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    Just went from a 3600x to a 5800x

    For sure, what board did you get? Im going to try to sell off my intel stuff and my 1070 to offset the costs.
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    Just went from a 3600x to a 5800x

    Nice! Next week im going from a 8700k to a 5900X and Im pretty excited. I havent had an AMD build in forever. The only reason Im switching over is because I got a combo on a 3080 so I figured I might as well use the board :P
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    MC has 25

    I got mine from the Mi store for MSRP! Pretty stoked to have it and a 3080 in my new rig!!
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    Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme X570 Ver1.1 and Driver Installation

    Is this just kinda unspoken rule about Corsair and G.skill? Just bump volts to 1.4 for XMP profiles?
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    Mini itx build in old '30s radio

    This looks like an awesome fun project, cant wait to see the finished thing!!
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    Every desirable video card model is now OOS tonight. Unreal.

    I know right? I was like I'll get a 3080 or a 6800XT in the new year.....
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    Lapping Processor Die?

    Yeah they would lap the outer part. the "lid" But not the actual silicon.... This guy just ground down the lid and everything.
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    Steam summer sale June 21st

    My friend bought Kingdom Come, he said it was great. He had waited so long for it. Definitely worth it. Im a sucker for Civ games, and I hope Civ 6 comes out on sale. But i've heard some horrible things about it.
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    Recommend a good gaming wifi router

    I agree, its just a marketing ploy. They get so much money out of people when they tag it "Gamer"
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    Lapping Processor Die?

    Should lap the bottom side too. Make sure its even all around.
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    The Delidding for Cheapskates Thread

    Sounds like a great way to blow 300 bucks. But if you've done it before then it must mean youre a pro lol.
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    Steam summer sale June 21st

    Hopefully come good games will go on sale. The past summer sales havent really caught my eye..
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    I'll attempt it once I can order all of the items. But thats good information to know. I look forward to seeing how much your temps drop. My chip isnt too much of a great chip and is really volt hungry so ill keep it at stocks speeds until i can delid it and get the paste on there!
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    Inside i7-8700K - Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Footage

    Yeah I agree. He blabs a lot. But seeing the detail is pretty cool!
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    A dud 8700k? (overclocking, that is)

    Hopefully mine isnt a dud! I havent started the overclocking process yet. Turbo will go up to 4.7 with little to no voltage increase though. Not sure if that means much. Im coming from a 2600k that was pretty decent.
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    I just bought a 8700k I haven't even started to OC it yet. are the performance gains while Overclocking really that big or no?
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    920 upgrade!

    ahh! Mixed reviews now! haha its rough to see if its really worth it, like now im put at a cross road... >_<
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    920 upgrade!

    Thats what everyone else is saying, and with more people adding to that list... I'll stick to the 920 for now. Haswell will be the next big upgrade for me then!
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    Need help choosing a power supply

    HX750. Thats what I would pick. You'll give yourself more head room for anything else you wish to add later on and you can also overclock if you wish to and not worry about anything. You'll be basically buying a unit that you can use later in other units, and not have to worry either.
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    Bleeding Loop Help

    The 24 pin power plug, where you jump the psu from, and all that jazz, the only thing plugged in should be the pump. From there when you jump start the PSU all it powers is that little pump of yours pushing the water, that's when you tip and tilt the tower to allow the water to reach its air...
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    920 upgrade!

    Relativist: I'm on a Samsung 226BW 22" Old. but I love it. I don't mind using a 22" to me anything bigger, is a bit much... Too much. DejaWiz: Thanks for the welcome, I'm seeing that waiting for Haswell will be worth my wait and ill just stick my 920 out till the end! bwang: Thanks for...
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    920 upgrade!

    Alright, I like the input, thanks for that heads up! I was curious about how big of a performance jump it would really be... Whats the expected performance increase with Haswell going to be looking like? Anywhere you can direct me to some predictions on it? Unless of course they haven't gotten...
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    920 upgrade!

    Its been at 4.0 for a while, I forgot to mention that.. Sorry.... Im also running at GTX 580, and a SSD.... So spec wise, the only thing lacking is the CPU...
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    920 upgrade!

    Hi everyone I'm new here, I post over on EOCF, and others I've got a few questions. I'm looking to upgrade my i7 920. Would just upgrading the cpu be better to say, a 970? or going for a newer 3770k or something? I don't do much but game, Office type work and Photoshop/lightroom. Looking...