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    NVidia Advanced Timings Question

    Hi guys, When I first got my GeForce 6800GT, I went into the Nvidia Advanced Timings panel and changed my refresh to 75 Hz, up from 60. Now, when I change my refresh back down to 60, and hit "apply" and then "ok", every time I reboot it still comes back up as 75 Hz. Anyone know of a way...
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    Favorite programming text editor?

    Probably because its for MAC OSX. Looks like a nice program though.
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    Doom 3 Timedemo with 6800 GT

    When I am testing Doom 3 on my PC with 1280x1024 with High-Quality (8x AF by default), no AA, and no VSync, I go to the console and type: timedemo Demo1 Typically, the first time through, I get anywhere from 40-57 fps. I'm guessing this is because it cache's the demo as it runs it. After...
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    I think my X800 Pro bit the dust :(

    You may try plugging in different molex connectors to your card. I had a problem with my WinFast A400 GT at first with the PC not getting video because of a bad molex on my (PC Power and Cooling (!)) power supply.
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    Favorite programming text editor?

    JEdit is a pretty good one too. It's cross platform, and works for a majority of languages, although it started primarily for Java. It has a pretty strong open-source following, and supports plug-ins too.
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    Overclocking Guide

    Well written. ... must ... sticky ...
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    What is HT in my bios settings?

    Yes, that is your effective "FSB" for the Athlon 64s. The HTT (FSB) gets used in the CPU clock speed, and the HyperTransport Bus's operating speed.
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    What is HT in my bios settings?

    HT is the hyper transport bus multiplier on the nForce 3 motherboards for the Athlon 64 / FX processors. Typically, the nForce 3 motherboards support a hypertransport bus of 800-1000. The HT you see in your bios is the multiplier (4x). The value the HT multiplies is your CPU Clock (aka...
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    MSI K8N Neo Platinum CPU Temp.

    1.2 Bios here and still reports idles in the low to mid 50's here. ClawHammer (C0) 3200+ here, and the problem just doesn't seem to be localized just to NewCastle CPU's either from the posts on the MSI forum.
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    To RAID or not to RAID???

    Well, Anandtech seems to say no to using two Raptors in RAID-0. Article: Western Digital's Raptors in RAID-0: Are two drives better than one? And from personal experience... recovering from a RAID-0 failure sucks, bad.
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    where do I buy teflon for my mouse?

    I haven't personally, but I've done some research and found that quite a few have. I was actually going to get some, but my dad works in a manufacturing plant where they use PTFE on some rollers that fabric passes through, and he is bringing me some home today. I'm not sure what brand it is...
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    where do I buy teflon for my mouse?

    3M makes some nice PTFE Film tape too with adhesive on it. Here's a link to a 1/4" x 36 yard roll from a distributor for ~$22
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    Gainward 6800GT

    I've been looking at getting a Gainward 6800 GT. They make two versions of the GT: (1) the standard with 2 ns ram, and (2) their "Golden Sample" which has 1.6 ns ram and comes factory overclocked. I was also interested in seeing how quiet it was with its custom cooling solution versus...
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    What are some good 80mm case fans? Best airflow to noise ratio out there. They have some 14 Db(A) 80 mm fans that push 28 CFM.
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    Is a gaming mousepad worth the $$$?

    I just recently bought a fUnc 1030 mouse pad... I'll never go back to anything else. EDIT: I use the rougher side of the fUnc too. Another nice tip... 3M makes some nice PTFE Adhesive tape, stick some on your mouse feet and with a nice mouse pad, it'll pretty much just glide like a hover...
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    T-break review shows 6800GT beating X800 XT

    Are they? Maybe you didn't read the full article at anandtech...
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    T-break review shows 6800GT beating X800 XT

    Something is a bit amiss with that review. Honestly. Anandtech used a 3.2 and 3.6 GHz Pentium processor, with these same cards (minus the 6800GT) and this review on T-Break is showing almost HALF (28 fps at T-Break vs. 54 fps at Anandtech) the performance in FarCry at 1600x1200 4AA and 8AF...
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    Swiftech MCX64-V Question

    Reapplied tonight with a very thin layer as per everyone's suggestion, and on the first boot it was around 38-39 celsius, with the system temperature around 40 celsius (something is wrong with this number for certain). I did some video encoding to stress the CPU out at 100% for about 30...
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    Swiftech MCX64-V Question

    Just the fan that comes with the retail version of the heatsink. Not sure, but it runs at 2700 RPM and is fairly nice I would imagine for a $50 heatsink.
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    Swiftech MCX64-V Question

    I had read about the MSI mis-reporting temperatures, but it only seemed to be for those using the NewCastle cores. Also, looking at those instructions, at step 10 I probably used 4 times that amount, and spread it around with a razor blade all over the CPU heatspreader. Think I might clean it...
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    Swiftech MCX64-V Question

    Hi folks, I just built a new computer using an AMD-64 3200+ (ClawHammer) processor and a Swiftech MCX64-V heatsink on the popular MSI K8N Neo Motherboard. From most of the reviews I've seen of this heatsink, it's supposed to cool really well. Last night, I noticed, even when I wasn't really...
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    BenQ Keyboards (?)

    Hehe, yeah. Any search really on google just gives you the ATI stuff. Not much information to be had on these keyboards at all that I can find.
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    BenQ Keyboards (?)

    I know BenQ is fairly famous for their LCDs, but I am just curious if anyone out there has any experience with some of BenQ's keyboards? They look pretty nice... x800: x700: Rather expensive...
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    BFG GeForce 6800 GT OC 256MB GDDR3 $299 Pre-Order @ BestBuy

    But what if you pair an Athlon with an X800 on an Nvidia nForce 3 Motherboard :D
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    ictrlu, What kind of style are you running for your taskbar, etc.? Just curious. Shem