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    Far Cry 5 Performance Analysis

    No, not everything is a conspiracy now. You know, hence my wording "if that's the case". That doesn't mean that NOTHING is a malicious (why a conspiracy? who's conspiring here?) action on the part of anyone. After watching a number of interviews/podcasts/videos on the GPP issue though, it...
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    Far Cry 5 Performance Analysis

    I think it's pretty shameful of Nvidia to be spiteful about your reporting of their GPP stunt if that's the case. Kyle, I don't always agree with your opinions on things, but as far as running a tech news/reviews website goes, [H]ardOCP is the best. If you guys don't directly cover something...
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    Injustice 2 Online Open Beta Available Now

    Glad to see this is beta... sure hope they fix how his "Right Hand of Doom" keeps becoming his Left hand of Doom. It's like they decided to just skip out on the artwork.
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    Steam: how many hours?

    I... may have played too much Dota 2 over the years. 7,184 hours.
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    Middle-earth: Shadow of War 4K Download 98GB

    Yeah, I have to agree with some of the others... you can get a 1TB HD for less than $50.00 now. Either you're in the extreme minority who can't afford an upgrade (and no judgement, most people have been in tough situations before) or you're choosing not to invest in something. Which is fine...
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    New Images Show Design for Space Needle’s Glass Restaurant Floor

    The amount of Windex this place will go through will be amazing. The good news is they'll either have to hire robots (seriously) to keep the outside glass constantly cleaned, and/or hire tons of people to keep the glass clear.
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    More on SteamVR Knuckles Controllers

    I agree, this is nearly an instant buy for me. Though I have one question... why are VR gloves not a thing? Surely if they can make the sensors small enough to fit in that device he was holding, can't they just make actual gloves with the sensors? It seems it'd be a better fit and have higher...
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    Texting While Driving Now Legal in Colorado, in Some Cases

    Fair enough, Colorado. There's already a law on the books in most states called referring to reckless driving. Cops can use their discretion. No need for such a specific set of laws when they're covered in general. Oh, you saw someone swerving all over the road but they weren't drunk or...
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    Students Lose Harvard Acceptance for Posting "Obscene" Memes on Facebook

    So you're saying that nothing should change, ever? Enough of the country used to be ok enough with slavery that it was legal. That changed. Now if we look to people who think slavery is ok, is that being ironic? You should consider context. These kids were being incredibly stupid and are...
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    Verizon Extorts Users with Fee to Keep Landlines Unlisted

    Well, it isn't necessarily a scam... but I'm not on their side either. Legally they're allowed to publish your name and landline number. That's oooold though, nothing new there. Back when pretty much everyone's number was published in the phone book, it wasn't hard for telemarketers to get...
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    Blind Street Fighter V Player Wins at Pro Tournament

    I'm not offended on behalf of anyone, I'm calling out someone's actions as dick'ish. Or, I'm sorry, can you not handle criticism? Is everything you do perfect and we shouldn't ever call you or anyone else out on it? Special snowflake indeed. :)
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    Blind Street Fighter V Player Wins at Pro Tournament

    Again, you're not only demeaning the loser of the match but the winner at the same time. You don't seem to realize it though as per the example you used. I'm pretty far from a politically correct SJW, but this is base level stuff. "If I lost to my mom I would quit." Really? If your mom...
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    Blind Street Fighter V Player Wins at Pro Tournament

    Wow dude, really? That's just a dick thing to say. I've come here for over a decade for news and reviews, and don't mind too much the occasional editorial comment, even when I disagree with some of them... but don't be shitty.
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    Retrospective: Why Did Old PCs Have Key Locks?

    Look at this guy and his fancy 486/DX2... some of us celebrated the day we got a math co-processor for our 386/SX before having to save up for a 486 later in life. But mine had a lock too!
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    Netflix Ditches Five-Star Ratings in Favor of a Thumbs-Up

    I hate when companies do this... basically any system that runs for a few years or more "needs to be updated" despite it being a perfectly fine system. In this case, I'd argue it's much better than "good" or "bad" as it allows for more nuanced ratings. Apparently some marketing-side exec feels...
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    HTC's New Vive Payment Plans Diffuse the High Cost of PC Virtual Reality

    I'm very happy with my Vive, and glad to hear that it's being offered like this as I hope more people get one. The better the adoption the more games/software and continuation of the hardware down the road. Also, they're giving a nice discount too as $66.00 x 12 = $550.00, and that's with 0...
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    Vive Tracker Shown At CES 2017

    Yeah, maybe I wasn't fully paying attention but I don't think this video showed very well what the Vive tracker explicitly does. I have a Vive... I like it... I'd like more things for it to get better. As a consumer, what would I do with a Vive tracker? Or is this aimed specifically at small...
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    CPU Water Block That Installs In 12 Seconds

    Completely NOT glossing over all the good arguments here for why this, at a minimum, needs to be tested for not stressing the clam cover... I'm wondering why is the mention of install time an issue? From 3-4 minutes at most for a regular water block down to 12 seconds... and? You typically...
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    It's BIG and WHITE and a Kilowatt - CORSAIR and HARDOCP PUT IT IN FOR FREE

    Why oh why don't they sell these normally? Sign me up please!
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    iPhone 7 Bursts Into Flames, Destroys Vehicle

    This isn't a knock on surfing man, it's simply a plausible explanation. If the guy said it was sitting in a home or office and it burst into flames, that would be more worrisome as the temperature's of homes and offices don't vary nearly as much as that of a car. The guy also mentioned...
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    Nintendo Down 6% After 'Switch' Console Unveil

