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    Maingear F131 DIY - [H]ardtubes

    Very nice.
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    Pump Vibration Isolation

    Oops just remembered I took off back plate and ran rods directing in res mounting points. Then used long rod connectors over ends of rod at Mount points to support. Can't think of name but they can connect 2 rods together.
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    Pump Vibration Isolation

    When I initially had same setup,before I changed it,I drilled a few holes in mounting bracket and bought some threaded rods. I attached the rods to bracket and bent them 90° to run down to base of case to support the weight. I then changed it to 4 rods coming straight out of bracket going to...
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    Pump Vibration Isolation

    I used these and they were very good,just dont overtighten like you did on yours. Looks like you defeated the purpose. You have them overtightened and so compressed they become hard and...
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    FS: motherboards, ram, celeron processors & Scarlett Solo USB audio interface

    Any cheap mics laying around? -- Bump
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    WTB Radiator mounting bracket

    Might be easier as someone said to make it yourself,wouldn't be to difficult. Vidcard has watercooling now. I left computers for a while so it sat. Good thing cause when i came back vidcard prices were as we know out of control.
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    WTB Radiator mounting bracket In stock,i should've sent you there first.
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    WTB Radiator mounting bracket

    Newegg has it.
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    WTB Radiator mounting bracket

    Hey long time,290x still alive. Aquatuning has the bracket.
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    WTB Samsung S27A350H Monitor Stand (Help!)

    Ok,well there are some on ebay that might be modder friendly. Most have a round bottom plate but are for everything but yours. I'll keep a look.
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    FS: LG V30 Phone

    Wow,its still here. Ive wanted to buy so many things you've had for sale - lol Turns out we're only a few towns away. Looking at the LG7 TQ makes my V20 jealous. Bump....
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    WTB Samsung S27A350H Monitor Stand (Help!)

    Hey,will this help/work? Ive found other stands for 22-24in.
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    2015 Macbook Pro Retina - 512GB SSD; 8GB Ram; i5 2.9GHz

    Congrats on the addition. Bump..
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    FS: EVGA 1080ti FTW3 $650, Zotac 980ti with EKWB $300

    Why are tempting me....why....why.... ☺
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    FS: EVGA 1080ti FTW3 $650, Zotac 980ti with EKWB $300

    Toss up: case i want or this.....Argghh
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    FS: EVGA 1080ti FTW3 $650, Zotac 980ti with EKWB $300

    Soo tempted,cant decide.... Bump
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    Chrome Finished Fittings.. Safe in loop?

    You should be fine. What brand:ek,barrow,xspc,bitspower all good. Almost have mine finished,again.
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    Fs: Jonsbo mod1, WC’n, x299 gaming pro, Endwell, Ny

    Pm and # of tubes available.
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    Fs: Jonsbo mod1, WC’n, x299 gaming pro, Endwell, Ny

    Fitting size? I need some stuff to finish my build. In ny also.
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    Pm on drives.
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    Gtx 1060 3GB - Pulled from HP omen - $300 Shipped

    Bump for ya troubles.....
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    Stren's Water Cooling Sale - the mother lode - make me some offers!

    Ooooh.....Ahhhh... Just bought those monsoon fittings,wondering did i get enough. Hmmm
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    FS: Watercooling Stuff, Fans, Random things!

    G1/4 passthroughs Pm.......
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    Anyone using an XSPC Photon D5?

    I have the 170 version with separate d5 non pwm. I haven't had any issues air at all. The filling is a pain thru the top till i got a bottle with curve and narrow tip.No pictures,currently doing hardline setup.