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    Sapphire hd 7950 $199.99 after $20 mir + 3 games or $177.99 with

    i bit. will be coming from a single fan 5850, im excited!
  2. J

    Sapphire hd 7950 $199.99 after $20 mir + 3 games or $177.99 with

    Voltage unlocked? How's the fan noise? Very tempted.
  3. J

    Borderlands 2 $21 Season Pass $10 at GMG

    ive been having my payment declined all day at gmg. anyone else? ive already contacted my bank and they've said the fixed the situation on their end.
  4. J

    Amazon Christmas Digital Downloads Sale is Live!

    hows LA Noir? not a fan of 30fps capped games, but if the game is great im willing to overlook that.
  5. J

    Burning [H]ot: THQ Humble Bundle

    got one for myself and one for a gift. weeeeeee!
  6. J

    Corsair K90 89.99, M90 39.99 w/ MIR @ NE

    m90/k90 user here. love them both except for the fact that i cant bind any regular keys for my PTT button. anyone know a solution for that?
  7. J

    Iptorrent Invites

    demonoid refugee here as well. id like one if anyone can spare.
  8. J

    MMO mouse

    i never read that issue about not being able to bind a ptt button but after you mentioned it i looked it up. and sure enough, it is an issue. i moved my ptt button off of the mouse and onto the keyboard once i got it, but after you mentioned that i tested it out myself. the software was a pain...
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    MMO mouse

    funny, i was just in this exact situation. wanted a few more buttons on my mouse for wow and soon, gw2. i ordered my corsair m90 on sunday during the newegg promo (deal was listed in the hot deals section) which came out to $44.xx after $10 rebate, promo code, free shipping, and tax. they've got...
  10. J

    Corsair M90 32.50 w/ FS @Newegg AR

    has anybody got this to work without having to contact a sales rep? edit: went through the same ordeal as Cecil with the same results. Claire: Hi, my name is Claire. How may I help you? jr : hi, the promo code EMCNCJG242 does not work for the item N82E16826816007 Claire: Unfortunately, we show...
  11. J

    Corsair M90 32.50 w/ FS @Newegg AR

    id jump if the code worked properly. ill try again tomorrow.
  12. J

    Corsair Obsidian 650D $108 AR + Shipping @ TD

    corsair sells a solid side panel replacement.
  13. J

    Corsair Obsidian 650D $108 AR + Shipping @ TD

    omg how did i miss this? ive been looking for a 650d deal for awhile now :(
  14. J

    CS:GO beta signup

    i got my beta invite today. played a few games and it took a few round to get used to the new buy menu. im no pro or anything, but game play feels ok. recoil is a bit weird. but i dont know if that just me being used to source recoil. it seems alot more...random. but again, thats just from a few...
  15. J

    Best Buy Online Midnite sale Tonight!

    my moms been looking for a laptop, perfect. thanks OP.
  16. J

    Corsair K60 & K90 mech kb $67 & $83 @ Newegg after DC/MIR

    i bought the k60 as my first mech keyboard and loved it. i thought it was stupid how it didnt come with a full wrist rest like the k90. i also wanted the backlighting of the k90 but have no need for the gkeys. ultimately i ended up returning the k60 for the k90 in favor of back lighting and...
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    Looking for gaming keyboard suggestions

    i figure id chime in on this as i was wondering the same thing and actually inquired about it with Corsair. heres the response i got. Me Corsair Tech Support
  18. J

    Looking for gaming keyboard suggestions

    would also like to know. i took my k60 back to frys last night to exchange it for a k90. OOS. their website has it in stock as well as best buy, but then you have to pay for shipping. i brought back out my G15v2 just for now until i can get my hands on a k90. WOW. makes me realize just how...
  19. J

    Looking for gaming keyboard suggestions

    i just went from a G15v2 to a K60. this being my first mechanical keyboard im loving it and wondering why it took me so long to get a mech. i think what sold me was that about a week ago i went into frys and was just looking around. i saw the razer blackwidow and the box has a cutout so you can...
  20. J

