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    Join the Alliance -- the Socket 939 Alliance!

    Been a while but my single core Winchester 3500+ is still running, it was installed into the Biostar board April 2006...
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    Chrysler Registers Cuda Trademark

    What about Pacifica? AMD VS Chrysler
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    Galaxy Final Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    F'n direct marketing...! Direct Marketing Association Telephone Preference Service P.O. Box 1559 Carmel, NY 10512 Remember to include the following information with your written request: * First, middle and last names (including Jr., Sr., III) * Current address * Home area code...
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    Join the Alliance -- the Socket 939 Alliance!

    My Winchester 3500+ on my biostar board is still running
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    help with older motherboard(Asus A7v333)

    on any older socket A system, check the caps... busted caps do crazy things
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    XP Service Pack 3 Kills AMD Machines

    Just rebuilt my AMD machine in my sig with XP Pro SP3.. bought a new OS disk with it already on the CD... No problems
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    Barton + KT333 = No function?

    All of the KT releases were a load... KT-400, mislead people to believe the could run 200 MHz FSB... KT600 was the fix... :rolleyes:
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    is my socket 939 burnt out?

    LOL.. just bugging ya! :D
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    is my socket 939 burnt out?

    Didn't like the answers you got here huh :rolleyes:
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    Weird motherboard problems

    Check the capacitors on the mainboard...
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    Good cheap board..ASROCK any good?

    Bargain boards, they run mediocre hardware...
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    Switching BIOS Chips to revive dead board.

    SMT actually speeds up production, one less thing to stuff on the board, one less through hole part... If you've ever seen how PCB's are produced you'll understand ;)
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    Using an old case

    The setup in my signature is running in a steel case that once housed a Super Socket 7 K-6-2-500 machine...
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    20mm Ammo Can Case

    Neat, I have a case like that, it is grey not green
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    Computer Shuts off. Its Really Hot! Why?

    92*C inside a computer case.... I doubt it, that's 8*C away from boiling water...
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    ID this motherboard.

    and they are shit caps... G-luxon near the VIA chip are notorious for going tits up !!
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    ULI Making a comeback...?

    Looks like a mainboard you'd use if you were a system integrator... Either that or a replacement for some IT department that keeps all of their old crap on a shelf...
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    HOT!1 Another cheap dell (vostro 200) $419 w/free shipping

    --> ---> System Board Components #25 PCI Express x16 connector (PCIE_X16) :rolleyes:
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    I am hating Biostar Motherboards

    I'm still running a BIOSTAR TForce6100-939 from them with the Rebels Haven bios on it... been running pretty much 24/7 since March 2006... no problems here...
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    WTB: 1GB stick of DDR266 or 333 RAM

    buddy, get it from I just grabbed 2GB of DDR333 for $120 shipped...
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    AMD's DTX Sneak peak

    Still looks cool to me... though maybe because a good acquaintance at AMD is working on it... no prejudice here, nope no sir...
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    Who Has Swapped To Intel Since CD2 release??

    I get free swag every year from AMD.. so why would I buy Intel?
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    Added memory - dropped to 333

    It is a known issue with Pre-Revision E processors... FX-55 Revision CG 130nm or FX-55 Revision E4 90 nm so which one are you sporting...
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    Secrets to Be revealed ?

    Neither do most of us...
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    Secrets to Be revealed ?

    Saw the title, thought this was about He-Man and castle greyskull :p
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    Accounts Lost Completely?

    Virgin or crusty old maid... lets see what the magic 8 ball says Doesn't look like it!
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    Problem: Fans Stay if System is Off : Shuttle SN25P

    The heat in those boxes quickly kills the caps in the PSU and on the mainboard... verify they are okay, if not you can have the system recapped...
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    Power surge through phone line?

    yep, that's why you never use a phone with a cord during a lightning storm... ----ZAP--->:eek:
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    Bad Capacitor or what?

    abit usa had its ass handed to them in a class action lawsuit... take some pics of the caps on the board and post them here...
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    Where Can I find a plain, cheap, case?

    The wizard case is okay, but for most people the shipping is almost double the cost of the case...
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    Goodbye EPoX, Hello SUPoX ?

    I owned 1 Epox board, a super socket 7 board... lasted me a whole year.. then dead...
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    Goodbye EPoX, Hello SUPoX ?

    The boys at Epox are under embezzlement investigation... So they change their name, and bingo... keep on trucking...
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    sounds coming from my seasonic

    High pitched scream could = excessive load, shorted caps, shorted zener Ticking could = no load
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    Constant restarts, even after several reformats.

    Just had a coworker come by with a powerup problem, hit the power button a dozen times until the machine started, then run for a bit and turn off... Antec smart power 450... He's RMA'ing the thing right now...
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    Constant restarts, even after several reformats.

    Does your Antec case have an Antec power supply? They die to... caps I have two dead Antec PSU's here in my cubicle...
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    Mid-life crisis thread MB/Proc/RAM Rare Old Game Stuff

    FYI The mainboard combo looks like a PCChips/ECS
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    SN25P Won't Detect any Drives

    Check the mainboards hardware. Though not as prolific with earlier socket types, capacitors can still fail in some of the smaller systems due to heat.
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    Anyone order a P180B lately and get a P182?

    My co-worker got that deal, the 180 was smashed up in shipping... RMA the 180, and ended up with a 182...
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    An epic tale on an ASUS relationship gone bad

    You lost me at "Lindsay Lohan's shaved Alibaba cavern "... slow day at work...;)