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    AMD Ryzen 7 Review Roundup

    You are missing the point of why 1080p and below are such a concern to gamers. The only reason you are not seeing differences at 1600p and above if because you are GPU LIMITED in these situations, so weather you have a i7 6950 or a lower end i5 it will be almost the exact same FPS. But in 1080p...
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    Electronic Arts Now Offers Annual Membership to Origin Access for $30

    Wow, the EA hate is strong in here.
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    Activision Admits Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Failure

    Well you can only re-skin the same game so many times before people catch on. I gave up on COD when BF3 launched. The BF series with epic 64 player maps, destructible environments, beautiful graphics, planes, tanks, boats, heli ,it really makes COD seem like a joke when you can only play a tiny...
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    Chinese Pirates are Facing Lifelong 'Social Credit' Downgrade

    Well I hope China keeps coming up with these stupid policies. All they are going to do in ensure all their smart people with money leave the country for places that actually respect the rights of people. I am not saying that will be USA if things keep going to way they are but other free...
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    Dishonored 2 PC Problems?

    With so many other great games out there I don't know if i will even end up buying when it goes on sale. I enjoyed the first one but i have no time for poorly optimized PC games anymore. Back to BF1 !!
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    CoD: Infinite Warfare For Windows 10 Not Compatible With Steam Version

    Why in the world would anyone want to waste their money on this garbage when BF1 is better in every aspect. RIP COD.
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    Broadwell-E i7 6800k overclocking help

    Hello, Quick question, what program are you using to stress test your CPU?
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    NVIDIA's GeForce Experience 3.0 Released

    Who the hell works at Nvidia and is this disconnected from the gaming community to think this is a good idea? At least they will still offer their drivers as standalone for those who don't want this. I seem to remember a while ago rumors had it that you would have to have this if you wanted...
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    372.70 WHQL Driver Released

    How can I tell if I have the Windows 10 Anniversary Update installed? I just let windows update it self. Is there an easy way to find out?
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    Oculus Defends Exclusives, Launch, And DRM Controversy

    This interview was just garbage. Didn't really answer anything and just used canned responses. As much as I don't support Oculus' business practices lately. I own both the Vive and Rift and the Rift by far has the most use of the two. Vive was used extensively for the first two weeks or so I had...
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    Nintendo President: VR Not Ready For The Mainstream

    I love reading all the comments people have about VR when it is clearly the next medium after books, radio and TV. I was pretty skeptical too but bought into the hype and ordered a Rift. I have had it for over a month now and honestly, I can not go back to playing games on a screen. So much so...
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    290x & V-sync = STUTTERING galore!!

    This thread is exactly why after switching to AMD after being a log time Nvidia user. It only took a month of having AMD and I sold and went back to Nvidia. For me, I was just having many more problems with games not playing as smooth as I was used to. Went to Red team with an open mind...
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    Maxwell in March?

    I guess I should let EVGA know there must be something wrong with the memory usage their Precision program is reporting. He must be right, no? EVGA Precision must be giving me inaccurate readings. I mean there could be no other explanation.
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    Maxwell in March?

    Sure man, you are right.
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    Maxwell in March?

    Show me anywhere I said it NEEDS x amount to run. Come on, really?? Of course it will run. It will run on 1 GB. Stop looking at benchmarks to get your conclusions. Benchmarks will not in anyway reflect what gameplay experience your have when textures are being swapped from main memory...
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    Maxwell in March?

    How about this, why don't you test it out for your self? What do you think I am imagining the VRAM usage that EVGA Precision is showing me? If there is anyone on here that has a 3GB card and a 1600p monitor. Do the following: BF4 @ 1600p Ultra, 4xAA 64player map. What is your avg VRAM...
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    Maxwell in March?

    I guess i need more horse power then 780Ti SLI. I know what EVGA Precision is showing when I am running BF4 and COD. No BF4 does not use all the available VRAM. If i run at 1080p it only uses about 1.8 - 1.9GB. It uses what it needs, like all games do. If you want to make yourself feel better...
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    Maxwell in March?

    LOL, and I am out, LOL
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    Maxwell in March?

    If you are indeed telling the truth, load up BF4 settings all ultra with 4xAA. If you actually have a card with more then 2GB VRAM then you will see it uses an average of 2.5 - 2.7 GB depending on the map. No special AA applied. Also, if you have it, load up COD: Ghosts, set all setting to...
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    Maxwell in March?

