated to handle up to 250V. That doesn't mean that it will be putting out 250V. Also, if you need an extension cord for that setup, remember to get the proper gauge for the length you are using. Those cords carry a lot of current, and the last...
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    DS/Wii Integration

    Has anyone heard of any details with the DS and Wii integration ? I can't find anything online, unless I'm searching for the wrong phrase. It is mentioned when you read about the Wii, but not even Nintendo's site says any details! :confused:
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    LCD on its way out?

    Sounds like your backlight went/is going. You can fix this if you have the expertise with taking stuff apart (and getting it back together again :D ) and own a soldering gun or get lucky with a plug. Search eBay for your model monitor, there might be some broken LCDs on there with good...
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    Net Admin Burnout?

    I've been in the field for 4 years now, been messing with computers for the better part of 15 years, and find myself not wanting to really do anything more than setup networks, build a basic computer, and let them run. I used to want to tweak and mod, used to game a lot. Now I find myself...
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    PIX 501 or new ASA series for Small Business

    Another vote here for the ASA! The PIX, as stated, is on its way out. The ASA is much more feature rich!
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    Internet Content Filtering

    Websense is a really powerful filtering option, but the price may be a bit prohibitive for such a small integration. You usually need to renew licenses every year, plus you need a machine to run this on (added cost for all licensing). Personally I would use some form of IPCop, Clark Connect...
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    CCNA Books

    I used the Cisco Press books, INTRO and ICND. I also used TestKing and Testout! software to study for it. You are better off having multiple sources to test on, the books alone are nice, but to really prepare yourself I would get a test simulator. There are certain parts of the exam to study...
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    CCSP Certification order?

    Got a question for those of you that have taken the CCSP certification... what order do you guys suggest to take the 5 tests? I've decided to go with 642-511 CSVPN, not the HIPS test. I've been studying for the 642-522 SNPA so far, only because thats the only book I could find in the store...
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    Internet Problem

    It is most likely a faulty Linksys router. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Linksys hater by any means, but their routers suck! I have replaced a router before for doing this same thing to me, and my current Linksys is doing this to me as well. I would highly suggest next time you can't do...
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    Help Desk Phone Queue

    Sounds like you are already on an Avaya PBX of some sort (running Audix and having a Lucent 8410D). That 8410D is not a VoIP phone, it is a digital phone. I'm not too familiar with PBX equipment or CCM stuff just yet, but I don't think that 8410D would work with CCM if you went that route. I...
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    Post your Smoothie/ipcop/etc. specs

    Hah, Wow I'm an idiot. Those were part of the 4 CORRECT cables I rec'd. I have 4 that are backwards. That's what I get for not sleeping I guess. Yeah I'm very anal about the network coloring. I have 4 private networks, normally, at my house along with the Road Runner connections. It's...
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    Post Your Home File Server Specs

    I've actually got a couple of file servers at the moment, one runs Linux, the other runs Windows. I'm considering moving the drives to the Windows machine for now, but in the process I'd have to mount them in the case without the external 3 drive tray setup (rack case only has (3) 5.25" Bays, 1...
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    Post your Smoothie/ipcop/etc. specs

    IPCop with Addons P3 650E 384MB RAM 512MB Compact Flash 4U Rackmount CodeGen Case (4) 3Com 3C905B-TX cards (Red, Blue, Orange, Green) It used to be a desktop computer, it was a dumpster rescue and upgrade! Need to upgrade to the 933 that was rescued from the same dumpster, maybe run...
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    What is your title?

    I am a Telecommunications Analyst BUT I should be (Senior) Network Engineer - been here dealing with this section of the company's network for the longest, and I have done everything from ground up with the network. Just an excuse to pay us less I suppose. Everyone here has that title.