    This whole news article is a bit disingenuous. Their stock took off like a rocket upon the trailer of the Switch and gained over a billion for them, shooting to over 27,000 at one point. Of course that was all hype, that's how the stock market works when companies make announcements. A few...
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    Glitch Screws Destiny Players Out Of Raid World Record

    The Leeroy Jenkins video was funny because way back in the day, that was a very hard area of content. So typically as a group, you'd take a moment to rest after the previous boss and gather everyone up, make sure everyone's good to go, spells ready, knows what to do, etc. Often times...
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    Tesla Sued Because 469hp Is Not 700hp

    Interesting. I've never actually seen an advertisement or stat from Tesla claiming it had 700hp, however it's entirely possible they did. If that's the case and it doesn't make it (or close to it, to be fair) on a dyno, then that does seem to be deceptive. Still though, if the car can get...
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    Apple Promising Fix For Lightning Headphone Bug

    Seems like it's timing out the lightning port to conserve energy, same way USB ports will shut down with certain power profiles. Hardware/software wise it doesn't seem like a big deal but to me. That said, they wouldn't have had the issue had they left the headphone jack...
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    Republic of Gamers Announces GT51CA with GTX 10-Series Graphics Cards

    "the Hydro Overclocking System includes a liquid-cooling unit for the CPU and dedicated air channels to cool the graphics cards, even the PSU (power supply unit) has its own dedicated airflow design." Holy crap, I've been waiting for the day dedicated air channels would be low enough in price...
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    Wow! I Bought a GTX 970!

    Funny, they sent me one earlier... I was hopeful I'd get some $$$ back for my 980 as well (already knew about the 970 lawsuit). Pretty sure they fixed this email pretty quickly though. :(
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    Vegas To Start Taking Bets On eSports?

    You better believe this is going to happen. When any significant amount of money starts to flow around an idea, there will always be others to latch on wherever they can to ride the train. And with gambling, that's as old as humanity almost... if it's possible to place a bet on something, at...
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    New Army Robot Has Two Arms For Complex Tasks

    My thoughts on this when we manage to integrate genuine AI...
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    Watch Engineers Hack Your Samsung SmartThings Door Lock

    Ok, this is silly. If you actually watch the article it's nothing but a fishing attack. "I've written an app and if the homeowner installs it... it will send me info he punches into his phone." Well no shit! You could do way more than that with that kind of attack, literally get any...
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    Troubleshooting And Repairing Windows 10 Problems

    You're getting old when you stop playing with the newest toys/tech, enjoying the process of tinkering with it, and being patient with whatever problems pop up because you're just so excited about it. ;)
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    The Downfall Of Microsoft’s Kinect

    I actually really like mine. I rarely if ever use it for the visual sensors, however. It's nice that it recognizes me or my (at the time) significant other. What I, literally daily, use are the voice commands. I can cook dinner, then walk with my plate into the living room and say "Xbox on."...
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    Apple’s Trick for Using “As Little Gold As Possible” In Its $17k Watch

    Ok, just my .02 here but it feels like Apple is trying to jump the shark. 1) I'm not against science, but people who work with gold have been around for literally thousands of years. I'm not sure that whatever Apple came up with regarding this new alloy, along with the crafting process, is...
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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    I've used ASUS for nearly 20 years now and while they've had some misses with me, most of the time they've been a hit. I still recommend the brand to family and friends, can count on them to replace things (when under warranty) and they typically have offered good products at decent prices...
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    Bandwidth Caps Around the World Compared To US

    I have AT&T's U-verse at my new apartment because they have a bullshit contract with TVMax (or whatever they just changed their number to). The max plan I can get with tvmax is like 6MB down for around 50usd. AT&T's U-verse gets me 13MB down (max speed as their line is crap, and I live in...
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    Lack Of Mac Malware Baffles Experts

    I can't believe no one's said this yet... Why is there no malware for Mac's? Don't they suffer enough already? Even virus writers have some sympathy. Have fun with that gaming guys... if it wasn't for Blizzard making WoW compatible (on the same servers as regular players no less), I'm...
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    MMO Sweatshops

    No, that'd be hard to do as well. If that became the case, that'd cut it initially, but then you'd run into other problems. 1) Prepaid cards wouldn't be allowed? 2) They'd get their hands on american based credit cards somehow. 3) American's abroad would be upset and consequently complain...
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    Help! Just purchased new mem, unsure of MB.

    Thank you all so much for your help here. Ok, so in my understanding so far, I believe that what you all are saying is that yes I can put it into that motherboard with that particular processor and it will work, although admittedly it will not operate at it's full speed due to the limitations...
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    Help! Just purchased new mem, unsure of MB.

    OK, it doesn't have to go it's full speed atm.. mostly I want it for the 2gb up from my current 1gb of ram. In the future, I'll upgrade mb/cpu/vid card (god, I don't look forward to being forced to PCI-e, I must be getting old cause I'm whining about upgrades now) and overlock it. Until then...
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    Help! Just purchased new mem, unsure of MB.

    Guys, I come to you for help. Knowing that I needed some new mem, I just ordered for an upgrade. However, for some reason I was too stupid to actually think about this purchase a little more in-depth. I have an MSI NEO 875P...
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    Audigy 2 problom

    Honestly, check your headphones/mic.. if they can hear you, but not understand you, that sounds like a bad mic (or wire, or connector on the mic/headset).