    Direct2Drive customers check your e-mails, coupon inside

    good thing i came across this thread. i remember deleting a gamefly email a few days ago and sure enough, i got the %30 off code and free 30 day trial.
  21. J

    Directron 32GB Torx refurb $29

    in for one. going into a HTPC im planning for later this year.
  22. J

    Corsair Force Series 3 120GB - $130 After MIR

    I've been looking for an ssd for the past couple weeks and I've been eyeing the crucial m4, kingston hyper x, and corsair force gt. I missed the rebates on the hyper x and force gt bringing them down to $165. Somebody please reassure me that ill barely notice a difference in speed and I wont...
  23. J

    Steam 2011 Holiday Sale is here!!

    yup bought, but FUUUUUUUUUUUUU 21GBs?! i guess im taking a nap.
  24. J

    Steam 2011 Holiday Sale is here!!

    might jump on RAGE. been watching some youtube vids and it looks pretty cool.
  25. J

    Kingston HyperX SH100S3/120G 2.5" 120GB SATA III SSD 122 AR AC!!

    OOS. i had it sitting in my cart too just waiting to pull the trigger. ugh, i shouldnt have hesitated.
  26. J

    SanDisk Ultra 120GB SATA2 SSD - $128.99

    price jumped up $10. im still thinking about biting.
  27. J

    SanDisk Ultra 120GB SATA2 SSD - $128.99

    so whats the verdict on these? pretty good? im looking for my first SSD for OS+some games. also, my mobo is sata3 compatible. should i be looking for sata3 SSDs in order to take advantage of that? or are the real world differences not that much?
  28. J

    Wii Flingsmash & MotionPlus Controller - $7.99

    HOT. in for one. thank you OP.
  29. J

    ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB DDR5 - $119 w/free ship

    im running a 5850 on my 2500k and corsair 520w psu just fine.
  30. J

    My Skyrim experience PC vs 360

    my 2500k and 5850 are running it amazingly to my surprise. playing at 1080p the game defaulted to high and 8xAA. running at a pretty solid 60fps. at all times. i was overly satisfied with the results so i havent messed with any of the settings yet. but im sure i can squeeze a out a bit more PQ...
  31. J

    30% off all Steelseries products.

    HOW CONVENIENT. i literally just bought a QcK mass on newegg not even 30 mins ago for $22. preferred account = free rush processing so my order has been charged and can not be cancelled :mad: ive been using my g9+qck mass combo for the past two years with no problems.
  32. J

    Best PC game ad of the year 2011?

    made your prediction of best pc game of 2011 (which we're only 4 days in btw) based on a trailer that contains %0 gameplay. nice job. other than that im pretty intrigued. ill definitely give it a look as well as guild wars 2.
  33. J

    Steam Sale is on!

    hows darksiders? i played the demo on 360 and was severely disappointed. it looked and played like crap. i heard its more like a zelda game than a hack n slash and that interests me...but that demo on 360 has left a sour taste in my mouth. or would my money be better spent on AC2? i never played...
  34. J

    [hot] LG LCD HDTV 42" 1080p 120hz @ Newegg $550 AC FS

    mines due for delivery today as well. just waiting on UPS. i hope everything is fine.
  35. J

    [hot] LG LCD HDTV 42" 1080p 120hz @ Newegg $550 AC FS

    in for one, thanks OP. $619 after everything.
  36. J

    Age of Empires III Complete Collection $0.10

    still no key here...
  37. J

    Age of Empires III Complete Collection $0.10

    yup, no key for me either.
  38. J

    Black OPS release going disasterously on the PC

    i cant play this. i thought it was just multiplayer at first so i gave campaign a try. same thing. 20fps unplayable. e8500 1g 5850 2x2 gig ddr2 800 win 7 64
  39. J

    Vindictus (Mabinogi Heroes) f2p source engine action mmorpg

    hey guys i came across this little bit of info :) Head over to or if you have IRC; GameSurge #Vindictus PM Celadon, Solidus or Bumble. Please give back at least one...
  40. J

    Vindictus (Mabinogi Heroes) f2p source engine action mmorpg

    id like a key! id gladly return the favor and give out the two friend invites.