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    FS: HP DV1000 Laptop Partout! Cheap!

    UP! Someone please buy this stuff! No reasonable offer declined!
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    FS: HP DV1000 Laptop Partout! Cheap!

    UP! Still got lots of stuff left!
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    FS: HP DV1000 Laptop Partout! Cheap!

    Power cable, DVD drive and keyboard are SOLD!
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    FS: HP DV1000 Laptop Partout! Cheap!

    PMs responded to. Keyboard, DVD drive and power cable are pending.
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    FS: HP DV1000 Laptop Partout! Cheap!

    Not at the moment, but I will take pictures of everything in the morning. PM me an offer on all 3
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    FS: HP DV1000 Laptop Partout! Cheap!

    UP! Make offers! I probably won't turn you down!
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    FS: HP DV1000 Laptop Partout! Cheap!

    My friend asked me to fix his old laptop if possible, or if it cost a lot I could just throw it away. The motherboard is shot (Apparently a common problem with these laptops), so he's not interested in paying for a new one. His birthday is coming up, so I'm parting the laptop out and the...
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    Loud hard drive

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    phpnuke admin login problem

    Well it's not a browser problem. I've tried using firefox, mozilla, IE, opera, on 3 different computers. Cleared cookies and all that fun stuff to no avail. Is there any way to create a new god account without access to admin.php?
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    phpnuke admin login problem

    I am running PHPNUKE 7.8, and I can't get into the admin.php page. I can login fine as admin and access the website, but It seems my admin rights are gone! I can't access the forum admin panel and when I go to login to admin.php, I enter the username and password and it just clears the username...
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    FS/T: Tiny Single Board Computers, 2.5" Hard Drives, mp3 players, more

    PM sent about the 40gb 2.5" drive
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    WTB: 9600 XT or PRO and Cheap AMD or Intel Combo

    9600xt, 128mb, aftermarket heatsink with 5v fan (super quiet), how much do you want to spend? I don't really know what it's worth at the moment.
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    WTB: ~$500 laptop

    I need a laptop for school (mostly just taking notes and surfing the web between classes) so it doesn't need to be super fast, just needs to be 1ghz+ and have at least 256mb of ram. Hard drive isn't a big deal, 20gb or larger would be nice but not a huge issue. I can go above $500, but...
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    OS select screen messed up

    I re-installed windows on my computer, but for some reason it makes me pick between which OS I want, when there is only 1 on the computer. When I select the top one, it boots into windows and is fine, but the second one just results in an "OS not found" error, because there isn't one. How can...
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    Running Prime95 daily, not stress test though!

    Don't worry about overheating your CPU either, when Intel's get hot enough to start doing damage, they throttle down to cool themselves off so no harm is done.
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    Added more memory- now having OC stability problems

    Give em more voltage, I had the same problem
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    Project Knex/Ghetto Watercooling: 56k Go Away

    May as well just get the lapping kit, buying seperate packs of paper would be more expensive.
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    Project Knex/Ghetto Watercooling: 56k Go Away

    What are the dimensions of that heater core? And what year/trim escort was it from? It looks like the perfect size for the wood cube case I am planning.
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    Swiftech HydrX - is it worth the price?

    Nothing a green highlighter can't fix... Say a gallon of antifreeze is $5-6, and a pack of highlighters would be $1 or so, along with a $1 gallon of distilled water. You have enough liquid right there for several WC loop fills. If you go with HydraX, $2.99 plus shipping would likely be around...
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    one piece 3 x 120mm fan grille?

    Look into some modders mesh, you can cut it to whatever size you need and it works well for fan grills. I will be using modders mesh as fan grills on my next project.
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    Free USB memory stick

    In, hopefully I get something this time. .. The only other free thing i've actually recieved was the schick quattro razor.
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    HELP: Cutting plexiglass.

    score and snap really only works with straight lines that continue from one end of the piece to the other. You will need some kind of a saw to cut other shapes or lines that stop in the middle of a piece.
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    80 mm radiators

    Also, a pair of 80mm's wouldn't cool much better than a high end air setup. Go for at least a single 120mm with a shroud or a dual 120mm if you want any real performance from a liquid setup.
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    What happens when a processor is abused?

    The CPU either works, or it doesn't It can work at slower clock speeds, but the CPU itself can't really distort information, just processes it (hence the name...) Running the FSB higher without the AGP/PCI lock however can run the hard drive channels at a different speed distorting and...
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    Free Schick Quatro razor - 1st 150,000(better hurry)

    They are like $10 for 4 of them, but I work at Walgreens so I get a nice discount + $2 coupon from store + $2 coupon that came with it, so I'll just get one pack of blades and forget it when they are used.
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    Free Schick Quatro razor - 1st 150,000(better hurry)

    Just got mine in the mail today, it's nice! (Especially since I usually shave with some shitty disposable razors that just suck)
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    Web cam inside case?

    You would have to have a light, and even if you have CCFL's already those would likely be too bright to see anything from the webcam without a ton of glare.
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    What size fan is on the retail AMD heatsink?

    Mine was a 70mm, i actually replaced it temporarily (until i get a nice Zalman Heatsink) with my old TMD fan running on 7V.
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    why does a P4 Northwood smoke an A64 while running P95?

    Overclock that AMD64 by a few hundred mhz and see how things end up. Run stock vs. stock to get a real comparison, not stock vs. overlcocked.
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    most reliable hose fitting?

    I personally like using barbs... the tubing is hard enough to pull off without a hose clamp, and with a good hose clamp theres almost 0 chance of leakage. I say almost because some people might mess up and do something wrong, but for the most part that will be the best for not leaking.
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    KINGWIN AWC-1 80mm Ball Liquid Cooler System

    Yes it is a whole watercooling setup, but it will perform just as bad, if not worse than your stock air cooling. The only thing that does is be quiet. If you want watercooling that actually cools well, save your money and buy something better.
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    Capacitor slid off of the legs on my mobo...Can I slide it back on?

    I had the same thing happen to a friend's motherboard, I just busted out my old box of broken motherboards and found one on there (I keep a few old motehrboards/cards for caps and things, too lazy to take them off all at once and store them that way :p )
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    n00b wants to go h2o.. Need suggestions for setup

    The only reason i responded to this thread was to tell you NOT to get a single 80mm radiator (or any 80mm radiators for that matter). If you are a n00b, I would suggest something like the EXOS because it is simple to set up, easy to use, and requires no case modding and it is completely removable.
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    Dumpster Diving!

    Sent you a PM :)
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    Wanted: Antec/Chieftec drive rails

    I would need 2 sets, let me know how much shipping would be to 45240
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    Wanted: Antec/Chieftec drive rails

    Bump I would buy them straight from Antec but the total would be like $13. I know somebody has some they dont use :p
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    Wanted: Antec/Chieftec drive rails

    I am trying to hide my hard drives in the top of my case by mounting them in 5.25 bays. I have the 3.5->5.25 adapters, but can't find any extra drives rails. I need 2 sets, if someone has some from an old case or something that they would get rid of for next to nothing. I will pay shipping...