    Really, what? Any person who games at 1600p will tell you other wise. you are very wrong.
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    Maxwell in March?

    That is not the case with BF4, if I am running the game with the resoultion slider at 100% @ 1600p that games maxes out around 2.5ish GB depending on the Map. Soon as you rasie the resoultion slider past 100% it driectly affects VRAM and anyhting past 120% will fill more then 3GB. It is...
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    Maxwell in March?

    . You my friend are the one who is mis-informed. Benchmarks will not reflect what happens to gameplay when you are maxed on VRAM. Yeah sure benchmarks will tell you the 780Ti is great with 3GB VRAM. However if you have ever actually played a game when you are hitting your VRAM wall you...
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    Maxwell in March?

    I am sure the Nvidia purposly held back the VRAM of the 780 Ti only so peolpe will be more willing to upgrade to Maxwell. the 3 GB VRAM is a huge limitaion for anything over 1080p. In BF4 the only thing holding back being able to move the resolution slider past 115% @ 1600p is the VRAM on...
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    CODG:Ghosts + SLI 780Ti = Flickering textures?

    This games is garbage. Many bugs and runs like crap even on SLI 780Ti's To tell you the truth I feel very ripped off that I bought this game. People complaned about BF4 having bugs, and yes there were some major ones at relaese, but i still have 1000x more fun playing it then I did...
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    4 Weeks with Radeon R9 290X CrossFire @ [H]

    hey all, I sort of had the opposite experience with R9 290s crossfire. I pulled the trigger on R9 290s after being a long time Nvidia (many gens) SLI user. But i really liked the value the R9 290s brought to the table. So i had these cards for about a month and in some games they ran great...
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    R9 290 Trifire vs Crossfire Scaling results

    Yeah, I use extention cables for usb and DVI-D . Both 15 ft. I also have some audio extention cables. Have had no issues at all using them.
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    R9 290 Trifire vs Crossfire Scaling results

    OK, here are the answers to some of the questions. My systems is: 3930K @ 4.4 Asus P9x79 Pro 32GB RAM OCZ 1250W PS Silver stone Raven case ( love this case as board is turned 90 degrees to allow a bottom up airflow, HardOCP has done a review on this case ) 290s are form HIS Temps and...
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    R9 290 Trifire vs Crossfire Scaling results

    yeah, for most GPUs 90C is too hot , but AMD has many many times confirmed that with the R9 series they are made to run without any issues at 95C !!!, in fact if you just leave all the driver settings at default the card will try to keep a temp of 94C while under full load and just throttle the...
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    R9 290 Trifire vs Crossfire Scaling results

    for those that want to do an apple to apple comparison of BF4 at 1600p with resolution slider only t 100% | did another BF4 bench details are I ran another BF4 trifire test with 1600p with res slider at 100% . I don't know the best way to bench BF4 as there is no built in bench. but I ran...
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    R9 290 Trifire vs Crossfire Scaling results

    I will do some more metro tests to see what is going on. I only had limited time this morning to run these. TBH BF4 is with out a doubt the best looking game out right now. It honestly looks incredible. I could only imagine what it would be like on 4K. Imagine, this running at 4k plus the...
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    R9 290 Trifire vs Crossfire Scaling results

    Ok, for those who have been following my other thread. I am now back form my work trip and have some results from my trifire and crossfire benchmarks. All settings are max at 2560x1600. For BF4 the resolution slider was also set at 150%, which means the game is rendering it at 1.5x the res...
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    AMD Radeon R9 290X CrossFire Video Card Review @ [H]

    In the demanding games i have installed , BF4 and Far Cry 3 , all three cards will run at or very close to 100% , less demading games, SWTOR, Guild Wars 2 , they vary from 50 - 60 % ish. Soon as i am back this weekend i will start a new thread with comparisons of 2 and 3 cards to see what the...
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    AMD Radeon R9 290X CrossFire Video Card Review @ [H]

    People are so funny, i am not here to prove anything to anyone. I just thought i would share my experience with trifire as i tried to google some info prior to buying and there is no info about R9 cards in trifire. Unless you have been to my house you have no clue how my set up is. Also , i...
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    AMD Radeon R9 290X CrossFire Video Card Review @ [H]

    Long time reader first time poster. I felt that I had to chime in since I have been running 3 290s in trifire for about a week now with no problems. I am a long time Nvidia user running an SLI set up every gen since the 8800 gtx days. But this time I just could not pass up the incredible...