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    Can this case be bough

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    Slot loading Dvd burner?

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    No boot issue

    While building a new rig with a Gigabyte 965p - S3, intel 6600e, readon 1900gt and OZ ram I cannot get the system to boot. The display does not show, there is no beep it just turns on but nothing happens. My power supply is a seasonic so i dont think that is the issue could it be a faulty...
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    X-Fi w/5.1 Headphones

    senn's line or if you want the spend beyer 770-80 (or 770m) if you have 200ish. Will blow any 5.1's
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    Microsoft’s Remote Keyboard for MCE

    satiek + backlight = 50 (eclipse) add 20 for mce and wireless is not a bad deal.
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    Speakers for college

    Thats why i had a pair of old cerwin vega re950's (12 inch woofers on each to give you a idea of teh size) the RA's where right accross the hall however so.... well... we got to see them alot.
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    High End Photoshop Machine suggestions?

    AMD x2 with 4gigs would net the best performence if you have the money.
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    5.25" slot loading dvd burner w/black bezel

    What did i just link up there? Here it is again Vapor ware hrm....mid june is what the website says could be runing a bit late i suppose. I'd still keep a eye on it
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    5.25" slot loading dvd burner w/black bezel

    there is a plextor one thats burns dvds and such it is pretty expensive at 160 i believe.
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    PcPc 510 SLI or Seasonic S12600w.?

    Not having the cert means almost nothing considering Seasonics have been proven as some of the top suppys on the market and 600w of a great power supply will power two cards with no problem. PC P&C is probubly the best supplys when looking only at power. The question is will you notice the...
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    Innovative feature by biostar

    What i mean is very hard to make a BTX amd board all this case dose is barrow one element of the BTW design. aria = :(
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    PcPc 510 SLI or Seasonic S12600w.?

    Neither will disapoint you. Seasonic is quiter. All i can say since I doubt there will be a significant diffrence in the power they are able to produce.
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    Innovative feature by biostar

    Its not true btx because its for AMD, and while one motherboard maker has been able to make a btx board (forgot who, it was a preproduction that I saw with a intresting layout). AMD and btx dont get along very because of the built in memory controllers requirements for equal length paths (or...
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    Monster Cable Kit 5.1for Klipsch 5.1 Ultra.... Worth it?

    oh any it isnt very hard unless you go extreme with heat wrapping / silver sodering connections.
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    Monster Cable Kit 5.1for Klipsch 5.1 Ultra.... Worth it?

    Considering they come with crappy cable... but at 70 you could buy, cut and plug your own cables that would be better. If your not lazy I recommend doing so (will also be cheaper). Cant exactly see what they use on those cables but they look like normal banana plugs.
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    Innovative feature by biostar

    That is something every SFF needs. review itself is not bad.
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    THG X-Fi preview

    I would think its way more than a regualar upgrade. Perhaps it is no revolution but its probubly the going to be the biggest upgrade in computer sound in years.
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    Just what is needed for a DVD upsampling HTPC?

    check this out
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    Your favorite keyboard + mouse

    Satiek Eclipse for mouse i use the mx518 but the mouse shape that i prefer is the orignal gaming mosue / paw shaped mice by logitech (3 buttons no wheel) if they remade it in a optical verison id buy it in a heart beat.
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    Ken Kutaragi Grill!!!

    wow, thats great :D
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    anyone see this case

    you can change the fans but not the fan size (in any simple way) is the problem.
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    anyone see this case

    =2 60mm fans and a 80 =( going ot have to quite them down alot... though if the specs are right (which they probubly are not ) the fans are pretty quite. The case however looks nice but I'd like to see a review for the cooling factor
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    Iwill ZMAX?

    I like the look of that case the usb ports spaced like that makes it look good. Hopefully we'll see more good stuff out of iwill.
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    Zboard sucks... whats a good keyboard?

    saitek eclipse, love mine, not to mention its the best looking keyboard out there.
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    ever going to review a voodoopc?

    I want that Tman's voodoo's case..... why isnt there anything like that out :mad:
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    What kind of computer did you have when you were a lil'kid?

    33mhz, ram ? hd 200megs oh ya i had the turbo button!~
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    Can this case be bough

    thats disapointing i wounder who makes it for them
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    Can this case be bough I've seen this case around, anyone know if there a version of this for sale?
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    Where to buy hardware in Boston/New York?

    Microcenter is the only place. I go there from time to time myself. Its over on memorial drive in cambrigde (Its the street that follows along the charles river on the cambrigde side). They also have a web page with pricing.
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    Apple turns down Cell? (implications for PS3)

    Yes they still use powerpc but they are making the transition. If they could switch to intel over night they would of.
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    Apple turns down Cell? (implications for PS3) No what matter what hype it has CELL is still just a powerPC variety, and in the end xbox Xeon is as well (as articles above state). Jobs switched to intel for easier devolpment...
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    dvi cable quality

    While there are DVI cables that are "arguably" worth 130 I would bet they are not from radio shack.
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    Installing new RAM fried the PC?

    If the motherboard has power than it can fry the ram, only thing i can think of.
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    PS3: IBM thought Kutaragi was out of his mind wanting 1,000 times PS2 CPU power

    LONG POST Anyone but me find that Cell is way over hyped considering the Xbox cpu is a very similar design based of powerpc. The best way of comparing the PCpower Xenon and the Cell. From ARStechnica This system is perhaps more revolutionary than the CELL. There is alot ALOT more in the...
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    Flex IDE (v5 Micro Drives) adaptor?

    Are there any adaptors to turn these 5v (compact flash interface but compact flash is 3.3v) into regular IDE interface or perhaps even a usb adaptor. The drive in note is from the a pos zen miro thats headphone jack broke like so many others. It wont work in cameras but it would be nice to turn...
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    Zen Micro

    I bough one right as they came out it is very ruggest except for the headphone in, after a while of being banged up the inside of it got lose and my headphone connection went on and off. Otherwise it was good to me i suppose and i may still be able to fix that problem. The Rio carbons are more...
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    The Worst MMO Company Ever

    WoW's biggest problem is that it is made for the game skill handicapped. Even at the high end raids are boringly easy. The game has no intrest in challanging players. - Perhaps that game that will put back the challange, fanstasy, and fun in mmo's.
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    Slot Load vs Tray

    kenwood zen drives spun no faster than any of todays 52x drives the exploding thing was a stupid rumer. The kenwood drive uses more than one laser to boost the speed while keeping the rpm's the same
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    Check out the New CM stacker

    It is for sure smaller than the orignal stacker because it can't handle 2 psus.