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    wallpaper websites has some good wallpapers, and lots of links to brilliant wallpaper sites.
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    10.5.3 Out

    my powerpc based imac isn't going to like this much...
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    Crysis demo install help

    i had the same trouble. i have downloaded it 3 times now, and every time some different thing is corrupt... grrr :(
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    FS: Gamecube + games

    Gamecuve + 1 wired controller - $75 Wavebird - $30 Memory card 251 - $20 TrueCrime: Streets of LA - $30 SW Clone Wars - $15 Prince of Persia - $30 Metroid Prime - $25 Zelda: Wind Waker - $35 I just bought an xbox, so i'm looking to get rid of all my GC stuff. I take very good care of...
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    LOTR case - check it out!!

    not too bad at all, nice and clean :) got a better pic of the inside?
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    Logitech MX DUO

    i have a MX700 and a cordless logitech keyboard (the free one they were giving out a while ago), and i've ever had any lag problems. i love 'em both. in fact, i prefer gaming with my MX700 over my wired intelli explorer 3.0 :)
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    TV Computer Box

    at 512 posts i believe :p